Inside These YouTube Stars' Gorgeous Homes

Some YouTube stars live the lives of the rich and famous, and we all want to know what the place they call home looks like. After all, MTV Cribs was popular after it premiered , as it gave fans the ability to look inside some of the most glamorous celebrity homes without, you know, being arrested for trespassing or stalking. And over the years, we've stared in shock and awe (and sometimes even horror) at some of the ways our favorite stars live

Like A-list actors and world-renowned artists, YouTubers have spectacular homes. Forbes reported that Jake Paul and Jeffree Star brought in $21.5 million and $18 million, respectively, in 2018 alone. And, as you can imagine, that sort of income can more than cover the cost of a dream home. Other big-name internet personalities have also amassed large fortunes producing content online — and they, too, have the houses to show for it. Need proof? These are some of the most gorgeous homes that belong to your most beloved YouTube stars.

YouTube star Shane Dawson bought his dream house

In April 2019, Shane Dawson decided to put his Studio City, Calif. home on the market for nearly $1.7 million, according to Variety. The home, which touted three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and over 2,200 square feet, wasn't his only home, however. As Variety reported, Dawson also owned a home in the mountains near Calabasas, Calif. — and he has no intention of selling that one.

In 2018, Dawson's partner and fellow YouTuber Ryland Adams shared a tour of the exterior and interior of their mountainous property. "By the way, can I just say, number one: this is my dream house," Dawson explained in the video, adding, "This is not like some crazy, whatever house ... I don't want to feel like I'm showing off or bragging."

According to Dirt, the longtime YouTube star's property extends across nearly three acres and the house is a little shy of 5,000 square feet. Adams and Dawson have plenty of room for their beloved pups with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a two-car garage, and a barn that was turned into a gym. The open-concept floor plan makes the house feel just as expansive as the property itself.

YouTube star Jenna Marbles only wanted one thing for her house

In May 2018, Jenna Marbles (aka Jenna Mourey) shared with her viewers a first look at her new house in Sherman Oaks, Calif. According to the home's listing, Marbles paid nearly $2.9 million for the five-bedroom "Cape Cod stunner." The over 5,000-square foot house sits on "a quiet, tree-lined street" and features wood floors, vaulted ceilings, a chef's kitchen, and a dreamy spa-like bathroom. 

When showing fans around her new place, she smiled and opened a glass door leading to a special kind of closet. "This is the bougiest thing I done ever seen in my whole life," she joked. "It is a closet for your wine." The YouTube star admitted that she and boyfriend Julien Solomita have only actually been using it as a place to put their dogs when someone comes to the house. "Not for very long," she clarified. "For a second." Of all of the amazing features in Marbles' house, she said her must-have was simply a pantry. "This is what you save your money for," she laughed as she let viewers peep the space.

YouTube star James Charles' home is the epitome of Sister style

In February 2019, months after moving into his new home in Los Angeles, James Charles gave viewers a look at his "fully decorated" and "finished" space. And it is stunning. The open-concept space is modern and monochromatic. Charles told fans that one of his favorite parts of the space is the formal foyer because you can "open the front door and see all the way out to the backyard." The first room off the foyer is a formal living room with a stunning baby grand piano. The formal space then extends into a decidedly less-formal dining room. 

The YouTube star later showed fans a behind-the-scenes look at an office for his manager and assistant as well as the room where all of his filming and production equipment is kept. The tour wasn't all business, though. Viewers were privy to the master bedroom which boasted a sitting area, an electric fireplace, and, in true Sister fashion, a large "selfie mirror." The bedroom extends to a serene master bathroom with a large marble shower encased in glass doors. Oh, and there's also a separate soaking tub. When can we move in?

YouTube star Emma Chamberlain's bright apartment has some cool features

When Emma Chamberlain was just 17, she moved into her own apartment in Los Angeles. "I already feel 18 because I have that freedom, and I am very grateful for that," the popular YouTuber revealed in an interview with W magazine. "It's one of those things where it's not going to change much for me, because I already live by myself."

Before her lease was up, Chamberlain revealed in a vlog that she moved to a new apartment because her first apartment was like "a big cement dungeon" due to its lack of natural light. "It's so important to have a space that, like, you feel good in and safe in and happy in," the star revealed. "It makes everything better." When Chamberlain and her mom went to check out other available apartments, the star fell in love with the first space she toured, and, in March 2019, she moved into her new digs. 

The YouTube star's multi-story apartment features a modern, bright kitchen with high-end appliances, a "beauty guru" room, and a living room with what Chamberlain dubbed "vibey lights." Yes, our 18-year-old selves are jealous.

