This Is Why You Should Stop Buying Kirkland Diapers From Costco

Costco is considered a one-stop-shop for savvy shoppers looking to get the best products for the lowest prices. Their signature Kirkland brand makes it even easier to snag great bargains and bulk-buy stuff like toilet paper. The best selling item at Costco may surprise you but, suffice to say, when you're in the warehouse mega-store, you can rest easy that you're not overspending as you would elsewhere (even though there are still several sneaky ways Costco gets you to spend more money — it's a business after all).

Although their Kirkland products are pretty reliable — in particular their vodka has drawn favorable comparisons to the super-pricey Grey Goose variety — there are certain items you should quite simply purchase elsewhere. In particular, it may be wise to steer clear of their produce, dishwashing detergent, and, unfortunately, their diapers. Stressed new parents might find that last one a bitter pill to swallow, but you may be able to do better.

Kirkland diapers aren't the best value

Cheapism notes that it's impossible to buy diapers at Costco without doing so in bulk, since the smallest quantity they sell in size 1 (for newborn babies up to 14 pounds), contains a whopping 192 diapers. Babies will likely outgrow the size before all of the diapers are used. Besides, there are smaller quantities available at both Target and Amazon, both of which also boast subscription services and discounted prices. The Daily Meal argues diapers are actually cheaper at Target and Walmart. What's more, you can buy diapers through Amazon Family and enjoy a 20 percent discount. If you're looking to buy in bulk, you can also do so without having to worry about fitting everything in your car.

And while the majority of reviews on Amazon are positive for Kirkland diapers, a few unhappy shoppers point out some issues. They advise that Kirkland diapers have trouble with leakage. Another reviewer revealed the diapers are, "The first 'Kirkland brand' item I won't buy again." They may be cheaper than the name brand alternative, but Kirkland diapers may not get the job done as well as their competitors.

 As depressing as it might sound, Kirkland diapers simply aren't the best choice. At least we can rely on Kirkland bacon not to let us down.