Inside James Charles' Gorgeous LA Home

James Charles realized one of his dreams when he made it big as a beauty YouTuber, but it wasn't until years later that he realized his next big dream: owning a home. The YouTuber shared the exciting news with fans via Instagram in late August 2020, sharing a few snapshots from within his stunning new abode, which took nine months to renovate.

"I bought my first home!" he excitedly told his 20 million followers. Needless to say, Charles was absolutely glowing in the photo. He went on to reveal how much his mansion-sized purchase meant to him. "Buying a home has been my #1 biggest goal since starting social media and I cannot believe that this is a reality, all thanks to you guys," he wrote on Instagram. The best part of all? Charles is letting fans into his house (virtually, of course). Read on to see all of the glamorous details of Charles' Los Angeles digs.

James Charles spent a pretty penny on his luxury home

When it came to buying his starter home, James Charles wasn't afraid to drop the big bucks. At the ripe age of 21, he dished out $7 million total for his mansion, Dirt reported. It's a huge expense, yes, but understandable once you hear what the massive Los Angeles, California house has to offer. According to the site, the house boasts 9,800 square feet in total and six bedrooms. Basically, Charles will never run out of room for all his YouTuber friends! The not-so-humble abode features 10 bathrooms as well.

The home is particularly special to Charles because he had a hand in the design process. According to an Instagram post, he worked with the team that helped deck out his house. "I want to say a major thank you to a few people," he wrote when sharing a pic of himself lounging at home. "First, [Leclair Decor] was the amazing design team that decorated every inch of this home. I worked directly with Meredith & Grace who were absolute angels." Judging from his smile-filled photos, Charles already feels right at home in his pricey new pad.

James Charles' house comes with some impressive amenities

With more than 21 million subscribers on YouTube, James Charles has built himself a massive following thanks in part to his larger-than-life personality. So when it came time to purchase a home, it only made sense he bought one big enough to match. Charles' new house sits on a half-acre lot, Dirt reported, and includes three levels of living space.

Charles' new house is the perfect place to unwind, but there's also endless amenities to keep him and his friends busy. Dirt revealed that the house came with an indoor spa and sauna, a wine cellar, a game room, and a lounge. Oh, and when Charles goes to watch movies with his famous friends, he doesn't have to retire to the living room. Nope, he as an entire movie theater in the house for that.

Outside, the amenities are equally as impressive. Charles' house features a three-car garage as well as a large motorcourt for guests. Truly, there isn't an inch of Charles' house that doesn't exude luxury.

James Charles has an expansive backyard with a stunning pool

As if James Charles' house wasn't impressive enough, it also came with a jaw-dropping outdoor space. He dished all the details of the expansive yard in the second part of his YouTube house tour for fans. "The backyard looked literally nothing like this when we first moved in because it underwent a lot of different renovations," he explained in the video clip. 

He then told the camera the outdoor area is the space he's "most excited" about in the house. Not only is it beautiful, but he has an important reason for needing a big backyard: his dog (now dogs)! Charles said his pup Finn has "never been happier" after moving into the new place, and as for Charles, it seems like he feels the same way. He revealed he and his friends love soaking up rays by the the swimming pool (complete with an inset spa), which has been "incredible."

James Charles has a gorgeous dining room (that he doesn't use)

As much as James Charles is probably eating well in his new mansion, he admitted he doesn't even use his gorgeous, sunlit dining room. When giving a tour of his gorgeous home on YouTube, Charles explained that he calls the eating area the "formal" dining room, because he actually prefers to eat in the kitchen. "The chances of us using this room are virtually very, very slim," he said in the video.

The beauty YouTuber admitted that in both his old house and current house the dining room wasn't a room he stepped into often. "If I'm being real, we never used the dining room in the last house, and already, just from moving here about a month ago, the only purpose of this room has been either reading or dumping packages we get from the mailbox," he said. Nevertheless, there is one extra special personal touch Charles included in the room: a scenic photo Charles took himself during a trip to South Africa, which he proudly showed off to the camera.

