Inside The Lavish Life Of Taylor Swift

When you have $360 million to burn, your lifestyle is not going to look like the average person's (via Business Insider). But this is the reality for mega-pop star Taylor Swift, whose eighth studio album, Folklore, was just released to a very warm reception by both critics and fans, a.k.a. Swifties. 


With astronomical career success, the star can afford just about anything her heart desires. And while Swift is certainly living the good life, we venture to guess her most prized possessions are her three cats: Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button (via Popsugar). Still, there is no lack of lavishness for a woman who has sold more albums than almost any other female recording artist. Like, ever (via Decluttr).

Swift owns a lot of real estate

The 30-year-old calls an astonishing $81 million worth of real estate home — with seven properties across four states to be exact. Swift reportedly owns not one, but three homes in New York (studio apartments in walk-up buildings they are not), one in Beverly Hills, one in Rhode Island, and two in Nashville. Multiple sources including Hello! claim the singer was also hunting for a London pad so she can be close to her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, although it's feasible those plans could have been put on hold by the pandemic. 


So how does the songwriter get from one home to the other? As evidenced on her Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, Swift is no stranger to private jets. Unless you think you've recently sat next to the 10-time Grammy winner in coach? We didn't think so. According to Business Insider, Swift's private wings cost $40 million and are customized with the number "13" on the nose. She may even own a second, more expensive jet.

It's not just Swift who lives large — her cats do, too

The star enjoys her indulgences, like a $52 cat-carrying backpack for her favorite felines — for when they have to fly on her private jet (via PureWow). Even the breed of two of her fluffy pets is pricey. Scottish Fold cats can cost between $1,000 and $3,000, according to Business Insider


Cheat Sheet reports Swift is known to indulge in Dom Perignon champagne now and again. And while she may receive her red carpet looks free of charge, Swift has certainly become accustomed to luxury. The star is known to don gowns by Versace and Zuhair Muhad (via The Richest). Even to walk down the street, Swift may sport an outfit that costs well over $3,000 (via Celebuzz).

Taylor Swift gives back

According to Forbes, Swift was the highest-paid celebrity of 2019, and with the release of Folklore, we're guessing 2020 won't be too bad a year for her either. So how does the star spend her fortune other than on real estate, expensive champagne, jets, and her precious kitties? Well, diehard fans won't be surprised that Swift gives back, with a reported donation to The Tennessee Equality Project, an advocacy group supporting LGBTQ individuals, of over $100,000. She also gave $250,000 to Kesha in her legal battle against Dr. Luke. Swift is known to host elaborate listening parties for Swifties in her own home as well.  Clearly this is one mega-rich celeb who wants to share her success.