The Truth About Zoey Klein From The Little Couple

Long-time fans of TLC's The Little Couple have watched Bill Klein and Dr. Jen Arnold's adorable kids grow up in front of their very eyes. The show has been a fixture on our screens since 2009, which has given little Will and Zoey plenty of time to find their own personalities and to shine as reality stars in their own right even if, as their mother told Glamour, they're "pretty whatever" about the cameras following their every move.

As her official TLC bio notes, Zoey was adopted from Mumbai, India, at the age of two. Her favorite activities are swimming, dancing, and playing with her older brother. Although adopting their little girl was an arduous process, the proud parents and stars of The Little Couple have never looked back, with Jen telling The Wrap, "I always wanted a little girl. ... We always thought we wanted two kids in general."

The timing of Zoey's adoption wasn't planned

The adoption wasn't planned, however, as Jen explained to The Wrap. Bill and Jen had put their names down on a waiting list with the organization Little People of America, which works with agencies looking to place a child with dwarfism or skeletal dysplasia, years prior. Then, just a few months after finding Will, the couple received a call about a little girl in India in need of a family. "What were we going to do, say no? No, of course not," Jen reasoned.

The adoption took even longer than Will's, with the couple waiting more than a year to finally add Zoey to their family. Still, as reported by People, Bill claimed, "When I saw Zoey's picture, I fell in love immediately." Zoey didn't adapt to the new household immediately, though. According to People, she couldn't get settled and didn't want to do anything with her new parents, finding the sudden change from India to the U.S. incredibly difficult.

Zoey is growing into a brave young lady

The time Jen spent at home recovering from cancer allowed for extra bonding with Zoey and she soon got used to her new home. Nowadays, the little girl is thriving and may even want to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a neonatologist someday, judging by a recent Instagram post. Her father, meanwhile, shared a shot of Zoey with some missing teeth, noting, how "#timeflies."

Zoey recently underwent surgery, too, with her father gushing on Instagram, "My brave girl went for another set of 'permanent tubes.'" As Soap Dirt advises, the procedure had nothing to do with her dwarfism, rather it was a common surgery undertaken by many kids in the U.S. each year. Zoey was most likely getting a new set of inner ear tubes because the first fell out, which only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Bill confirmed as much by advising she was all set for a hot dog by 10 a.m., after completing the operation just before 8.