James Charles keeps his pantry organized and stocked with snacks

James Charles definitely doesn't slack on his grocery shopping. His pantry has endless goodies from wall to wall, as seen in his YouTube house tour. "Once again, not much cooking but we do do a lot of snacking," he excitedly told the camera. And when it comes to Charles' pantry, it's filled with snacks galore.

The YouTube star keeps his pantry chock full of delicious foods like Welch's fruit snacks, pasta, Skippy peanut butter, Fruit Loops cereal, and multiple brands of macaroni and cheese. Plus, the pantry is so visually pleasing it will make you want to go organize your pantry stat. Charles admitted he had some help in the organization process of putting his pantry together. "I really want to show you guys this because of how beautiful and organized it is thanks to [professional organizing company] RíOrganize." With Charles' busy schedule, professional organizing was surely a life saver!

James Charles sleeps in a ridiculously lavish master bedroom

Not only is James Charles living large in his new pad, his new bedroom is one most could only dream of. His luxurious master bedroom features floor-to-ceiling windows, a four-poster bed fit for royalty, and a chandelier in the center of the room that Charles simply couldn't stop raving about. "Personally, I hate chandeliers," Charles explained in his YouTube house tour. "I don't know what it is, I can never find ones that I like." But he quickly added that the one in his bedroom really spoke to him and was simply "perfect."

Charles' room also features a mini-fridge for bottled water (and occasionally soda), which saves him trips to the kitchen — his house is nearly 10,000 square feet after all — and a cozy fireplace situated below his TV. The most impressive part might just be the patio that directly connects to his room. Charles described the area as a "luxurious indoor/outdoor space" and he was pretty spot on. His sliding doors open right up to a sunny, expansive patio, which he decked out with several cabanas that look like they belong on a beach in the Maldives.

James Charles' grandiose floor-to-ceiling fireplace is jaw-dropping

James Charles' new California home features a stunning formal living room that even he can't stop marveling at. "I'm so excited to show you guys!" he said when gearing up to show off the living room during his YouTube house tour.

The cameras then panned to a beautifully decorated living area which include a grand piano and a modern chaise lounge. Charles revealed his favorite part about his formal living room is actually not one thing, but two. He revealed that his stunning floor-to ceiling fireplace and the candelabra-style chandelier hanging from the ceiling were both standouts to him — and us, to be honest.

Most importantly, he's been putting this formal living space to good use. "My friends and I are in here all the time singing and having little jam sessions," he excitedly revealed before breaking into an impromptu Vanessa Carlton song.

James Charles has a massive wine cellar even though he doesn't drink wine

James Charles' wine cellar can fit so many bottles of wine, it'd be any wine connoisseur's dream come to life. Unfortunately, though, Charles just isn't a wine guy. The vlogger admitted he found a creative way to stock up his wine cellar instead: with soda! Charles is a big fan of Coca Cola, and packed his wine cellar to the brim with bottles of the popular soda.

"For somebody like me who doesn't drink wine, it's pretty pointless," he said of having a cellar. "If you guys remember the last house, the wine cellar literally stayed empty the entire year and a half I was living there." He explained how he came up with the idea of replacing wine with soda, adding that Coca-Cola is one of his favorite drinks. "When we moved into this house I was like, 'Okay, we have to put something in there,'" he recalled as he showed off his impressive supply of soft drinks.

James Charles' office is used for more than just work

When you open up the two glass french doors in James Charles' house, you'll find yourself in his formal home office — a room he only uses from time to time. Situated near the desk is a large built-in bookcase, window, and extra seating. "Now, personally for me, I'm not a very formal office type person," Charles admitted in his YouTube house tour. But, of course, an office doesn't have to be solely used for work.

"We also have my gaming setup here, and it's been like months since I've played any games or streamed online," he told the cameras. According to Charles .his friends use his chic home office more than he does. As such, he's made sure to have an office available for "anybody who does need to use it." As for Charles, he loves working from his laptop in just about any room of his home.

