Expert Reveals What Melania Trump's Body Language At The RNC Really Means

The second night of the 2020 Republican National Convention featured Donald Trump's family taking the stage. One of the people who spoke on the president's behalf was his wife, Melania Trump. While Americans often find themselves curious about everything from the first lady's political controversies and financial status to her style choices and her relationship with her husband, Melania's RNC speech likely had voters wondering about what the appearance could tell us beyond what she had to say.

Thankfully, body language expert Dr. Reneé Carr, a psychologist as well as a political and corporate advisor, gave The List some exclusive insight into Melania's RNC appearance. Carr first noted that while Melania "entered with a calm walk despite being slightly nervous as she approached the podium," the first lady "was also making sure her gait in heels remained steady."

And when it comes to what Melania was wearing, her "wardrobe and color choice are both conscious and subconscious." What does that mean? Well, Carr notes that "her choice of an olive green coat dress is similar to a military uniform" and "reflects her likely personality trait of not being afraid of a challenge or threat and that she is willing to fight hard for what she wants or believes." On top of that, "the wrapped coat design also provid[es] a literal covering of armor."

Melania was clearly prepared for a potential battle, which makes sense when you consider what you can find out about her from the rest of her speech.

Melania Trump was nervous but sincere at the RNC

Standing up in front of countless viewers across the country surely isn't easy, which is why Carr noted that Melania seemed to be a little shaken during her speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

"From nervousness, her voice slightly wavered as her speech began; and she took slightly deeper breaths to calm herself," Carr pointed out to The List. Carr also noted that Melania's "eyes remained wide as she read from the screens," and "throughout her speech, very little emotions were present because her primary goal was to read and enunciate rather than display a facial affect to attract or evoke the emotions of others. Therefore, when she did emote, it made those words stand out."

So what did Melania manage to emphasize? According to Carr, "Melania truly believes that America is beautiful, as she slightly rounded her shoulders when saying 'swept across our beautiful country.'" On top of that, the first lady's "voice slightly also tightened when stating, 'my husband and I are grateful' to the healthcare frontline workers and teachers."

Carr continued, "She was indeed 'moved by the way Americans came together... with the unfamiliar... frightening' experience of COVID-19 as indicated by a slight relaxing of her eyes and the free-speaking rather than reading. She was also more steady and calm in her hands and arms. She was 'inspired' ('to see what the people of our great nation will do for one another') as evidenced by her simultaneous pointing out of both elbows as if expanding her lung capacity and restraining her remembered glee and sense of pride in being an American at this time of worldwide crisis."

While that may have come as across as genuine, Melania was apparently still not convinced that she pulled off what she has set out to do.

Melania Trump was 'unsure of her performance,' expert says

Whether you were impressed, unmoved, or disappointed in Melania's RNC speech, she seems to have her own opinion about what she was saying and how she said it. Carr explained to The List that Melania "slightly cringed" while claiming that "the past three and a half years have been unforgettable." The body language expert points out that she "awkwardly tried to force a smile but her upper lip stiffened instead." While that doesn't sound like Melania was in a positive place at that point, Carr did say that Melania "respects the position of first lady and does not take the opportunity for granted."

However, even Melania's respect for her role couldn't carry her through her entire RNC appearance. "Melania became tired toward the end of the speech as represented by increased word stumbling while she read," Carr says. "However, this is common when persons first go on stage and have high levels of adrenaline that then decrease and can cause feelings of being drained."

Carr continued by pointing out that Melania "was relieved when the speech was over," but at the same time, she "was slightly unsure of her performance." Apparently, "her face became strained when off the podium," and while she "kissed her husband twice on the cheek," it was "a sign" of both "their companionship as well as a show of affection for viewers."

Only time will tell if Melania's speech was indeed convincing enough to help her husband stay in office.