23 TJ Maxx Hacks You Need To Know

TJ Maxx is known for its low prices, but you should also know about its major clearance events where you can get even lower prices. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, TJ Maxx's winter clearance event happens for the first two weeks of January. Throughout this two-week period, TJ Maxx is clearing out their winter inventory, and you can easily find 75% markdowns and score deals like a Zara dress for under $10.

In July, TJ Maxx offers another big clearance event as they clear out their summer merchandise in July into August, offering huge discounts on everything from home goods to swimwear. Dates tend to vary slightly each year on the clearance events, but TJ Maxx sends out emails alerting you of upcoming sales events, so subscribing to their emails can keep you in the loop. Another bonus? The clearance events are available in-store and online, so even if you can't make it to your local TJ Maxx, you can still get great deals online.

If you see something you like, snatch it before it's gone

Part of the fun of shopping at TJ Maxx is knowing that some of the items they sell are impossible to find elsewhere – and oftentimes impossible to find even the next time you come to TJ Maxx. This is because inventory at the store is constantly coming in and out, so the items you see one week will likely be gone by the next week.

A former TJ Maxx employee, Taylor, made a YouTube video about her experience working for TJ Maxx and all the tips and tricks she learned. In the YouTube video, she notes, "I worked for TJ Maxx for over a year ... I worked in literally every department of the store. I even worked in the backroom area, so I got to unload and see everything that was coming in." Taylor goes on to explain that inventory comes and goes quickly, so if you see something you like, you should snatch it up before someone else gets to it.

Double check prices for duplicate items

Have you ever found a cute shirt with a price tag that reads $15.99, only to find the exact same shirt on another rack for $9.99? Sometimes, certain items get mispriced. If you're in this situation, don't worry: if you find a duplicate of an item that has a cheaper price, just bring it to the register, and you'll be charged the lower price.

Another thing to consider when shopping at TJ Maxx is just how discounted an item is. "Always check that you're getting the best deals on your clearance items," former TJ Maxx employee Taylor says in her YouTube video. "Typically, when clearance tags are stuck on normal tags or the original tags, they usually cover up the original price. You always want to make sure you're getting the best deal," she continued. If you want to see the original price so you can see how much the price has been knocked down, Taylor recommends looking "at the last four numbers on the ticket." There on the price tag, it should show four numbers that represent the original price. From there, you can see if the new, discounted price is enough of a deal.

Consider the TJX card

Did you know TJX – which includes TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Home Goods – offers a credit card that allows you to earn 5% back in digital rewards on each purchase? Having the credit card also allows you to receive "exclusive shopping invites" according to TJ Maxx. Signing up for the credit card also scores you 10% off your first purchase on the card – a decent discount when you consider how discounted everything already is at TJ Maxx.

Of course, you'll want to read all the fine print when it comes to the interest and any other restrictions around the card to make sure it's a good fit for you. For those of us who are frequent TJX shoppers, their credit card – and especially that 5% back – could be a good option. Plus, TJX offers an app to manage your account and your digital rewards so you can easily use them when shopping online or in-store.

Don't skip the toys and pet supplies

You may not immediately think about your fur babies when you're shopping at TJ Maxx, but you really should not sleep on TJ Maxx's pet selection. This is because the pet supplies are often stocked with high-end and high-quality pet brands that tend to be more expensive when purchased elsewhere.

Rather Be Shopping reported recently finding a pet bed at TJ Maxx that was priced 40% less than it was at PetSmart and 20% less than it was at Costco. Currently, TJ Maxx's online pet supplies selection has everything from pet harnesses to bones to adorable pet apparel – including an Eddie Bauer pet vest for under $10 and plenty of pet toys and accessories. Plus, plenty of post-Christmas sales are still happening, so don't hesitate to pick up a super-discounted Christmas sweater for your pup for next year! And if you're a fellow cat lady, know that many TJ Maxx's often have things like cat beds and cat scratchers in stock at all times.

Check TJ Maxx's online store for even more discounts

Part of the fun of shopping at TJ Maxx is combing through each aisle, looking for buried treasure (in the form of a designer shirt marked down to $9). But not all of us have the time to go to TJ Maxx on a regular basis...which is why TJ Maxx's online store is a godsend for finding bargains on everything from clothes to home goods. Plus, online shopping can be much more efficient than shopping in person if you're looking for a specific item – instead of running around the store trying to find something, you can easily search for it on the TJ Maxx website.

Another particularly great part about TJ Maxx's online store is the under $10 section—this is like a virtual super-clearance rack. On any given day, you can find things like seasonal doormats, bath bomb sets, swimwear, designer sunglasses, and much more – and all for less than $10.

Avoid TJ Maxx on Black Friday

You may think TJ Maxx would be a good option for some Black Friday steals, but you might just be better off waiting until after the holidays to get even bigger and better bargains at TJ Maxx. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, you may find some new arrivals on Black Friday, but the Black Friday deals at TJ Maxx are often no better than the store's usual discounted prices. Interesting!

Former TJ Maxx employee Taylor noted in a YouTube video that shopping at TJ Maxx after Black Friday is actually the best idea for saving money. "The best time to shop at TJ Maxx is in January," Taylor advised. "There's markdowns in January every single day." Knowing that, it may be best to stick to big box stores for Black Friday and hit all the post-holiday clearance events at TJ Maxx in January.

If you can't find a certain product at one store, call another

Most of us have had the annoying experience of finding a cute item of clothing – but not in the right size. The good news is that if this happens at TJ Maxx, you can call not only other TJ Maxx stores to see if they have the product – you can also call Marshall's and Home Goods to see if they have the item in stock.