The kitchen is the most-used room in James Charles' home

James Charles enjoys a good meal like the rest of us, so it only makes sense he spends a big chunk of his time at home in the kitchen. "Honestly guys, when I walked into this house and saw this kitchen it was almost a guarantee in my heart that I needed to buy this house," he explained in his YouTube house tour video. "The kitchen really is the heart of the home," he added as he showed off his favorite parts of the kitchen.

The beauty vlogger highlighted the stunning marble double islands in his most-used room before pointing out the massive pendant lighting fixtures which hung from the ceiling. As for the room's decor, it was filled with wood accents for a rustic touch. "I am absolutely in love with this space," Charles enthusiastically said.

The kicker? James Charles doesn't even cook. "I Postmates literally every single meal," he admitted in his video, but that didn't dim his excitement over his gorgeous kitchen in the least.

James Charles turned an entire bedroom into a fashion fitting room

James Charles' mansion came with six bedrooms, according to Dirt, but not all of them are used for sleeping. In his YouTube house tour, Charles dished all the details about turning one of the bedrooms into a fitting room — and it's a fashionista's dream. "We are actually in here literally all the time," Charles said, before opening up the door to reveal multiple racks of clothes. For Charles, it was important to have a room dedicated to his fittings. "I've been working a lot on my style recently, trying to just go for more elevated high-fashion looks," he told the camera.

The room acts as a workspace for his stylist to assemble outfits, and features a massive floor-to-ceiling mirror so Charles can check out every look his stylist pulls together. That being said, fierce fashion isn't the only fun thing that goes down in the fitting room. "A lot of times we learn TikToks in here too," Charles said with a laugh.

James Charles' glamorous bathroom features two of everything

If you were impressed by James Charles' master bedroom, just wait until you see the master bath. "Okay you guys, I am obsessed with this master bathroom because of how big it is. As you can see, there's pretty much two of everything," he said on YouTube, explaining that it was initially meant to be a his/her bathroom layout. But since it's just Charles using the master bath he has all the room in the world.

The YouTube star then detailed all the amenities his spacious bath has to offer. "There's two different sinks, there's two different toilets as well, one shared tub, and then one massive, massive marble shower," Charles dished. Perhaps one of the best details is the heated towel rack installed right next to the large shower. Charles said it's been "so nice" for him on the colder mornings. Sure, the bathroom may be a bit excessive for one person, but Charles also said that, in time, hopefully he'll find someone special to share it with.

James Charles has two closets for two different styles

James Charles is always stepping out for red carpet events, premieres, and award shows, so it's important he looks his best. For this reason, Charles has not one but two closets to house his impressive wardrobe. The star actually keeps two separate closets for a good reason: One holds his flashiest "costume" looks while the other one stores his everyday wear.

Charles explained in his YouTube house tour that the closets were initially designed for a couple, but after many renovations, he was able to separate them completely to divide his glitzy looks from his typical clothes. "This is my absolute dream," he gushed. "All the other places I lived in in the past, like my downtown apartment and my last home, they didn't really have the best closet space." His new closets were a major upgrade, to say the least. Charles' designer sneakers, handbags, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, and jewelry, are all perfectly organized in his enormous new closet spaces.

James Charles turned his basement into his dream Sisters headquarters

If you happen to follow any of James Charles' social media accounts, you already know he calls his fanbase his "sisters." Later, he also launched his own brand, Sisters Apparel. In the second part of his YouTube house tour, Charles revealed why his new basement is one of the most special parts of his house for a very important reason: He turned it into his dream Sisters headquarters for managing his brand.

"Ever since I started doing YouTube about four or five years ago now, I have been dreaming of what it would be like to have the perfect Sisters headquarters," he said. "I am so excited to tell you guys those dreams have finally come true." He then led the cameras downstairs to his massive basement, which features a salon, movie theater, conference room, and his "dream production space" — Sisters Studios — where he shoots all his content. For Charles, he said having his very own studio has been a long time coming and it's now his favorite room of the entire house. In fact, it was one of the selling points for him, he said, adding that the basement space was "a message from heaven above."