Body Language Expert Reveals The Truth About Eric And Lara Trump's Relationship

We don't have royal weddings in the United States, but the nuptials of Eric and Lara Trump in 2014 sure came close. Attended by more than 400 guests at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, at a reception adorned with gold and crystal, their union was the stuff of storybooks. Eric and Lara became parents to a son, Eric Jr., in 2017, and baby Carolina joined the family last April (per Town & Country). Lara's Instagram feed is teeming with adorable pics of the couple's towheaded littles, and by all accounts, the couple is living that storybook life. 

Sure, it all looks like a dream, but are the second son of President Donald Trump and his bride indeed living happily ever after? Here's what an expert has to say.

Eric and Lara Trump have a strong connection

In an interview with The List, body language expert Dr. Reneé Carr, a psychologist, as well as a political and corporate advisor, pointed out a number of subtle cues that demonstrate that the two have a strong marital connection. How can she tell? "Eric and Lara exhibit mirrored body language," Carr observed. "This is a sign of a couple who have been around each other for a long time and have grown together." She notices this mirroring in a number of public appearances, including a segment on Fox News' Hannity; they both nod in the exact same way during the interview.

So what else can Carr tell us about their relationship?

Eric and Lara Trump respect each other, expert says

Eric and Lara Trump both gave off cues that indicated mutual respect during this interview, Carr noted. "When Lara talks, Eric appears confident in his wife's ability to intellectually respond," she said. "He continually nods 'yes' in approval of what she is saying, and does not look at her anxiously concerned over what she may say." Carr got the same vibe from Lara's body language when Eric was speaking: "Lara respects Eric as her husband but also his intelligence," she observed.

Overall, said Carr, "they work well together as political partners. When asked a question about President Trump's vacationing, Eric responds, while Lara nods in agreement," she observed. Lara's nodding might not have necessarily been about agreement, though. Ultimately, Lara's motive was "to convey the appearance of support to viewers," Carr said. This mutual esteem also is evident at social events, Carr observed, such as their entrance into a reception in 2017. "Lara respects her husband and enjoys him being the leader in their home and family," Carr pointed out. "She lets her husband lead her through the crowd, while he holds her hand and as she confidently walks."

Lara and Eric Trump have a solid romantic connection

Eric and Lara Trump aren't just great political partners — they've also got some boom-chicka-wow-wow going on. "They have good sexual chemistry," Carr said, which she said she could tell from the way they interacted in a Fox News clip. "When talking about how they met, throughout this clip, they repeatedly look longingly at each other while the other person is talking, and they do so with a genuine smile," Carr said. "There appears to be no pretense as both are relaxed, and do not have staged pauses. Instead their conversation flows, and comments overlap at times."

Even though Lara is the mom of two small kids — and pregnancy can wreak havoc on a woman's body — Eric clearly finds Lara to be extremely beautiful, and this makes Lara, in turn, feel great about herself. "It is highly probable that Eric makes Lara feel attractive and comfortable in her body," Carr explained. "In a review of multiple photos and videos that are not speeches or focused on a serious issue, Lara does not hesitate to show her legs or body — even when pregnant." True... but Lara's got legs for days! Still, Carr noted, a woman who didn't feel quite as solid about her marriage might make less bold fashion choices.