What Ivanka Trump's Speech At The RNC Says About Her, According To A Human Design Expert

When Ivanka Trump took the stage at the 2020 Republican National Convention following earlier appearances by her sister, Tiffany Trump, and her step-mother, Melania Trump, she did exactly what she was expected to do: She delivered a speech that made her political stance clear and praised her father, President Donald Trump. However, Paige Michelle, an expert in human design and relationships, exclusively explained to The List how Ivanka's speech — and her nature — said so much more than you might have realized.

"It is no secret that Ivanka Trump is her father's favorite, and many assume it's because she is the most like him and they are right ... kind of," Michelle noted. Our expert continued by explaining that "in Human Design (the system that is the synthesis of a few scientific and esoteric systems and is essentially a blueprint of our DNA, energy, and subconscious beliefs [which] allows us to hack the personal development process and come to satisfaction, success, and peace much faster), Ivanka is a Mental Projector."

What does that mean? Well, according to Michelle, "the only energy [Ivanka] has for and of herself, is mental. In other words, she is a strategic thinker who processes out loud. This also means that she is completely undefined and vulnerable to the conditioning of those in her environment. Read: Essentially she IS her father."

While that certainly says a lot, it's not all that our expert picked up from Ivanka's 2020 RNC speech.

Ivanka Trump 'stayed on script'

While all of the speakers at the 2020 Republican National Convention stepped up to the mic with fully prepared speeches flashing on the teleprompter in front of them, Ivanka managed to "[speak] with emotional consistency and stayed on script, unlike her father who allowed his emotions to get the best of him a few times with off-script commentary," according to Michelle. The human design and celebrity relationships expert told The List that "this is how someone like Ivanka who has an 'undefined emotional solar plexus' WOULD deliver a speech, not wanting to rock the boat or cause too much discomfort."

Beyond that, Ivanka showed her true nature when she "talked a lot about how other politicians didn't solve problems, and would leave it to others, which is something someone with an 'undefined heart' would consider ridiculous — they believe you have to earn everything you have and prove yourself to everyone." While that may seem odd for someone like Ivanka who comes from a privileged background, it seems clear that she's set in how she sees the world — and the people — around her.

Ivanka Trump's view of her father was clear

Donald Trump may be fond of his daughter Ivanka, and the feeling is apparently mutual. In fact, when the President's daughter delivered her speech at the 2020 RNC, Michelle pointed out that "Ivanka said she wanted to speak about the man she wishes everyone could see when the cameras and the mics were off, which makes sense because that is what she knows of him — his heart and his emotions."

Michelle told The List that "at one point [Ivanka] said, 'he says what he thinks and you know where he stands' — she does admire this about him because that is not something that comes naturally to her, but is something that she has learned by being around him."

"Ultimately, Ivanka is genuine in her adoration and the praise of her father. When she says he is a proud defender and a champion of common sense, this supports her design," Michelle says. "As someone whose energy is all mental, common sense is all she knows of herself, so it is something she would see lacking in others immediately. She speaks of results, conviction, decisiveness, the will AND the emotional side of her father during the speech because this is truly what she feels from him." 

On top of that, there was something else that Ivanka mentioned that revealed a key aspect of what matters to someone like her.

Ivanka Trump revealed 'what is important to her'

A lot could be said when it comes to what people will remember when looking back on her father's time in office, however, Ivanka is apparently proud of what her father has done. "Ivanka spoke quite a bit about the legacy her father is leaving for the country politically, and his role as a grandfather (his personal legacy), which is no surprise with her unconscious sun in her Human Design in the Gate of Legacy," Michelle pointed out to The List. "This is what is important to her."

Granted, while Ivanka may be well aware of what she values, she may be less aware of her own nature. "Ultimately, very little of what we see of her and hear from her is who SHE is, but [is instead] who she has been nurtured and conditioned to be," according to Michelle, who added: "After four years we still have no idea who Ivanka is, when she is not in relation to her father ... I wonder if she does."