The Truth About Bindi Irwin And Chandler Powell's Relationship

Even if you're unfamiliar with Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell's relationship, you likely recognize Bindi's last name. She is the daughter of the late, great Steve Irwin, aka the crocodile hunter, who passed away tragically on September 4, 2006. Fortunately, the Australian personality left behind a legacy of wildlife conservation and education at the Australia Zoo, as noted by their website. Rest in peace, Steve.

In addition to his legacy of working with animals, Steve and his wife Terri had son Robert and, of course, daughter Bindi. Years later, they're all grown up and have dedicated their lives to continuing their father's work. You can even keep up with the family and their menagerie of animals on the Animal Planet show Crikey! It's the Irwins.

In 2020, the iconic Irwins officially welcomed a new member to the family when Bindi married her longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell. And yes, they are adorable. Read on to discover the truth about this couple's super sweet romance.

Chandler Powell met Bindi Irwin at the Australia Zoo

Chandler Powell clearly remembers the fateful day that he met his now-wife, Bindi Irwin. He was on a visit to the Australia Zoo in 2013, taking some leisure time during a trip he'd embarked on for a professional wakeboarding competition. That's when he laid eyes on Irwin for the first time. "It just so happened that Bindi was giving tours that day," he recalled in an interview with People. "I'm like, 'Wow she is amazing.'" Clearly Irwin made quite the impression, as Powell was immediately curious about the young women he'd just barely met. 

Powell wasn't the only one who was interested in knowing more. In fact, Irwin remembers meeting Powell and was struck right away by both his appearance and his manner. "It was incredible," she gushed on Dancing with the Stars: All Access (via People). "I was like, 'This guy from Florida's okay!'"

The story might have ended there, as Powell had to return to his home halfway around the world and, obviously, Irwin wasn't going anywhere. Fortunately for all of you hopeless romantics, things only get more romantic from here.

It was love at first sight for Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell

If there's one thing Chandler Powell is certain of it's that romantic love is alive and well and out there waiting for any one of us. "You know instantly when you meet your person in life," he told 9Honey.

That was definitely how it happened for Powell, as the second he first saw Bindi Irwin, he knew that his life was never going to be the same. "I fell in love instantly and we've never looked back," Powell continued. "I knew [she] was someone I wanted to be around the rest of my life and just immediately fell in love with." It really doesn't get any sweeter than that! Hm, maybe there is hope for the rest of us after all.

If you were wondering if Irwin was a little slower to warm up to their burgeoning romance, guess no longer: she was shot with Cupid's arrow just as Powell was. "We just fell in love and that was it," she told the outlet.

Chandler Powell took an old-fashioned approach to dating Bindi Irwin

Dating is arguably easier and more accessible than ever, thanks to the apps on our smartphones that can connect us with a potential mate in seconds and all with a single swipe. But when it comes to how Chandler Powell decided to pursue Bindi Irwin, his first move harkens back to a different era.

In an effort to make sure Irwin didn't feel overly pressured, Powell asked his brother to inquire whether or not she wanted to hear from him. Then, after Irwin gave her enthusiastic consent, Powell wrote a letter to Irwin's mother, asking if he could court her daughter. "Finally, after all that, mom came to me and said, 'Who is this guy? Is he real, and why aren't you two together?'" Irwin revealed in a chat with 9Honey.

We have a feeling Steve Irwin would approve. Plus, it just goes to show that, sometimes, taking your time to do things right rather than rush in like fools lays the foundation for a happily ever after.

Chandler Powell gave up a wakeboarding career for Bindi Irwin

Five years after Chandler Powell met Bindi Irwin for the first time, he relocated permanently to Australia to live and work with her at the Australia Zoo. But that doesn't mean that Powell didn't have other plans that got disrupted. He had quite the career as a professional wakeboarder back home in Florida, as noted by the Plant City Observer. He was pretty good, too, which you can see in a post on his Instagram feed.

Powell's career took him to all kinds of exciting global destinations, including Thailand, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, China, the Philippines, and, of course, Australia. "It's let me see the world, which is really cool," he reflected in an interview with the Observer.

