24% Of People Prefer This Luxury Fashion Brand - The List Survey

Luxury fashion is often a statement of wealth, but according to Investopedia, it's not just the rich who are buying designer goods. In fact, a lot of people make poor financial decisions when they choose to purchase a luxury item. So, why exactly do they do it? There are many reasons someone may shell out a large sum of cash to purchase the newest Louis Vuitton bag. When we accomplish a goal, we often want to reward ourselves. Some may view a reward as an ice cream cone at their favorite spot while others want to go bigger. Purchasing a luxury item we have had our eye on can make us feel good about the things we are achieving, even if affording that item may be a bit of a reach.

Having a luxury item can also give you a self-confidence boost. You might think pairing a Gucci scarf with just about any outfit will make it instantly more appealing and likely make you feel more put together. And is there really a price we can put on confidence? But with so many luxury brands out there, it may be hard to decide where you want your hard-earned money to go. According to The Trendspotter, the top luxury brands are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga, Dior, and Prada. But which one reigns supreme? 

The List asked 558 people their favorite brand to find out.

Gucci is a favorite among 24% of high-end shoppers

All luxury brands have gorgeous pieces, but it all comes down to personal style when choosing the best one for you. If you're curious about the most popular brand, 24% of those who answered The List's survey asking "Which is your favorite luxury fashion brand?" chose Gucci. According to Who What Wear, Gucci is an Italian fashion house that has been designing since 1921 –- making it over 100 years old. While Gucci has always been on the radar of luxury shoppers, it wasn't until 2015 when Alessandro Michele became creative director that the Gucci we know and love today really came to light.

According to 440 Industries, Gucci is ranked fourth in luxury brands, but there are many reasons why it remains a favorite for The List's readers. The brand is more accessible than some of the other options in the same luxury category, per Who What Wear. Their iconic items, like their logo belt and loafers are not cheap, but they won't completely ruin your finances, either. 

Out of all the options on The List's survey, Gucci was crowned runner-up. So, who won first place?

The winner of The List's survey was Louis Vuitton

While Gucci received a large chunk of the vote from The List's survey asking about favorite luxury fashion brands, the winner was Louis Vuitton. Only a few more people voted for this brand over Gucci –- it got exactly 26.52% of the vote. But according to 440 Industries, it makes sense that they would be the winner as Louis Vuitton is known as the No. 1 luxury fashion brand. To get your hands on a brand new Louis Vuitton, you will need to hand over $1,000 on the lower end of the spectrum, per Love to Know. But the prices go up dramatically from there. Many popular bags can cost you up to $6,000. In comparison, owning a Gucci bag will cost you between $900 and $3,000, per WP Diamonds.

While Louis Vuitton and Gucci definitely earned the top titles in the survey, other brands were also well-loved. Chanel had 18.10% of the vote and Dior had 17.38%. Brands that fell to the bottom of the survey include Fendi, which had just over 5% of the vote and Hermes, with just over 8%.