Country Stars Who Live Insanely Lavish Lives

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When you think of country music, you might not think of a lavish lifestyle. But country stars are just like any other superstars, and they love to enjoy their success in style. Just like many other famous musicians, country stars have huge houses, luxurious amenities, and beautiful outdoor spaces to call their own.

Yes, the life of a famous country singer usually comes with an extravagant home (usually more than one), lots of jet-setting, and, of course, the glitz and glam of tour life. Many stars have lavish closets filled to the brim with designer clothes, beauty routines using the best products, and more. And though many stars share parts of their life on social media, you don't always get the full picture. So if you're dying to know all about the lavish lifestyles of country stars like Dolly Parton and Kacey Musgraves, keep reading to see how the rich and famous live their lives.

Shania Twain loves to travel between her lavish homes

As the top-selling female artist in country music history (via Billboard), Shania Twain has surely enjoyed her success. Twain owns multiple homes, located in SwitzerlandLas Vegas, Ontario, and the Bahamas. Her primary house in Switzerland is absolutely gorgeous and overlooks Lake Geneva (via Velvet Ropes), but it's her oceanfront mansion in the Bahamas, in particular, that certainly does not disappoint. As shared by Taste of Country, it's a 7,000-square-foot mansion has five bedrooms and six bathrooms and opens up to a 150-foot stretch of beach.

Unsurprisingly, Twain loves to travel. She often shares photos on Instagram while living her best life, relaxing in the ocean and spending time with her horses. And she shares clips of her travels all over the rest of the world too, such as Egypt.

Previously, Twain owned a home in New Zealand, which later underwent renovations and has individual rooms that tourists can rent, as noted by Stuff. The estate boasts cottages designed for couples, as well as stables, a helipad, a game room, a swimming pool, and a spa. So if you want to experience Shania Twain's lavish life yourself, there's a way!

Maren Morris has a lavish wellness routine

Maren Morris and husband Ryan Hurd live a lavish-but-laidback life together. Their Nashville home's backyard was fabulously decorated by Tara Donovan, design expert and Wayfair Registry style director, as reported by People. Morris and Hurd now have a cozy backyard perfect for relaxing and entertaining, though that's not the only lavish thing about Maren Morris' life.

Between recording new music and going on tour, Morris enjoys getting dolled up and enjoying all Nashville has to offer. Morris also loves traveling around the world for lavish vacations, and she is frequently seen relaxing and soaking up the sun on tropical trips to Maui, Kihei, and Tulum. 

Whether she is relaxing at home or playing a sold-out show, Morris has an extensive wellness routine. Morris told Women's Health she enjoys burning incense, laying out crystals, and sipping LaCroix to unwind before a show. She has an intense workout routine with her personal trainer, Erin Oprea, who also trains Carrie Underwood. And when it comes to her beauty routine, Morris loves to switch up her look. In an interview with Nordstrom, Morris said spending time in her mom's beauty salon influenced her look today. "I try to not get stuck in the same routine every day," she shared.

Dolly Parton is one country star who never wears an outfit twice

It's no surprise that Dolly Parton, one of the most famous country stars of all time who is known for her bedazzled outfits, lives a lavish life off stage. Parton lives just outside of Nashville with her husband, Carl Dean, in a 3,324-square-foot home that Parton reportedly bought for $400,000 in 1999. Parton's house has multiple structures, gazebos, a tennis court, and even a chapel, according to Kiwi Report

And even when Parton travels, she does it in style. Nicknamed the "Gypsy Wagon," Parton's tour bus is customized to suit all her needs while on the road. Parton has a tub, shelves for her famous wigs, and a closet for her many clothes.

When on stage, Parton has some of the flashiest, most-rhinestoned costumes out there that fans just adore. And her secret to always looking fabulous? Don't wear the same outfit twice, as noted by the Daily Mail. Parton places many of her more iconic outfits in the Dollywood Chasing Rainbows museum for fans to see themselves.

Taylor Swift has how many homes?

Though Taylor Swift has been recording more pop records, she still has her roots in country music. And as one of the most successful female artists of all time, Swift lives an extremely lavish lifestyle enjoying all of her success.

According to Business Insider, Swift has seven homes in the United States and has looked to buy an eighth property in London. Her Beverly Hills home is one of the largest in her portfolio, boasting seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms (via Parade), and it's valued at nearly $30 million. One condo in New York may be the smallest at 3,540-square-feet, as noted by the New York Post, and is valued at nearly $7 million. Swift also has two other homes in New York City, one in Rhode Island, and two in Nashville, as of this of writing.

