The Truth About Cody Gifford's New Wife, Erika Brown

Kathy Lee Gifford's family is celebrating some good news. Her son, Cody Gifford, recently married Erika Brown. The proud mom commemorated the occasion in an Instagram post of the happy bride and groom. "God gave us a glorious day to celebrate this glorious couple," she wrote in the caption. "So grateful."

Brown posted her own wedding tribute on Instagram, featuring a closeup of the new husband and wife with the caption "Happily Ever After." She also wrote "Matthew 19:6" in the caption, referring to a Bible verse which reads, "So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."

The couple were engaged in May 2019 (via Today). The bride is a dancer and an actress from Las Vegas. Brown has a handful of IMDb credits under her belt, and has appeared in the TV shows Dexter, Echo and Nellie, Starland P.C., Hawaii Five-O, and Henry Danger as well as in the short LA Stories.

Erika Brown is fitting in quite well with the Gifford family

In addition to her acting roles, Brown also has crew credits in the video game Grand Theft Auto V and in the short Smile: A Musical.

It looks like Brown has been welcomed into the Gifford clan with open arms. Her mother-in-law excitedly posted about their engagement last year. "My son is engaged and I couldn't be happier for him and @missamerikabrown!!!" she wrote on Instagram.

According to a February Instagram post from Brown, she was also part of the Gifford team in an episode of Family Feud. "This weekend has been a BLAST," she wrote in the caption of a group photo which included Kathy Lee Gifford. "Family Feud today was thee best time!!" Brown seems to be referring to an upcoming episode of the show in which Gifford and fellow TV personality Ricki Lake go head-to-head. Per IMDb, the episode is set to air on September 24.