Body Language Expert Reveals The Truth About Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner's Relationship

Ivanka Trump has plenty of intriguing relationships in her life, including her bonds and rapport with her siblings, her stepmother, Melania Trump, and her father, Donald Trump. And then there's Ivanka's husband, Jared Kushner. "The controversial, oftentimes quiet couple have been together for years, and the timeline of [Ivanka and Jared's] relationship is pretty un-extraordinary," according to Elite Daily. However, the same may not apply to their dynamic.

After meeting in 2005 and getting married in 2009, the public has perhaps noticed in the years since that while "Ivanka's diplomatic-like exterior truly changes when she's around her dad," life coach and relationship expert Nicole Moore exclusively told The List that is the kind of reaction "you'd expect her to give to her husband." What does this mean? Well, according to Moore, Ivanka's "body language indicates that perhaps she's more comfortable showing affection to her father than to her husband."

Moore points to a March 2019 clip from CNN as an example, saying that when "Trump introduces his daughter, you'll notice that her entire face lights up and she bursts into a warm smile." Moore notes, "In reviewing many media clips of the couple, I never came across Ivanka smiling that wide at Jared."

While that may be somewhat, er, unusual, it's not all that Moore picked up about Ivanka and Jared's relationship.

Ivanka 'takes the lead' and is 'more important' than Jared

When it comes to Ivanka and Jared, she's undeniably more famous and is arguably more influential, which is why you may not be surprised to find out that Moore told The List that "in nearly every image or photo of the couple walking, Ivanka is slightly in front of Jared." According to Moore, the "body language is clear: he defers to her power and lets her take the lead."

Beyond that, Moore notes that "the power dynamic between the couple is abundantly clear... Ivanka is seen as the more important one in the relationship." Our expert refers to the couple's 2017 appearance at the National Chinese Day Reception in Washington, pointing out that when "they begin walking, Ivanka steps in front of Jared and Jared has to move out of the way and move to the outer edge to accommodate Ivanka's desire to speak with the man they're walking with." In this case, "Jared literally has to move himself out of the way to accommodate Ivanka's desires."

While Jared may not hold the same kind of position within his relationship with his wife that Ivanka holds, she does apparently see something good in him.

Ivanka thinks that Jared is a good dad

Ivanka and Jared are the parents of three children, a daughter Arabella, and sons Theodore and Joseph. During a 2017 interview with Deborah Roberts for ABC News, Ivanka described her husband as "a remarkable human being and an unbelievable father." According to Nicole Moore, this sentiment (at least the latter part of what she said) was genuine, and "Ivanka truly feels that Jared is a good father." Moore let The List in on the fact that when Ivanka talks about Jared as the father of her kids, "her smile widens and her energy lights up. That's indicating that she genuinely believes what she's saying."

As for Jared, he uses his role as a father to make his opinions public, such as telling CBS News' Face the Nation in August 2020 that when it came to sending his children back to the Jewish day school they attend in Washington amidst the coronavirus pandemic, "This virus impacts people in different ways ... [O]ur school is not opening up five days a week, I wish they were — but we absolutely will be sending our kids back to school, and I have no fear in doing so."

Along with not feeling fear around his children and the pandemic, Jared apparently doesn't show a lot of warmth for his wife.

There are no 'genuine displays of affection' from Ivanka and Jared

When it comes to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, their connection indicates that "they don't hate each other and there is love there but it's not warm affection," according to Moore. "In nearly every clip of the couple together, they speak, they pose next to each other, it appears as if on the surface everything is hunky-dory. However, what's missing is genuine displays of affection or exuberance about being partnered with each other," Moore explains.

The life coach and relationship expert pointed out that "when someone is really in love, you literally can't stop them from talking about the other person." However, when Jared is asked about Ivanka, "he kind of just lets the question slide." Apparently, "his body language... indicates that he's not super in touch with his feelings of love for Ivanka. He might intellectually think he's lucky to be with her, but he's not feeling it deep within his heart and soul... enough to effusively state how much loves her."

Moore backs this up by noting that "in nearly every clip of the couple, they're holding hands, however, what's missing are true indicators of warmth" and "that romantic spark." In fact, even when they do attempt to seem close, such an in a photo of the pair sitting together on a fence, "their bodies appear rigid" and their "body language indicates this photo is more staged rather than displaying genuine affection."