The Reason Renovation Inc. Is Making Some Canadian Fans Feel Left Out

Bryan Baeumler and his family are heading back to the Bahamas soon — for, presumably, another season of filming their renovation magic (via Instagram). Are you longing for a stay at the Canadian family's beautifully renovated resort after watching season 1 of Renovation Island Write to them on Instagram, they'll be happy to give you directions (their tropical paradise is just a 12-minute flight from Nassau). For all of you wondering how Bryan's MRI went, he recently reported to fans that he's got a herniated C7, but is  "getting better slowly." "Dang man! Take it easy on-site," replied one fan. Please do, Bryan Baeumler, our renovation-based reality TV needs wouldn't be the same without you. 

If you, like us, are eagerly waiting for the next season of Renovation Island to air, you probably tuned in to the first episode of Renovation Island's "prequel," Renovation Inc., when it debuted on U.S. television at the end of August. We certainly cheered at the opportunity to follow the Baeumlers grow their renovation business in Ontario, Canada. Some of the Baeumlers' Canadian fans, however, were not thrilled. They had, it might seem, good reason. The Baeumlers have been family favorites on Canada TV for a good decade (via Cheatsheet), but Canadians voiced their disappointment on The Gram after failing to find the new show on Canada airwaves. "It should air here first hell it all started here what's up with that? We should revolt now ya!" said one.  

Canadians are actually ahead of the U.S. when it comes to Renovation Inc.

Relax, Canada. As Bryan quickly responded to consternation on his Instagram page, Renovation Inc. has, in fact, already aired in Canada, but under the name Bryan Inc. "Wicked. It's great that our American Friends get to experience a bit of awesomeness," replied one in-the-know Canadian. We appreciate the sentiment, we do. Because, if anything, it's us in the United States who are caught playing catch up. If we're being honest, we're far, far behind our Canadian neighbors. 

For one, Renovation Island is well into its second season in Canada, where it's called Island of Bryan. Then there's the fact that HGTV in the United States only treated us to 10 episodes in season 1 of Renovation Island. Canadians watching Island of Bryan's first season enjoyed a full 13. That's not all. There's an entire, other Bryan Baeumler-filled renovation show that Canadians are currently viewing and that we, in the U.S., have been deprived of. We're talking about Leave it to Bryan, of course. In Leave it to Bryan, homeowners present Baeumler with three potential "dream renovations," and Baeumler decides which, if any, to go with. "Watch as homeowners are forced to re-evaluate their expectations and see how Bryan takes their renovations from gut to glory," says HGTV Canada. We want to, HGTV Canada, trust us, but you haven't given us the opportunity to... yet!