Swift is constantly traveling for concerts and award shows, so her homes around the country certainly get put to use with her jet-setting lifestyle. It's certainly better than staying in a motel!

Country star Kelsea Ballerini lives and travels in style

Young country star Kelsea Ballerini is certainly enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. In 2017, she reportedly spent over half of a million dollars on a brand new Nashville townhouse, as reported by VarietyBoasting 2,403-square-feet, the place has four bedrooms and two full bathrooms and contains a large shower and soaking tub in the master bath. Not too shabby!

As evidenced on her Instagram (and her 2020 "Hole in the Bottle" music video), Ballerini enjoys glitzy and glamorous fashion and a nice glass (or two or three) of vino, so she's not afraid to indulge every now and then. When she's not spending time in Nashville, Ballerini enjoys traveling around the world and sharing her adventures with her Instagram followers. In 2020 alone, Ballerini traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyo., where she learned to ski; Mykonos, Greece, where she enjoyed time at the beach; and New York City, where she showed off her street style.

Blake Shelton lives a lavish life in Oklahoma with Gwen Stefani

Country singer Blake Shelton and pop star Gwen Stefani truly have the best of the best. Amid the global pandemic in 2020, the two stayed at Shelton's Oklahoma ranch and lake house with Stefani's three sons. The 2,150-square-foot, four-bedroom, two-bath ranch sits on an impressive 1,382 acres and is about two and a half hours outside Dallas, Texas, according to info gathered by Country Fancast. Sitting on a private shoreline of Lake Texoma, Shelton's lake house boasts a large swimming pool and a swim-up tiki bar. And at those two properties, Shelton, Stefani, and the boys have plenty of room for fishing and playing basketball, and there is a two-stall horse barn so the stars can go horseback riding together.

As if that wasn't enough, the couple purchased their first home together in 2020, as reported by Variety, and it's certainly lavish. The $13.2 million California mansion sits on 1.6 acres, and has a home theater, a large backyard pool and spa, a luxurious cabana, and a wet bar. When can we come over?

Kacey Musgraves leads a truly lavish life as a country star

Kacey Musgraves is the definition of lavish western glam. Musgraves, aka "Spacey Kacey," is known for her stage presence and gorgeous looks. Her ensembles are nothing short of extravagant, and her performances are a mix of western-glam and technicolor dreams (via Refinery29). Musgraves has made a name for herself in the country music industry by being her authentic and unapologetic self, take it or leave it. Her Instagram is a reflection of her authentic personality and acts as a space for her to debut her iconic sense of style, on and off stage.

Musgraves has expensive taste in lavish beauty products. She is a firm believer in a good skincare routine, and, in addition to getting facials, her beauty regimen is filled with Tatcha skincare, according to The Nashville Edit. Notably, Tatcha skincare products can cost a pretty penny, with one moisturizer baring a $195 price tag

And according to Musgraves' hairstylist, Giovanni Delgado, Musgraves has always desired a "hyper-glamour" look (via Refinery29). Many of her looks are inspired by retro country stars like June Carter Cash, Priscilla Presley, Cher, and Dolly Parton. To keep her hair healthy and protected while doing these different styles, Musgraves uses Oribe products, and loves the $56 Gold Lust Hair Oil.

Country star Kenny Chesney leads a lavish life on the beach

If Kenny Chesney loves one thing, it's the beach. In a private ceremony in 2005, Chesney married actress Renée Zellweger in the Virgin Islands, as reported by People. It was a private ceremony on St. John, with only close family and friends attending. And although it was a small affair, it was certainly beautiful.

Though Chesney and Zellweger divorced, Chesney never lost his love of the beach. He still lives in St. John while not working in the States, and he has drawn inspiration for his music from his life on the island. Chesney said his 2013 album, Life on a Rock, is about "the way life is when you live on an island," adding to The Boot, "Everywhere you go, there's everyone you know; you know everything about them, and they know everything about you."

His former island homes were quite lavish with multiple bedrooms, large open spaces, and swimming pools. Sounds like paradise.

Sheryl Crow lives large in her Nashville home

Sheryl Crow's Nashville estate is the definition of southern comfort without sacrificing extravagance. The 50-acre home, as described by Architectural Digest, has stables, a recording studio, and a well-stocked "saloon." Crow also has a "music room" filled with instruments where her sons play, as she shared in a home tour with AD. Though Crow's home is quite lavish, she's given it a homey feel by decorating with comforting — and surely expensive — antique pieces.

