Savannah Chrisley Makes A Sad Announcement About Her Engagement

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley finally found love with Nic Kerdiles, whom she met on Instagram back in November 2017 and quickly got engaged to just over a year later. The happy couple announced their engagement in December 2018, after Kerdiles popped the question on Christmas Eve, according to People. Everything seemed perfect, with the young couple well on their way to walking down the aisle together. However, Chrisley told E! News the following October that she and Kerdiles were "taking steps back."

At the time, a rep for the reality star made it clear that the couple was very much still together and intending to get married ASAP, explaining that they were simply, "taking time to enjoy their relationship" (via People). But something seemed off. And by June 2020, rumors were rampant that the couple had quietly called it quits, even though Chrisley reassured fans that they were still doing "great" (also via People).

Breakup rumors had swirled around Savannah Chrisley and her fiancé

Although Chrisley continued to insist to the press that their relationship was simply unique and that everything was being worked out behind closed doors, rumors persisted that all was not well between the young couple. Even though the reality star admitted that she and former hockey player Kerdiles "rushed into things way too fast," she advised they were working on simply being good to each other for the time being, according to People.

Chrisley claimed they were still planning to get married eventually, but reasoned there was no great urgency. "There's no rush for a wedding. You don't need a wedding or a marriage to define a relationship. Obviously, I do want a wedding and when that time comes it's going to be super amazing and exciting. But Nic and I are focusing on being the best for ourselves and each other," she explained.

Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles have called off their engagement

However, it now appears things weren't quite as under control as the Chrisley Knows Best star wanted everyone to believe. She has confirmed that she and Kerdiles have decided to go their separate ways, almost two years after getting engaged (via Instagram). "You've all been wondering ... so here it is: Oh how I wish this smile was on my face and that infectious laugh was spewing out of my body right now ... but sadly it's not. Nic and I have decided to call it quits," she wrote.

Chrisley took pains to note the exes have nothing but love and respect for each other, stating, "These past 3 years have been some of the best years of my life," and admitting that makes breaking up even harder, "but it's time for us to move forward individually." She asked for fans' kindness in this difficult time, noting she trusts that, "God has a far greater purpose for my life."

Nic Kerdiles has nothing but good things to say about Savannah Chrisley

In the wake of the couple's shock split, Kerdiles took to Instagram to share how much Chrisley means to him. "This woman right here has been the BIGGEST blessing in my life," he began the lengthy post, which was accompanied by a slideshow of the duo in happier times. "She has the purest heart out of anyone that I know. She has treated me with nothing but love and respect in our 3 years together." Kerdiles was also quick to advise nosy fans, "No one other than our families know everything we've gone through in the last 3 years and for that, I ask to respect that privacy."

Overall, Chrisley's former fiancé wanted to make it very clear that there is nothing but love between the two, in spite of what anybody else might think. Although it didn't work out between them, he feels blessed for the time they spent together and even still considers Chrisley, "the type of woman I want to spend the rest of my life with." Kerdiles echoed his former flame's announcement post when he noted simply that God has a plan for him.

Todd Chrisley shot down a fan trying to attack the former couple

Fans were upset over the split, which led Chrisley's father, Todd, to share some DMs his daughter had received on Instagram along with a powerful message about minding your own business. A woman wrote a whole slew of nasty messages to Chrisley, telling her, among other things, that she was ugly and encouraging her to admit Kerdiles had ended things because he didn't want her (and was probably cheating on the side, for good measure). Patriarch Todd responded with a lengthy screed calling the writer out for having the nerve to come at his daughter. "Sweety if jabbing her about Botox is the best you got, then you are weak," he argued.

Tellingly, the Chrisley Knows Best star also noted, "As to @nickerdiles, he's still in the same spot he's always been, right beside @savannahchrisley and our family, but nice try you thirsty trick." According to The Blast, Kerdiles has traveled back to California (he'd previously relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, to be with Chrisley). However, he may simply be visiting family or resetting following the split, rather than moving back full time.