Inside 14 Lavish Celeb Homes

Ever wonder just how extravagant lavish celeb homes are? Do they have a gorgeous pool, outdoor entertaining facilities, sprawling gardens, several indoor living spaces, and more bedrooms, bathrooms, and fireplaces than you would ever need? Well, probably. Those are just the perks of being a wealthy celebrity.

Though some of these features are downright unattainable for most of us, they are often the norm for top stars. We did some digging into the homes of the rich and the famous to see just how the other side lives. Be prepared — these homes are not your average family abode. Many of them feature luxuries like guest houses and, in some cases, separate quarters for the help, often spread across acres of land. Homes with more bedrooms and bathrooms that family members seem to be the norm, and having multiple family rooms is nothing out of the ordinary for these A-listers. Here's what some lavish celeb homes are like!

Beyonce and Jay-Z spent $88 million on their lavish celeb home

You wouldn't be blamed for thinking that Beyoncé and Jay-Z handle every aspect of their life with style. They sure didn't hold back when it came to purchasing their Los Angeles mansion in 2017. The superstar duo dropped a jaw-dropping $88 million on their stunning Bel-Air property. This is thought to be among the most expensive real estate transactions ever to occur in the county, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Though the home cost an amount that is downright unfathomable to most of us, it is definitely worth its salt. The Los Angeles Times reported that the property spans two acres and features a basketball court, a 15-vehicle garage, and staff quarters. The lavish celeb home also houses six structures with a combined interior space of around 30,000 square feet, as well as 10,000 square feet of outdoor living space. The property boasts not one but four outdoor swimming pools, as well as a spa and a media room. Now this is living!

Eva Longoria has how many bathrooms in her lavish celeb home?

Upon selling her gorgeous Hollywood Hills mansion, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria purchased a sprawling Beverly Hills home for $13.5 million. Spanning over 11,000 square feet, the lavish celeb home was built in 1996 and was remodeled. According to Trulia, it boasts gorgeous high ceilings, formal and informal family spaces, a private upstairs family room, and a private guest suite.

The house features eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. That's right — eleven! The master suite has indulgent his-and-her baths and a breathtaking view of the area. The home's kitchen not only looks amazing, but also features high-end appliances and a separate closed-off area for kitchen staff. Its breakfast room has a gorgeous fireplace, providing a perfect spot where Longoria can drink a morning coffee. Plus, the room opens out onto the property's stunning gardens. Summertime entertaining at this home is likely a breeze given the gorgeous property, which has an outdoor kitchen, pool, entertainment area, and tennis court.

Lady Gaga's Malibu mansion has a two-lane Brunswick bowling alley

Imagine living on a property with its own private bowling alley. Well, this pipe dream is very much Lady Gaga's everyday reality. One of many celebrities to own a home in Malibu, Gaga's abode came with a two-lane Brunswick bowling alley.

Purchased by the A Star is Born actress and Grammy-winning musician for $23 million in 2014, the six-acre gated oceanside property also features a salt water swimming pool, a spa, a bocce ball court, a stable, and a dressage ring. The home's interior is just as lavish as its exterior. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Mediterranean-style villa has an impressive 10,270 square feet of interior space. It has five bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a home theater, an office, a gym, a wine cellar, and a wet bar, across several levels. Lady Gaga can travel to a different floor of the lavish celeb home with ease using the home's elevator.

We imagine Lady Gaga likely ends the day in her home's master suite — which, according to the LA Times, boasts "a terrace, dual closets and bathrooms and a safe room." 

This is the most alluring part of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's lavish celeb home

When Chrissy Teigen and John Legend made the move to Beverly Hills in 2016, they purchased their gorgeous home from none other than celebrity singer Rihanna. According to Hello! magazine, upon purchasing the lavish celeb home, they requested help from interior designer Don Stewart, who designed rapper Kanye West's house.

Trulia reported that the "8,520-square-foot home overlooks the ocean, city, canyon, and beautiful SoCal sunsets." It has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, allowing for plenty of space for their growing family. While the master suite has "a steam shower, sauna, two flat-screen TVs, and an infinity soaking tub overlook the sunset views of Beverly Hills” — perfect for for romantic, indulgent nights in — the home's billiards room, theater, and huge kitchen is ideal for entertaining their celebrity friends.

Notably, the couple made changes to the backyard to make it their own. "The deck is the most alluring part of the house," Legend shared with Architectural Digest. "We loved the idea that the outside becomes an organic extension of the living area."

