Here's Why Demi Rose Mawby Won't Get Mail Delivered To Her House

Let's review the basics, shall we? Having a jaw-dropping body isn't an invitation to touch it. Wearing revealing clothes isn't a green light signaling a desire to be approached, ogled, or otherwise disrespected. This is true for any woman, including Demi Rose Mawby. It's not, as one man petulantly tweeted to Mawby, "naive" to think that because she is "very attractive," men will have no "ulterior motives" when they approach her. Neither is she "pathetic" as another man suggested, for calling out bad behavior or being legitimately scared about her safety. She was simply asking to be respected as a human being, and reacting to a world that all too often objectifies her with sensationalist, was-she-once-an-escort! tabloid headlines (via Inquistr).

The particular Twitter uproar that we're talking about revolves around the mail. In 2017, out of concerns for her safety, the former-ballerina-turned-worldwide-Instagram-sensation announced that she was stopping all deliveries to her house. Mawby explained in her tweet that while she'd been safe so far, "it does take one sick person to go a step further." What prompted the decision?

The incidents that led to Demi Rose Mawby stopping deliveries to her house

According to Demi Rose Mawby, she made the decision to stop her mail after two frightening encounters (via Birmingham Live). Once, when she ordered a cat climber delivered to her London home, the delivery man asked for her phone number. As she recounted on Snap Chat, "He says to me, 'Can I get that number?' I said, 'What number?' He said, 'Your number.' I said: 'No, absolutely not. What do I need to say to you? It's a delivery service.'" 

It was the second time Mawby was propositioned by a delivery man. Previously, she had to turn down an Argos delivery man who dropped off gym gear to her house. The delivery man, however, didn't taken "no" for an answer. According to Mawby's Snap Chat, he stole her personal information off of the delivery records, and texted her afterward saying, "It's your delivery guy, I would like to take you out – please don't tell Argos." 

Mawby, thank goodness, didn't wait for a third time. "I'm sick of it, it's not safe for me," she reflected afterward, "I don't understand what I'm meant to do."