One closet in YouTube star Jeffree Star's home requires a retina scan for access

Before YouTube stars Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams could call Calabasas, Calif. home, the mountainous area of the state was already home to beauty guru Jeffree Star. "So happy that [Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams] are my neighbors now!" Star tweeted in December 2018. "I'm so proud and happy for them!! We love new chapters..." 

The beauty YouTuber purchased his — wait for it — 10-bedroom, 15-bathroom mansion for $3.6 million back in 2016. Considering Jeffree Star's net worth, we doubt he felt too much anxiety about the pricy home purchase. As you could probably guess, the house Star shares with his partner Nathan Schwandt is all kinds of extra — and in the way only this makeup pro could really pull off. We're talking pink walls and Gucci swag everywhere. In a tour for Dawson's channel, Star showed off a $125,000 Hermès bag kept in one of his incredible closets that contains an estimated $6 to $7 million worth of product. 

In May 2019, Star revealed his even bigger closet, dubbed the "pink vault." And it is quite literally a vault. "This is 10,000 pounds of bulletproof stainless steel," Star revealed. It also requires a fingerprint and retina scan to gain entry.

YouTube star Bretman Rock put what in his dining room?!

Allow us to introduce you to Bretman Rock's house. The YouTube star's home has incredible marble floors and a grand entryway. But it wouldn't be Rock's place if he didn't jazz it up a bit. The YouTuber revealed in a vlog in July 2018 that he took out a chandelier in the dining room to eventually put in "a stripper pole." He explained, saying, "I live by myself so who the f*** am I gonna dine with? My cats?" The marble theme is carried through into the kitchen, which is pretty much the epitome of chic. Rock was inspired by other YouTubers' all-white kitchens and knew he wanted one for himself.

In a later video in March 2019, the star shared some of the renovations he made to the upstairs of his home, which included a mural of himself, new carpeting, and a modernized ensuite bathroom with a waterfall shower and a refrigerator to keep his skincare products chilled at all times.

YouTube star Jake Paul scored a mega mansion for Team 10

Joining YouTube stars Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, Jake Paul purchased a ginormous estate in Calabasas, Calif. in 2017. Paul previously lived in Los Angeles, but, according to KTLA 5 News, his neighbors were fed up with his stunts. The popular YouTuber paid nearly $7 million for his new estate: a 15,000-square foot "mega mansion" spread across over three and a half acres. The house is so big that there's even an elevator. With 12 bathrooms and eight bedrooms, there's also plenty of room for Team 10, Paul's ever-changing group of content creators, and all of their antics.

In October 2017, Paul gave viewers a comprehensive tour of the expansive property, which started with riding a dirt bike in his front yard and then licking the floors. To each his own, right? The house includes an in-home gym, steam room, sauna, and a spa bathroom that'll make your jaw drop. And, to top it all off, the house overlooks not only the property's several manicured acres, but the mountains as well.

These YouTube stars have come a long way from their family home in New Jersey

Although the Dolan Twins — that is, Ethan and Grayson Dolan — are originally from Long Valley, N.J., the brothers relocated to Los Angeles, Calif. in 2015, according to J-14.

In May 2018, the YouTube stars gave their subscribers a tour of their Encino, Calif. house that they moved into just a month earlier. According to the real estate listing, the twins appear to be renting the property for nearly $9,000 per month. With over 10 million YouTube subscribers, though, the Dolan Twins are multi-millionaires. According to Seventeen's calculations, the video of Grayson's wisdom teeth removal likely brought in over $28,000 alone. While $9,000 sounds like a whole lot to dish out on rent each month, the twins can certainly afford it. Not to mention the house is totally worth it.

The stunning mid-century modern property has three bedrooms and four bathrooms spread across over 3,000 square feet. The listing boasts "great privacy" and "immense and impressive serene canyon views," calling it "the perfect hideaway." The home also features a separate studio, which the Dolans began utilizing as soon as they moved in.

YouTube star Jackie Aina hand-picked everything in her gorgeous home

In most of YouTube star Jackie Aina's makeup tutorials, you don't get to see much besides, well, makeup. However, in late 2018, the star allowed Allure an inside look at her bathroom and office for a "Beauty Spaces" video. The YouTuber dished about her Versace jungle leaves wallpaper and glitzy chandelier. The star's office, or "makeup room" as Aina calls it, is as glamorous as you could imagine.

The rest of Aina's house is just as modern and clean-lined as her beauty spaces. "I pretty much hand-picked everything myself," she explained in a holiday house tour. "I came up with the inspo. I came up with the color scheme." The YouTuber's living room, where she entertains guests, features a cozy fireplace and what Aina said is "the biggest fluffiest couch I've ever owned or sat in ever." She continued, saying, "It's actually more comfortable than my bed." Basically, we're waiting for our invite.

