Is Jill Duggar Having Another Baby?

Is Jill Duggar pregnant? Many fans seem to think so, thanks to anĀ Instagram post from the mom of two. In the post, Jill's younger son, Sam, is wearing a t-shirt with the words "big bro" on it. "Loved the weekend chillin' as a little family!" Jill captioned the photo. Is the shirt an announcement that Sam is about to become a middle child? Many fans certainly thought so, taking to the comments to ask if Jill is expecting another baby.

"So Sam is wearing a big brother shirt? Did I miss an announcement," asked one fan (via Cheat Sheet). Another wrote, "The youngest has a 'big bro' shirt on. Is there going to be a precious announcement?"

The former Counting On star denied the rumors, explaining that the shirt actually belongs to her oldest son, Israel. "[Sam] just pulled big brother's shirt out and wouldn't let me take it off him," she said.

Does Jill Duggar want more kids?

As some fans pointed out, a third pregnancy could be dangerous for Jill, as her pregnancies with both Israel and Sam were quite difficult. Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, have hinted before that they might expand their family, although they're thinking more along the lines of adopting a pet. They haven't said whether or not they want more kids in the future.

For now, Jill and Derick are focused on raising the two that they have. Last year, Jill admitted that having two kids is already a handful in an Instagram Story (via In Touch Weekly). "This is me frustrated," she said. "[My son] is screaming at me because he wants a game. I just told them to go lay down or go outside until mommy can cool down and handle this situation. This is life with just two kids"