The Truth About Harry And Meghan's Income Right Now

Stepping away from the royal family has been a huge step for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Not only have they left their home in the UK, settling in Los Angeles, but they've also given up the money that comes with being a senior royal.

Harry and Meghan previously received money from the Sovereign Grant, per, but announced they would be moving to become financially independent post-Megxit. However, they may still receive money from revenue from Prince Charles' estate, the Duchy of Cornwall which, per its website, "fund[s] the public, private and charitable activities of The Duke [Prince Charles] and his children."

The question of how they will bring in money still remains, however, as the couple have stated they wish to support themselves. Royal reporter Katie Nicholl recently told ET that Harry and Meghan "haven't actually earned anything" since their split from the royal family was finalized at the end of March. "They do need to make money," she said.

Is public speaking Meghan and Harry's next step?

The fact that they haven't earned money in the past few months doesn't mean that Meghan and Harry are destitute, though. Another source told ET that the couple recently signed with the Harry Walker Agency, a firm which also represents the likes of Serena Williams (who happens to be good friends with Meghan) and the Obamas. Public speaking engagements could garner the royals as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars per appearance.

Meghan and Harry also have a nest egg of their own. Meghan has a few million, earned over the course of her acting career, while Harry is also worth millions. With or without an active income, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex enjoy quite a lavish lifestyle. They can no doubt afford to take a few months to figure out their next step without worrying about how they're going to pay the bills.