Here's What Kelley From Below Deck Is Doing Now

The second season of Below Deck aired all the way back in 2014, introducing us to a colorful crew, including the likes of deckhands Andrew Sturby and Logan Reese, as well as formidable chief stew Kate Chastain. One of the standouts of the season 2 cast was undoubtedly second engineer Kelley Johnson, who quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his sweet, unassuming demeanor and supportive approach onboard.

The brother of Amy Johnson, who featured on seasons 2 and 3, returned as a bosun on the fourth season of the show, working aboard the stunning yacht Valor. Below Deck was by then a major hit for Bravo, but Johnson didn't stick around, and we haven't heard a huge amount from him since then. The former Marine turned yachtie noticeably struggled with the pressures of boat life, which may account for why his career nowadays reflects Johnson's more laid-back approach. 

Kelley Johnson has found his passion in a new career

These days, the ex-reality star is a keen photographer and videographer, where he seems to have found his passion, particularly judging by his well-curated Instagram account. He still has an innate love of the ocean, often posting gorgeous shots of him posing alongside it (via Instagram). Plus, he recently posted, "Where is a location that takes your breath away? There is something powerful about the Pacific Ocean. I fell back in love with it on my trip to Big Sur" (via Instagram).

Johnson also featured in his own YouTube series, That Military Guy. The Below Deck alum shared videos designed to assist those in need of a break from the stress of regular life, in particular army vets, and included self-help lessons as well as footage of his incredible adventures. In a video aimed at helping people manage anxiety, Johnson speaks at length about the triggers for the condition and offers practical solutions to effectively manage it in certain situations (via YouTube). He also acknowledges how men typically have a more difficult time identifying the root of their issues.