Fortunately there was plenty of action waiting for Powell when he arrived in Australia full-time — and some of it was just as exciting as wakeboarding, according to Irwin. "We're having a great time throwing Chandler into everything," she shared in an interview with People. "In the afternoon Robert has been taking him out to feed the freshwater crocodiles and the gators."

Chandler Powell keeps Bindi Irwin grounded

In so many of the pictures you see of Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell together, they're both glowing, with smiles fixed in full cheese mode. That happiness is real, too, as Irwin says the energy between them is proactive and positive. "We balance each other out very well," she explained to Us Weekly. "Chandler's really kind." 

Irwin also shared that Powell has a way of making sure she prioritizes her self-care. "He is so consistently supportive and is always there for me," she continued. "He reminds me to take care of me and not to do too much all at once, which is really nice." Irwin added that Powell helps to keep her from "flying away" with all of her goals and ambitions, which reminds her to stay grounded.

It's no surprise, then, that the couple always finds plenty of time to appreciate the small things and can enjoy every individual moment for what it is.

Bindi Irwin's family adores Chandler Powell

If you follow Bindi Irwin on Instagram or even if you just make sure to read and watch her in interviews, you probably already know that family is everything to her. To that end, it was extremely important that her forever person understand the Irwin spirit, something Bindi says Chandler Powell radiates. "He just understands us, he loves wildlife, loves wild places and is just ready to try," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm so glad that my family loves him too." Would their relationship even come close to working out if they didn't? We think not.

Powell is so appreciated by the Irwin family that Bindi says they might love him more than she does. "I think, I have my family, and then Chandler has become a part of the family, so I'm happy with where I'm at," she continued. "I'm really blessed and grateful to have him in my life." Given that they all work together at the Australia Zoo, according to Australia's ABC News, it's a good thing they all get along so well!

Chandler Powell's family makes Bindi Irwin feel welcome

Just as Bindi Irwin's family adores Chandler Powell and treats him like one of their own, Powell's family absolutely loves Irwin. The couple makes sure to visit Florida on a regular basis to spend time with the Powells. They also enjoy celebrating their holidays with them as well. "They have welcomed me into their lives over the last six years and I feel incredibly grateful," Irwin wrote in a post on her Instagram. We wonder if they go out looking for alligators when they're in the Sunshine State?

Powell's parents also got the chance to hop on a plane to visit their son and all the Irwins at the Australia Zoo, as noted by a post on his Instagram. "Thank you to my beautiful fiancée for planning the trip of a lifetime for them," he wrote in the caption. "It's very special to showcase our conservation work." Well, this certainly flips the stereotype of the mean in-laws on its head!

This is when Bindi Irwin knew she loved Chandler Powell

If you could think of a few words to describe Chandler Powell in a nutshell, chances are "strong" would be one of them. For one, you'd have to be pretty darn tough to be a professional wakeboarder. You also need to have innate strength to work with wild animals, something Bindi Irwin sees in Powell. "My dad used to say that I couldn't marry anyone unless he could swim across the croc pond first," she penned in an Instagram post. "And now, here you are, helping us during our regular crocodile demonstrations."

In fact, it was when Powell was among the reptiles that Irwin had a revelation about him. "They say there's a moment when you know you've fallen in love with someone," she continued. "For me it was watching you happily jump in the water with a 15-foot crocodile and then tell me how much you enjoyed it." 

For sure, you do have to be a certain kind of person to master croc wrestling — and weak isn't the adjective that comes to mind. No wonder the crocodile hunter's daughter fell head over heels for Powell!

Chandler Powell spoils Bindi Irwin on her birthday

Some people are all about surprises and relish the delight of tearing open boxes on Christmas morning or birthday afternoons. These are likely the same folks who will stay off social media to avoid spoilers until they've caught up on their favorite show. However, Bindi Irwin is not that kind of person. In fact, she admitted she doesn't handle surprises all that well.

Fortunately, Chandler Powell knows this about Irwin and doesn't keep her in the dark on special occasions. "He's better off giving me hints leading up to my birthday, rather than [me going] crazy wanting to know what he's gotten me," she revealed to Entertainment Tonight

Powell is also quite savvy when it comes to gift giving, as he tailors his presents to each and every occasion. For example, when on a trip to England, Powell got Irwin something she loves for her birthday: English Breakfast tea. "That's my favorite kind of tea, [so] he wanted to give English Breakfast tea from England," she continued. Keep up the good work, Chandler!

