Inside Miley Cyrus' Stunning Tennessee Estate

It seems Miley Cyrus has always had the best of both worlds when it comes to music. She has both a strong country pedigree (with Billy Ray Cyrus as a father) and has made a name for herself in pop. However, when it comes to homes, it seems she's all country. 

The singer dropped an impressive $5.8 million on a stunning 6,800 square-foot mansion in her home state of Tennessee in August 2017, E! News confirmed. According to the real estate listing photos, this home is dripping with country chic details like shiplap, rustic wood features, and plenty of cow hides. And while it's not certain how much has changed, style-wise, in the home since Cyrus purchased it, it's clear this Tennessean mansion is as lavish as they come.

With five bedrooms, six bathrooms (four full, two half), gorgeous fireplaces, a beautiful wrap-around porch, an elevator, a private barn, and 33 acres of stunning green landscape, Cyrus' Tennessee estate makes the country life look pretty good. Have a look inside this pop star's rural home.

Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate boasts a stunning wrap-around porch

It seems Miley Cyrus has grown tired of Los Angeles — and even her beloved Malibu. While she has been known to purchase lavish homes in the past, like the $5.5 million equestrian estate in Hidden Hills, California, but in 2017, she apparently decided she needed to bust out of Cali and put down roots in her home state of Tennessee. And it's no wonder why. 

The land surrounding her country mansion is stunning. With open fields and a whopping 33 acres of foliage, it's unlike anything available in Southern California. And luckily, Cyrus can enjoy all that Tennessee landscape from her luxurious wrap-around porch. The porch is homey, with warm-toned wood flooring and lots of room for cozy rocking chairs. There's no doubt it's the perfect place to escape from the city, kick back, and relax. While Cyrus could use this space as a sweet spot to enjoy time with company, it's also probably perfect for afternoons spent enjoying the sunshine and trying out new songs on an acoustic guitar. 

The living room ceiling in Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate adds a serious wow factor

While one might expect this former Disney star's home to scream "pop princess" with ultra-modern features, a sleek design, and lots of Hollywood glamor, instead, the interior of Miley Cyrus' home has more of a Tennessee rancher vibe. It's homey and charming, complete with a rustic feel. And while this house isn't the modern, sleek dream home other pop stars (like Ariana Grande) may reside in, this country mansion is still styled to the nines. The living room alone is a sight to see, with a stunning chandelier that screams "country chic" and large wood beams that give the room dimension, as well as a classy, barn-inspired vibe. 

With lots of windows all around the room, this space is sure to be light and bright during the day. And, with folding doors leading to the screened-in porch at the back of the house, it can easily turn into a massive living space, perfect for parties. As the instruments in the listing photos show, Cyrus could certainly use this space for jam sessions with her dad.

Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate features a stone fireplace flanked by built-ins

While Miley Cyrus' living room may be stunning with its wood flooring and high ceilings, it's the stone fireplace that really makes the space feel cozy. With gray brick leading all the way up to the roof, this fireplace feature gives the already homey space an extra earthy vibe. With a wood mantel and a built-in bench in front of the hearth, this fireplace looks warm and inviting.

Of course, the fireplace looks even better with the built-in bookshelves on either side. There's enough space for a TV on one side and lots of storage on the other. While Cyrus could use this space to display family pictures, it's also perfect for an extensive collection of books. This is great for Cyrus, as she's apparently a big reader. Back in April 2014, she tweeted, "Reading books so i don't die a famous pop pop dumb dumb." The post (and Cyrus) may be funny, but perhaps this singer really has placed her collection of literary classics on the shelf. There's certainly nothing like reading by a crackling fire after a long day.

This Tennessee estate has a screened-in porch Miley Cyrus may never want to leave

Miley Cyrus has a perfectly lovely living room inside her house, but this pop star may prefer to kick back in her beautiful screened-in porch. Out on the porch, she can enjoy those warm Tennessee days and cool country nights in this indoor-outdoor space. This space has a lot of style, with wide windows, dark floors, and warm tones in the wood plank ceiling. Plus, with its own stone fireplace and a beautiful view of the backyard pool, it makes for a great place to entertain.

