DaBaby Is Worth A Lot More Money Than You Think

Looking for another excuse to drop out of college? Next time you're at the dinner table fishing for arguments, try name dropping Jonathan Lyndale Kirk (via Inspiration Feed). Kirk, who you might know as the rapper, DaBaby (and before that, Baby Jesus), is yet another famous college dropout. But not finishing his degree at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro didn't stop him from racking in two hit 2019 albums and being crowned by Rolling Stone as "one of the best and biggest artists in hip-hop." Of course, this kind of success isn't easy to come by, so maybe stay enrolled for now.

However, you can't say DaBaby hasn't done well for himself. Did you catch his interview with Big Boy's Quarantine Couch series earlier this year? In case you didn't, we'll fill you in on the details. DaBaby estimated that, if COVID-related quarantines went into July (come and gone, sorry DaBaby), he could be missing out on up to $7 million in tour-related profits (via Complex). Sounds like a lot? You can go ahead and double that amount. If DaBaby is to be believed since quarantine started, he's spending at least the equivalent of the money he's losing on tours, putting up his "old folks" in penthouses and hotels when they get tired of the house they're stuck staying in. 

If DaBaby can throw away millions like that, you must be wondering, just how much is the star really worth? 

How much is DaBaby really worth?

The internet is undecided on an exact amount. Celebrity Net Worth pins the DaBaby at $3 million. Inspiration Feed, on the other hand, estimates his net worth at $4 million on album sales alone, and notes that before COVID broke out he was making $124,000 a month rapping, songwriting, and on "various other endeavors." Cheatsheet says $3 to $5 million, although it's quick to point out that DaBaby is involved in continuing legal battles, after allegedly beating up another rapper and punching a fan who got too close for his taste (via Cheatsheet). Who knows what those entanglements are costing him. 

Whatever the case, a $3 or $5 million net worth wouldn't come close to covering $7 million in penthouse and hotel charges for his folks. That means, of course, one of three things is true. Maybe DaBaby is worth a lot more than he's telling us. Maybe he has a flair for the dramatic. Or maybe, right now, he's actually knee-deep in debt.