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's lavish LA home features a pool that looks like a natural lake

Former supermodel Gisele Bündchen and NFL quarterback Tom Brady are known for being a great-looking couple, but did you know that their Los Angeles family home is blessed with beauty too?

The story behind their home is quite special. According to Architectural Digest, the couple found the land their house now stands on before they were married and just knew that it would be the perfect place to build their family home. "We built this house as a sanctuary for our family — a place where we can enjoy being together," Brady told Architectural Digest.

The lavish celeb home spans almost 14,000 square feet, and it was designed to reflect a contemporary "interpretation of old-world European architecture." Constructed using limestone, the home has six bedrooms and "a stone bridge spanning a koi-stocked moat." Best of all, the property features a pool that is laid out to resemble a natural lake, and it has views of the Pacific Ocean. This luxurious property was definitely designed to stand the test of time.

Sophia Bush converted her mid-century Hollywood Hills bungalow into a lavish celeb home

Remember Brook Davis' lavish home on One Tree Hill? Well, Sophia Bush, who played the cheerleader who grew into a renowned fashion designer, lives in a lavish home that outshines her character's gorgeous abode.

According to Elle Decor, the actress and activist bought her 1950s Hollywood Hills bungalow with the intention of giving it a small facelift, but ended up completing a major renovation. She did, however, retain many of the home's original intricacies. "So many older homes in Los Angeles are being torn down to make way for tragic, enormous box homes with no personality," Bush told Elle Decor. "Preserving this house felt important to me — it's like a love letter to the city."

During the renovation, Bush and her team opened up the 1,600-square-foot interior, creating an airy, luxurious open-plan layout for the lavish celeb home. She redid her kitchen to include an indulgent Caesarstone countertop and combined two small spaces to build a stunning master suite, Elle Decor reported. Interestingly, according to the publication, Bush also owns the property next door, where she appears to primarily reside.

Elton John's breathtaking LA home boasts an impressive collection of art

"Candle in the Wind" singer Elton John lives on a lavish Beverly Hills property with his film producer husband, David Furnish, and their two children. Though their home's sweeping views of the hills are undeniably magnificent, the family's art collection is what really stands out about the house. According to Architectural Digest, this glamorous family displays an impressive collection of art within their 1960s home, including paintings by the likes of Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, and Philip Taaffe. as well as "a group of Richard Caldicott's vividly hued photographs of Tupperware."

The art isn't the only impressive thing about this abode. The 5,000-square-foot home has pizazz, eccentricity, and plenty of color. The master suite deserves a special mention, as it features vintage chairs, a "bed upholstered in white ostrich leather," and "a showstopping focal point: 15 Robert Mapplethorpe color photographs of flowers that line the walls and are reflected in the silver-Mylar ceiling." This lavish celeb home most certainly is not your average Los Angeles property.

The Obamas' Martha's Vineyard estate has eight baths and multiple fireplaces

Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, have well and truly settled into life after politics and the White House. While focusing on their foundation and numerous philanthropic causes, they also appear to be investing their time in another project — the expansion of their real estate portfolio.

According to the Chicago Tribune, this power couple spent $11.75 million on an impressive mansion on Martha's Vineyard in December 2019. The lavish celeb home is located on a 29.3 acre property and boasts seven bedrooms. It has plenty of summering space for the couple, their girls, and their dogs too. The Chicago Tribune reported that the property includes "eight baths, vaulted ceilings, a living room with a stone fireplace, a master suite with a fireplace and a private sundeck, an outdoor fireplace, a pool and two guest wings." This duo sure knows how to summer in style.

Russel Wilson and Ciara's Seattle home has stunning views

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife, the stunning singer Ciara, have been Seattle natives for a while now due to Wilson's association with the city's NFL team, but the star couple cemented their allegiance to the beautiful area when they bought their Bellevue family home in 2015. The mansion, which has breathtaking panoramic views of Meydenbauer Bay, set the couple back $6.7 million. It was previously owned by "former Microsoft manager Harish Naidu and his wife Shalini Naidu," according to Puget Sound Business Journal.

The lavish celeb home, which was built in 2008, features Mediterranean design elements, a "500-year-old hand carved entry," and "custom crafted cabinets carved by Romanian artists, marble, granite and wrought throughout." With seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a media room, and a wine cellar, there is plenty of space to meet the needs of Wilson, Ciara, and their family. The couple is famously private about their home life, so the privacy the home offers is likely ideal for the pair.