One of the best parts of this room has to be the bench swing. If Cyrus is hoping for an isolated space to unwind after a long week of music-making, there may be no better place on her property than here. Imagine spending a warm summer day just swaying yourself into a nap. Ahh. Or, if naps aren't particularly Cyrus' thing, perhaps the swing would be better used for a silly recreation of her "Wrecking Ball" music video. Either way, that stunning bench could provide some serious inspiration for anyone looking to upgrade their porch.

Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate boasts an Old World kitchen

Miley Cyrus is known for being a young and hip pop star, so it may be surprising to see that her home has some serious Old World vibes — especially her country kitchen. This room may have a look that says "Little House on the Prairie" more than it says "MTV Video Music Award winner," but the kitchen is certainly charming. With classic pendant lights hanging over a rustic, pale blue island, and a beautiful exposed brick wall behind the stove, every detail of this kitchen brings a touch of charm. 

The kitchen is filled with many classic features, like the unique plate rack and the old-fashioned rack for pots and pans behind the stove, which Cyrus has proudly kept up after buying the house, according to an Instagram post (via YouTube). Still, the kitchen also features a mix of modern, like the white Shaker-style cabinets (which fit the modern farmhouse aesthetic) and black countertops. The same way Cyrus is a healthy mix of country and pop, this kitchen is a good combination of old and new.

The dining room in Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate is perfect for home-cooked (or not) meals

It's no secret that Miley Cyrus doesn't eat meat. In fact, she's been a vegan since 2014, according to Harper's Bazaar. She even had an all-vegan menu at her 2018 wedding to her now ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, reported Us Weekly. Despite owning a fabulous kitchen and being well-known for her healthy eating habits, she isn't exactly known for her cooking skills. She was once featured on an iHeartRadio video in 2017, during which she made a mini vegan pizza, but even in the video she claimed, "I don't know what the f*** I'm doing, per usual."

This pop star might not spend much time at the stove, but at least she has a delightful dining area to enjoy takeout or delivery in her Tennessee home. Across from the kitchen is a dining space big enough for the whole Cyrus family. Plus, there's even a cozy fireplace that seems like a perfect place to enjoy some after-dinner drinks (or vegan hot cocoa).

The most country chic bathroom ever is in Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate

With a country chic living room and coordinating kitchen, it's no surprise that Miley Cyrus' master bathroom (one of four full bathrooms and two half bathrooms, according to the listing) is filled with lots of beautiful country charm.

The space features a wonderfully rustic bathroom door made of aged wood and glass, an elegant vanity with white counters and white cabinets, and beautiful hexagonal floor tile. Still, the centerpiece of this bathroom has to be the antique-looking clawfoot tub, which is set diagonally in front of the bathroom's large windows for premium views of the expansive property. 

It's certainly lucky this home has such a nice tub because it seems Cyrus loves taking baths. Her boyfriend Cody Simpson even posted a photo of her soaking in a bubble bath in January 2020, reported US Weekly. While she doesn't seem to be in this bathroom in the picture, surely, she must use this particular soaking tub to relax and unwind, right? Because how could she not?

This Tennessee-chic master bedroom is fit for Miley Cyrus

Pop star Miley Cyrus is certainly used to the finer things in life. She's purchased expensive and luxurious homes, worn countless stunning designer gowns, and has taken luxurious vacations to everywhere from Italy to Costa Rica, to Zion National Park in Utah. So, to keep up with her high expectations, of course Cyrus' master bedroom in her Tennessee mansion needs to be superb. 

While the staging in the listing doesn't necessarily show how Cyrus has chosen to style her bedroom, the space itself is gorgeous. It's a large room with a beautiful bay window, perfect for taking in the country landscape. With recessed lighting, white crown molding, and light-colored carpeting, this space is classy, cozy, and comfortable. Maybe it's not the sleek, modern space one might expect from a cool, young music star, but it's nonetheless charming, rustic, and looks like a true Tennessean oasis.

Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate has plenty of bedrooms for famous guests

While Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate may have a beautiful master bedroom fit for the pop princess, it also has four other bedroom retreats. In the listing, these rooms are shown styled differently: one with a country glam vibe, another styled as a kids' room with bunkbeds, one with a sports theme, and another has a simple "guest room" look. 

Of course, the pop star more than likely redesigned these rooms since moving in, maybe using some signature Cyrus style to give these rooms a good mix of Hollywood sparkle and rustic charm. But, no matter how they're decorated, these spaces are definitely large enough to house Cyrus' famous friends and relatives.

