Below Deck Med: What You Didn't Know About Rob Westergaard's Relationship Status

Part of the reason we love to tune in to Below Deck is for the boatmances. No matter how many cast members go into the season swearing they know better than to hook up with a fellow crew member, it happens. On this season of Below Deck Mediterranean, it happened between deckhand Rob Westergaard and stewardess Jessica More. Even though Westergaard had mentioned on the show that he had a girlfriend, details were murky on whether it was an open relationship or not. By episode five, he and More were looking very much together, making out in Wetergaard's cabin (via Vulture). 

A couple of episodes and high-maintenance guests later, chief stew Hannah Ferrier divulged to More that, prior to her hookup with Westergaard, he had posted a photo of him kissing another girl on his Instagram Story with the caption, "Missing your touch" (via Bravo). When pressed, Westergaard insisted he did not have a girlfriend, saying "There's nothing going on. I would not do this if it were. It's over." In his interview, Rob clarified, "I broke it off for myself. I'd rather not be in something if I'm gonna cheat on someone. Even though it's like an open experience." At this point, we all really wanted to believe Westergaard, because this story line was way more appealing than anything involving now-fired cast member Pete Hunzinker.

Rob Westergaard claims he was honest about his relationship status

Unfortunately, judging by More's social media, Westergaard wasn't being as transparent as he claimed. When the episode aired, More posted on Twitter, "To clarify, everyone BUT ME knew he had a gf he swore to me he was just seeing someone casually( dating/nothing serious) I didn't see the actual photo that was posted till the show aired." Fans, including Bravo's Andy Cohen, were critical of how things played out. When Westergaard appeared as a guest on Watch What Happens Live, Cohen asked if, in hindsight, Westergaard felt he'd mislead More about the status of his relationship. He responded by saying he could see how it could appear as misleading, but he knows he was honest about it. Hmmm.

In a later episode of WWHL, More told Cohen, in a very no-nonsense tone, "I was very clear with not wanting to date anyone that was in a relationship," (via YouTube). According to In Touch, More felt she was being told one thing from Westergaard and hearing another from crew mates. In the end, Westergaard's version of honesty must not have cut it for More, because (spoiler alert) the two are currently not together.