Gwyneth Paltrow's stunning NYC apartment had a swing made from an antique Indian door

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow's New York City apartment in the Tribeca area, which she listed for sale in 2016 (via Business Insider), was "designed in conjunction with [design firm] Roman and Williams," and is nothing short of spectacular, according to Paltrow's website Goop. The mostly white abode exudes a lightness that is rare in luxurious homes and was designed to showcase an "ethereal palette." The home has a modern kitchen, a long foyer, and a giant bed in the master bedroom for the entire family to fit into. Certain rooms even feature either hand-painted or hand-embroidered wallpaper.

We have saved the best of this lavish celeb home for last. Within this apartment, there was an indoor swing made from an antique Indian door. According to Goop, it was built to add a touch of romance to the home's interior, and Paltrow came up with the concept to create a space in which she could relax with the kids. As far as interiors go, this is one truly special.

Shay Mitchell had her lavish home on her Pinterest board years before she bought it

According to Architectural Digest, Pretty Little Liars and You actress Shay Mitchell started saving interiors on Pinterest she loved in her mid-20s, not realizing at the time that she would end up purchasing one of the homes on her Pinterest board years later. "I remember that the agent sent me a link, and I realized the kitchen was the same that I had saved from years before," she told Architectural Digest. "Once I walked inside, I fell in love."

Upon purchasing the 1920s Los Angeles abode, Shay Mitchell, who's had a stunning transformation, reimagined it to reflect her personal style and to also suit her partner and her daughter. The lavish celeb home now has light-colored floors, a fireplace, and an attention-grabbing Moroccan lighting fixture. The kitchen is black and white, her couch is dark green, and the walls in her daughter's room are painted pink. "I like the rooms to be different and emote different things when I walk into them," Mitchell shared with Architectural Digest.

This Queer Eye star converted his lavish home's attic into a closet

It should come as no surprise that Queer Eye's Tan France lives in a Salt Lake City home that is just as fabulous as he is. The television personality not only has an eye for fashion, but he appears to have a talent for design too.

According to Architectural Digest, France and his artist husband, Rob, searched for the perfect home in their neighborhood for seven years. When they gained financial security and found the right home — a home they fell "in love with" several years before it was put on the market — they jumped at the chance to make their dreams come true. The duo spent a year remodeling a 3,000-square-foot abode to reflect a "modern-classic" style, keeping the design true to its 1906 heritage but adding modern luxurious touches too.

The lavish celeb home's standout feature is definitely France's glorious closet, which spans the entire former attic. Though it is bigger that any closet most of us will ever own, it is not large enough for France's needs. Thus, he and his husband are planning to convert their basement into a closet too. "I'm determined to make that one of the most beautiful closets you'll ever see," France told Architectural Digest.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi shared a charming eight-cabin home on over 26 acres

Through her 2015 book, Home, Ellen DeGeneres invited her fans into seven of the homes she and her actress wife, Portia de Rossi, have lived in. Out of all of their lavish celeb homes, their Californian ranch was perhaps the most impressive.

Spanning 26 acres (yes, 26!), the property, which DeGeneres sold in 2013 (via Los Angeles Times), is located north of Los Angeles and has been around since the 1920s. According to Vogue, DeGeneres and de Rossi revamped the property — which includes eight cabins and a number of barns and horse stables — over a year.

"Everyone thought it would take me (many) years to get it in shape, but it actually took me 12 short months. Want me to decorate your house? I'm pretty efficient," Ellen DeGeneres, who boasts an incredibly lavish lifestyle, told Vogue in 2015. The talk show host approached the renovation like ten separate projects, "giving every cabin and space its own unique identity." The duo lived in each space as they were renovating it, moving from one to another as the project progressed. They also added some sporting areas to the property, including tennis and badminton courts.

Cindy Crawford has a lavish home on a tiny granite island in Ontario

Former supermodel Cindy Crawford has a holiday home in Ontario, which just happens to be on a private island. According to Vogue, she and husband Rande Gerber had the house constructed in 2008, on "a granite island blanketed in soft moss and studded with wild blueberry bushes." For the duo and their kids, this seven-acre lakeside property is an idyllic escape for the hustle and bustle of their Malibu life, and the family visits to their island paradise every summer.

When the family bought the property, it was home to a "dilapidated fishing cabin with linoleum floors." The family built a beautiful log cabin upon demolishing the original structure, and they hired their Ralph Lauren exec friend Alfredo Paredes to beautify the interior. "Every house here is a Ralph Lauren ad already," Crawford told Vogue. We have no doubt her lavish celeb home fits right in.

Remember Crawford's book Becoming? Well, according to Vogue, this private Ontario paradise was where she was based when she wrote it.