Perhaps her country star father, Billy Ray Cyrus, will stay for the weekend. Or maybe her godmother, Dolly Parton, will drop in for the night. After all, there aren't many miles between Parton's house and Cyrus' estate. Maybe Lil Nas X (who Cyrus dubbed her "baby brother") will crash in the house every so often. Whichever A-list names end up on the guest list, it's clear this estate has the space to house them!

The second-story deck on Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate is perfect for parties

It wouldn't be a party in the U.S.A. without Miley Cyrus. In fact, she's been known to throw some seriously wild parties, like the marijuana-themed event she threw for her sister Noah Cyrus and Miley's then-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth for their birthdays back in 2017 (via E! News). With her party girl reputation, of course Cyrus needs a great entertaining space in her country home. Luckily, it seems like her large second-story deck may be the perfect place to throw some get-togethers. 

Not only does this outside space come feature classy wood plank floors and a fantastic view of Cyrus' massive Tennessee property, it also has lots of space for patio furniture. While the space is staged with some simple lawn chairs and a table in the listing, it could easily be dressed up with a bar, sleek outdoor couches, and maybe even some market lights.

There's a glamorous pool and spa area at Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate

What's a country home without a pool? Miley Cyrus' home may boast acres of beautiful Tennessee country, but sometimes a pop star just has to sit back and take in a day by the water. This simple yet stylish rectangular pool comes with a diving board and lots of room for poolside reclining chairs. And it seems she's already had some pool parties, according to her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, who tweeted a photo of himself at his daughter's pool surrounded by tons of floating toys. The pool area also includes a spa, the perfect place for Cyrus to relax her muscles after her intense Pilates and Yoga workouts (via Harper's Bazaar).

But perhaps one of the best features of Cyrus' pool space is the putting green just beside it. It's a small area with just four holes, but just because it's small doesn't mean it's not fun! Who knows, maybe Cyrus has been perfecting her swing this whole time.

The wood features in Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate are everything

Miley Cyrus' house has lots of beautiful features, like the clawfoot bathtub, a beautiful back porch swing, and a luxurious pool and spa. But one design feature that really stands out in this home are all the many beautiful wood accents. In fact, the Tennessee home is filled with glamorous wood details in every room.

Everything from the gorgeous barn doors (which are perfect for the home's country aesthetic) to the warm wood flooring running throughout the house to the glamorous dark wood window frames gives the house an undeniably warm and homey feel. Plus, with plenty of shiplap, massive wood beams, and built-in shelves, the house has a modern farmhouse vibe as well.

But perhaps it's not surprising that Cyrus would choose a home with so many beautiful wood accents. In her Malibu home, she had similar wood beams and light wood flooring. Plus, her former tuscan-style home in Los Angeles had a ton of wood features like medium-tone wood floors, wood built-ins, and wood beams (via Lonny). It seems Cyrus certainly has a particular design style.

Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate features a bonus room

Miley Cyrus' Tennessee home is certainly large, what with its five bedrooms and 33 acres of land. So it seems the last thing this house needs is more room. However, the floor plans just keep going and going, even including a bonus room upstairs. This second-story room is dressed up as a game room in the listing photos, but the former Hannah Montana star could use it for just about anything, from a recording studio to a swanky space to store her many awards, or, perhaps she'll simply decide to use it as, you know, a game room. And why not?

Cyrus seems to enjoy playing games, she appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show to play "Game of Things" and played a quiz game called "Phone Booth" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Who knows? When Cyrus' siblings come for a visit, maybe they'll all gather around for a game of pool or table tennis.

Miley Cyrus' Tennessee estate wouldn't be complete without a horse barn

Miley Cyrus' Tennessee home is certainly beautiful, but what makes her property particularly special is the private barn located a short walking distance from her house. Cyrus, a true country girl at heart, enjoys horseback riding and grew up riding horses on her father's Nashville estate, according to CNN

Apparently, having a space for horses is a big priority for Cyrus, seeing as this isn't the first home she's purchased with a barn. Back in 2015, Variety reported that she dropped $5.5 million on an "equestrian estate" in Hidden Hills, California. The property included a large white barn with black trim, sprawling arenas, and lots of room for horses to roam.

Still, as far as barns go, the one at Cyrus' country estate is stunning. With its deep green roof and beautiful stone details on the exterior, it looks lovely against the Tennessee backdrop.