The Truth About Kandi Burruss' Daughter, Riley

Real Housewives stars open themselves up for criticism purely by agreeing to appear on the various iterations of the unstoppable Bravo franchise. By sharing the intimate moments of their personal lives with viewers all around the world, the casts from Beverly Hills to Potomac enter into a transactional agreement that, when breached, can prove troublesome (see: Denise Richards' rumored affair with ex-cast-member Brandi Glanville on RHOBH, per People).

The kids of Real Housewives are typically kept out of the fray, popping up to show off when they have real jobs, as with Kyle Richards' successful real estate agent daughter or Lisa Rinna's model daughters. Unfortunately, regardless of whether these kids are on the cusp of adulthood or not, being adjacent to the limelight can be dangerous, which Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss' daughter, Riley, found out the hard way.

Kandi Burruss' daughter, Riley, was rumored to have had a nose job

As gossip blog All About the Real Housewives reports, the recent high school graduate posted a selection of photos of herself looking proud in her cap and gown, diploma in hand, sharing with followers that she's headed to New York University in the fall. "So blessed to have received an amazing education, and special thanks to my amazing mom who is the reason I will be going to my dream school," she wrote in the caption.

Certain fans immediately began speculating that Riley had had a nose job, with one writing on Twitter, "New nose? #RHOA." Another speculated, "Did Riley get a nose job? That's so sad. I didn't know she was insecure," and a third suggested Riley got a "small procedure on each nostril," while telling everybody to mind their own business, per Celebrity Insider.

Riley Burruss' response to cruel fans was pitch perfect

Riley, who just celebrated turning 18 with a glamorous photo shoot that she shared on Instagram, showed a wisdom far beyond her years in how she responded to those criticizing her rumored plastic surgery. "'Shout out to my haters, sorry that you couldn't phase me' — Nicki Minaj" she wrote, alongside a stunning close-up shot of her face (via Instagram). 

The daughter of RHOA star Burruss was clearly unbothered perhaps in part due to her mother being so supportive and protective of her. When the then-15-year-old lost a whopping 53 pounds in 2018, her mother told People she was so proud of Riley for getting fit and healthy the right way, while also revealing how much bullying her daughter had endured for her looks online. Riley shared that she hoped to inspire others and it seems that message rings true, since she isn't letting the comments of others affect how she feels about herself anymore.