Crow has traveled all over the world for her career, and she now likes to spend more time at home. She told InStyle she likes to exercise and meditate to stay healthy, and enjoys spending time with her children. In the tour of her home with Architectural Digest, Crow showed off a large swimming pool, a fire pit, and a treehouse outside to encourage her kids to play outdoors. We're jealous!

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill live lavishly as a couple in the country music industry

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are country couple goals, and they live a lavish life together. The two share a beautiful home in Nashville. With five bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, as noted by The Boot, the 9,900-square-foot estate includes a home theater, a massive four-car garage, and a large swimming pool.

McGraw and Hill also own a lavish home in the Bahamas, according to Architectural Digest. The couple purchased a 20-acre island they call "L'île d'Anges" in 2003. It took about nine years to complete construction, but it was well worth the wait. Their home is ultra-luxurious, and it has a large swimming pool and lots of outdoor space for entertaining guests. Hill told Architectural Digest the couple wanted to feel "connected to the outside," so every room in their house is essentially a separate unit, all linked by outdoor passages. The setup makes it feel like they're always outside — McGraw and Hill can even bathe outside if they want!

Keith Urban's lavish lifestyle involves impressive real estate and expensive cars

Australian country singer Keith Urban and his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, have enjoyed their successes by building a "real estate empire" in Australia and the United States, according to Business InsiderTheir primary home is in Nashville and reportedly cost $3.47 million. The 10,925-square-foot estate has seven bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms, a large swimming pool, and even a tennis court, as noted by Variety. Urban and Kidman also have a 3,977-square-foot home in Beverly Hills with a swimming pool and a second-floor wrap-around deck, which they purchased for $4.7 million. In Australia, the couple owns an 11-acre farm in Bunya Hill and two penthouse apartments in the same luxury building in Sydney. And that's not even mentioning their home in New York that boasts 13-foot ceilings and a car elevator!

And in addition to his multiple multi-million dollar homes, Urban also enjoys pricey cars. Urban once told The Country Daily that driving is "cathartic" for him, and he has been seen riding in a $2.7 million Bugatti Veyron and a McLaren with scissor doors, which can cost around $250,000.

Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean enjoy life in a lavish home

With four platinum records, Academy of Country Music Awards' Artist of the Decade Jason Aldean is a well-known country superstar. And although Aldean doesn't often brag on social media, he's living quite lavishly with his wife, Brittany Aldean, their two children, and his two daughters from his previous marriage. Brittany shared an informal tour of their home on Instagram, as reported by Taste of Country in June 2020, and it is over-the-top extravagant. Jason and Brittany have a swimming pool with a tiki bar, as well as a two-story walk-in closet, a wet bar, and a bowling alley. On top of the amenities for Brittany and Jason, their kids have a play area in the backyard, and there's a gorgeous nursery with a tiny castle.

Besides being a musician, Aldean also owns a bar in downtown Nashville. According to the bar's website, he opened Jason Aldean's Kitchen and Rooftop Bar as "a way to stay creative and give back to his music fan base." One perk of the job? Taste-testing all the food and drinks to perfect the menu!

Miranda Lambert travels the country in a 2020 Airstream

Miranda Lambert has been living her best life since she "got the hell out of Oklahoma." Lambert moved to Tennessee, where she reportedly spent $3.4 million on a lavish estate, as reported by Variety. Lambert's property is charming and rustic, has an enormous horse barn, and boasts 75 acres of pasture. There are also walking trails which lead to a pavilion, which seats 60 for private concerts.

When she's not in Nashville, Lambert enjoys road tripping around the country with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, in an Airstream (via CNN), a 2020 Airstream Globetrotter she nicknamed "The Sheriff." Though Lambert also has a vintage trailer, she loves her presumably luxurious airstream. Lambert and McLoughlin have traveled from Tennessee to Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York visiting their friends and family, and the couple even adopted a kitten on the side of the road, whom they named Tequila.

Carrie Underwood has a mobile gym she brings with her on tour

After making a name for herself as the winner of American Idol in 2005, Carrie Underwood has gone on to become one of the most successful country singers of all time. Underwood was the first woman to have four country albums top the all-genre Billboard 200 chart and only the second country artist to win Best New Artist at the Grammys. But outside of her musical achievements, Underwood is known for her toned body and insane fitness routine. 

So how does Carrie Underwood stay so fit? She trains with her personal trainer, Eve Overland, and is committed to living healthy "52 weeks of the year." Some of her daily workout essentials include an aerobic step, resistance bands, and dumbbells, as noted by Women's Health. And her dedication to fitness doesn't stop when she's touring. As she's shown on Instagram, Underwood also has a mobile gym that includes an elliptical, free weights, and — why not? — mood lighting, so she can workout consistently on tour.