Will There Be Another Season Of 7 Little Johnstons?

The seventh season of TLC's hit show 7 Little Johnstons only wrapped up last month, but already fans are clamoring for more from Trent and Amber, as well as their adorable children. The most recent season found the kids coming into their own in a big way, as Anna adapted to college life, Elizabeth graduated high school, and Jonah figured out his own approach to schooling. Alex and Emma, too, found their lives growing more complicated as they got older in front of our eyes. Their parents, meanwhile, took on a massive production of Grease at the local town hall.

It was a packed season, loaded with fun moments. But even though 7 Little Johnstons has effortlessly survived for the past five years, since its debut in 2015, the future of Amber, Trent, and their gaggle of lovable kids is still up in the air. Should fans start worrying about whether they'll return for an eighth go-around?

7 Little Johnstons is in limbo at the moment

As TV Shows Ace reports, during a recent Q&A session on the show's Instagram, the answer as to whether the show would return for season eight was basically, "we don't know." However, fans did ask questions about Jonah's dating life, and news recently emerged about Elizabeth possibly attending nursing school, suggesting there are still plenty of story lines to explore. The show's ratings for the most recent season were decent with 7 Little Johnstons even gaining traction within certain demographics, according to Programming Insider.

Fans who responded to a recent throwback photo asking when we can expect a new season were again told the family simply don't know, according to TV Shows Ace, which provoked fear in long-time viewers. However, TLC doesn't necessarily announce new seasons immediately after the current season ends, meaning there's no real reason to panic just yet. There's also the ongoing pandemic to consider, which means major filming restrictions across the board. Currently, as both Premiere Date and TV Cancel Renew also advise, 7 Little Johnstons has been neither renewed nor cancelled.