YouTube star Rosanna Pansino has a kitchen that most people only dream about

After getting settled into her home in Los Angeles, Rosanna Pansino gave fans an in-depth tour. "The style of this house is Cape Cod," the baker revealed. "It has a very clean, fresh look that I fell in love with." With the open-concept design and hardwood floors throughout, you can see why the YouTube star fell head over heels for the home.

"I like to host for the holidays," the star said while revealing her large dining room, which can seat 17 people when needed. Unsurprisingly, the star's kitchen is what Pansino dubbed "a foodie's dream come true" and is where most of the YouTuber's friends and family gather when they visit. The kitchen also features a seriously huge refrigerator. "You could probably fit four of me [in here]," she joked. "I'm pretty sure I can't even reach the top shelf."

The star's master bedroom suite is just as fabulous and features large his and her closets, a marble fireplace, and a sitting area. On her off time, Pansino said she likes to "curl up on the bed" and "binge-watch a show with the fireplace on."

The ACE Family combined two houses to make a YouTube star's ideal home

In September 2019, The ACE Family finally gave a comprehensive house tour. "This is a completely new construction," Catherine Paiz explained of the entryway, "so it was two houses before and we literally combined them together."

The huge open-concept home features hardwood floors and marble details. The ACE Family patriarch, basketball player Austin McBroom, showed off the "main kitchen," explaining, "This is where our wonderful chef cooks our meals." The house also features a gym with a beautiful view and a balcony that wraps around to the master bedroom. Oh, and there's also an arcade. Basically, their home is a resort.

"Just so you guys know, I feel like a lot of people are always like, 'Oh, why do they need such a big house' ... but to be honest with you, we have so many people that stay with us," Paiz explained in an earlier video. The YouTube star added, "We do also plan on expanding our family, our family is going to get a lot bigger. This house is definitely needed for what we plan on doing with our career, what we plan on doing with our lives."

YouTube star Jaclyn Hill has an interesting picture in her bedroom...

YouTube star Jaclyn Hill acknowledged her subscribers' requests for a house tour in April 2019, but revealed that her home "is in such a transition." She did, however, reveal her master bedroom and beauty space and, uh, it's all kinds of glam. 

Hill revealed in the tour her style has completely changed and her bedroom mirrors that transition. She once liked a more minimalist, white aesthetic, but has since embraced more colors and definitely enjoys a moody vibe. In her bedroom, a side table features a stack of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Prada books. A neon sign above her bed reads "love me" and a Chanel tray sits atop her luxe bed.

One wall even features a large black-and-white print of the beauty guru herself. "I just have to call out this moment because I preach self-love and it's very important to love yourself," she revealed. "If you don't love yourself, you can't love anybody else, right? So that's why I have me," she laughed.

YouTube star Gabbie Hanna took her time to find a place to call home

"I saw probably 30 homes, maybe more, cause there were some days when I was seeing like six houses in a day and none of them felt right," internet personality Gabbie Hanna revealed in a vlog. "And the second I walked into this house, I knew it was my house." 

The YouTube star explained that the $2.5 million house was built in the 1940s and remodeled in 2015 to create a more open floor plan. "The kitchen kind of stole my heart," she explained. Its marble backsplash and built-in coffeemaker are stealing our hearts too.

Hanna revealed her plans to turn one bedroom, which she painted in her grandmother's favorite color (a soft rosy pink), into a combination guest room and "art office." As stunning as the YouTuber's new digs may be, it's one of the simpler things Hanna is most excited about: the laundry closet. Coming from an apartment with a shared laundry facility, she said she's just happy to be able to have easy access to wash and dry her clothes.

JoJo Siwa's home is covered in glitter, unicorns, and the YouTube star's merch

JoJo Siwa may share a home with her parents, but the house is most definitely decorated in JoJo fashion — especially during the holidays. Enter from the front door and you'll immediately see a light-up gumball machine, a poster of the star herself, a large piano, and her very own claw machine. One room off of the living room is full of all the JoJo swag you could seriously ever imagine. The kitchen features a nacho station and a popcorn machine as well as your more traditional features, such as a pantry, and the dining room houses a colorful rug.

In March 2019, the YouTube star also gave a tour of her bedroom, which features a unicorn-themed bunkbed with a slide. The tour showed a snippet of the hallway, too, which features rainbow-colored panels. Obviously, the colorful vibe extends to every area of the house — or least the ones that we can see on camera.