According to former TJ Maxx employee, Taylor, it's as easy as calling and inquiring about the product you're interested in. "Always know that you can call the store and ask about that product. TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Home Goods don't all have the same departments, but they don't track inventory. So if you just call and say, 'Hi, there's this shirt, it's gray, it's this brand, can you try to find it?' they'll probably be able to find it for you," Taylor said (via YouTube).

Try the food and snacks

You may have avoided the stuffed olives, gourmet popcorns, and intriguing candies that line TJ Maxx's snack shelves in the past, but you were missing out. Though there are myths that TJ Maxx only stocks expired food, their food stock is not expired and is reportedly very high-quality, according to Bon Appetit.

The food at TJ Maxx isn't just random leftovers from other stores; it's food manufactured specifically for TJ Maxx. "They [TJ Maxx] want top quality. I don't think people realize it's not blowout stuff. You're manufacturing for them," said Andy Oliver, president of a jam and condiment company called Braswells (via Bon Appetit). On top of the fact that TJ Maxx offers high quality foods, they also tend to offer foods that you can't easily find elsewhere. "I live in a small town in the coastal plains of Georgia, and even with a nice grocery store, this is where you can find foreign products you can't find somewhere else," Oliver said.

Give yourself plenty of time to browse

Yes, sometimes when you're browsing at TJ Maxx, you just so happen to stumble upon a super impressive deal in the first few minutes of shopping. But most of the time, we're guessing that it took a little rummaging around before you found that 75%-off pair of designer shoes or the lipstick you've been wanting for months. Long story short, the best-priced items may require a little digging and double-checking all those back shelves, so next time you go to TJ Maxx, be sure to give yourself time to really look around.

Along those lines, be sure to look through the cosmetics and skincare section first, since items in that area tend to fly off the shelves. According to former TJ Maxx employee Taylor (via YouTube) you can find "Too Faced palettes, NARS palettes," and "a ton of high-end skincare" if you look hard enough – or if you happen to get there at the right time, right after new inventory has been put on the shelf.

Enter TJ Maxx giveaways

If you're jaded by the fact that you never win giveaways, don't worry; you're in good company. However, life has a funny way of surprising us, and with that in mind, why not take five minutes to enter TJ Maxx's monthly giveaway? It could greatly benefit you and your pocketbook in the long run!

To do this, you just complete the customer satisfaction survey (which you can access online using your receipt from a TJ Maxx purchase). All you do is provide information about your experience at TJ Maxx (or Marshall's or Home Goods) and submit the survey. If, for whatever reason, you want to enter the sweepstakes but don't have a TJ Maxx Receipt, you can go ahead and utilize the company's mail-in option. Every month, you have the chance to win $500 just by entering the sweepstakes. Might as well take all the discounts you can! 

TJ Maxx is your go-to spot for luggage

Luggage is one of those things that's extremely useful, and even necessary, but also sometimes ridiculously expensive and annoying to have to buy. That's why buying luggage at TJ Maxx is an ideal situation: they have a great selection of luggage that's sold for half the price as it would be at other stores.

Just browsing TJ Maxx's online luggage selection, the options are endless: there are three-piece sets, carry-ons, hard-shell rolling bags, duffel bags, and pretty much every other type of luggage you can imagine. Looking for a cow-print set? Well, they've got it. Want Calpak? They've got that too. Or maybe you want trippy, technicolor luggage that you'll instantly recognize at the baggage carousel – good news, TJ Maxx has it. And as a bonus, your local TJ Maxx may have an even bigger selection, offering bags that aren't shown online.

To find the best deals, go often

It may seem obvious, but you miss 100% of the chances you don't take ... and 100% of the deals you aren't at TJ Maxx to get ahold of. In addition to shopping at TJ Maxx frequently, former TJ Maxx employee Taylor advised in her YouTube video that going through every section of the store is important, too, for finding hidden deals. "If you have the time, always, always go through every section that you can," Taylor said. Taylor also added that sometimes you may find clearance items in the non-clearance section, making it worth it to comb through the whole store.

Another former employee shared via Reddit: "I worked at TJ Maxx over the summer and can attest to this. The people who found the best deals were regulars. Also, you just have to take the time to go through pretty much every item."

Go to 'Runway' stores for more designer options

If you're someone who goes to TJ Maxx mostly for the clothing selection, you probably already know that only some TJ Maxx stores have a large selection of discount designer clothing. The best way to ensure you'll be shopping at a TJ Maxx with a good selection of high-end clothing is by going to a 'Runway' store; according to a Redditor, you can "Check to see if you have one with Runway near you. On the store locator page it will have an R logo on ones with it. Those are the ones that sell the higher-end contemporary/designer pieces (it's separated into its own section, they have purple price tags)."

Additionally, you can always check out multiple TJ Maxx stores if you're not finding what you're looking for. "Not every TJ Maxx has the same items," says Taylor, former TJ Maxx employee in a YouTube video. "So the next time you go shopping at TJ Maxx, hit up another one if it's close by."

Check the men's section

You may be noticing a theme here: the biggest takeaway is to find the best stuff in TJ Maxx, you should look everywhere – and this includes the men's section. You may not think to browse in the men's section if you tend to stick to the women's clothing, but it's possible to find things like oversized jeans, flannels, and comfy sweaters that you wouldn't find as easily in the women's section.

Even celebrity stylists recommend combing through the men's section at TJ Maxx. "Definitely look for the men's jeans," celeb stylist Mimi Cuttrell said (via Bustle). "If you're looking for an oversized look, they have a lot of great pants there. Also, the vests and the jackets are super great," Cutrell added. "I just love an oversized jacket with a little skirt for going out or even just over a dress. Even their hats are great." Noted!