Chandler Powell dubbed Bindi Irwin "the most beautiful girl in the world"

Make no mistake about it: Chandler Powell is living his best life and he knows it. Even though he had to give up his wakeboarding career and move half a world away from home, he couldn't be any happier. "I am the luckiest guy in the world," he gushed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "It's amazing to be part of such an incredible cause and to work for Steve's legacy and to do alongside the most beautiful girl in the world." Awww! These two really are the real deal.

That absolute glowing praise extends not just to Bindi Irwin, either, as he's also totally stoked to be working with his mother- and brother-in-law, as well as the entire Australia Zoo family. "And to have the best teachers alongside me, it's incredible," he continued. "It's such fulfilling work. I love it."

Powell is even enamored with the land of his adopted home at the Australia Zoo and the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, as noted by a post on his Instagram page. 

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell weren't in a rush to get married

Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin simply weren't in a rush to get married, which is something Irwin has been candid about on multiple occasions. "I don't think I'm at a point in my life where marriage and getting engaged is really a huge priority right now for me," she revealed to Entertainment Tonight in 2016. "Maybe in five years, but right now I'm really happy with where I'm at." Nothing wrong with taking your time, Bindi! Marriage is a serious commitment. 

Instead, Irwin and Powell took their time, first getting to know each other, then making their relationship public, and then having Powell relocate to Australia full-time — and they enjoyed every second of it. "I'm really happy with our relationship and I think we'll just continue to have fun," Irwin continued. "It's just nice to have someone there no matter what."

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell got engaged in 2019

While Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell weren't super anxious to get engaged right away, Powell did eventually pop the big question to the love of his life. It all went down on July 24, 2019, about six years after the pair first met and began dating. Naturally, Irwin was happy to take the next step in their relationship. "On my birthday I said 'yes' and 'forever' to the love of my life," she wrote in a post on her Instagram. "I'm so looking [forward] to spending our forever together as your wife." Finally, the tabloids could stop speculating!

Powell put a good deal of thought into how he wanted to ask Irwin to be his wife, eventually settling on a familiar place to get down on one knee. "Proposing in her very favorite place in the zoo, surrounded by animals, seemed like the perfect way to embark on this incredible new chapter in our lives," he shared on his Instagram.

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell said "I do" at the zoo

Like many couples who had their wedding plans derailed due to the social distancing measures in place during spring 2020, Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell had to scrap the ceremony they'd been planning for an entire year. But, despite the fact that Powell's family and the couple's friends couldn't be there, Powell and Irwin had a beautiful and emotional wedding in the gardens of the Australia Zoo on March 25, 2020.

"Mum helped me get ready, Robert walked me down the aisle, Chandler became my husband, and together we lit a candle in Dad's memory," she penned in the caption of an Instagram post. "We shared tears and smiles and love." We're not crying, you're crying.

Powell was equally moved by the occasion, taking to Instagram to commemorate the day he married the woman he calls his best friend. "As we embark on this new life chapter I hope that we can share some love in the world, especially during this challenging time," he shared. Congratulations, you two lovebirds!

Where did Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell spend their honeymoon?

After Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin said "I do," they didn't embark on a big honeymoon. Considering the two are both veterans of world travel — thanks to Powell's wakeboarding and Irwin's work as a wildlife steward — you may be surprised. But just as the newlyweds' wedding plans were altered due to unforeseen circumstances, so too were any potential travel plans (if there were any). "We have spent our honeymoon here at Australia Zoo caring for 1,200 animals," she revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "It's been really fun." Say what?

Powell and Irwin didn't exactly take it easy in their first weeks as husband and wife, either. That's because, just like every other day, they went to work caring for all of their furry friends. Fortunately, the couple loves what they do so their honeymoon was everything they hoped for, says Irwin. "It's been a whirlwind to say it lightly," she continued. "But it's been great. You know, I would expect nothing less of an Irwin honeymoon." We are here for this!