This Is How Often You Should Be Getting A Pedicure

Of the simple pleasures in life, plopping down for a manicure or pedicure is up there on the list. There's something about sitting in a chair and zoning out for an hour or two and letting stress slip away. Unfortunately, this is no ordinary time, and small luxuries like this can no longer be taken for granted. Many salons are either closed or running on tight schedules with strict protocols, and the chance to get your toes spiffied up isn't as easy as it used to be.

This halt in cosmetic treatments also might have you wondering how often you should be getting a pedicure anyway. Your feet can handle a lot of wear and tear, and a monthly pedicure is considered to be sufficient for keeping your toes and nails happy (via Bustle). However, warmer months may call for more maintenance, especially since they're often barefoot or on full display in sandals.

The benefits of frequent pedicures

Not only are pedicures the perfect form of self-care and stress relief, but they're actually beneficial for your health, too. Dr. Alan Bass, a board-certified podiatrist, divulged to StyleCaster that consistent pedis can prevent infection and calluses. Feet need as much moisture as the rest of our bodies, and Bass pointed out that if they're too dry they're prone to cracking and allowing germs in and calluses to form. Regular nail trims and filing are also important to prevent bacteria from collecting (via CDC).

But there are always risks, too, especially when it comes to getting a professional version of this treatment. If you are headed to the salon, there are a few key things to remember. According to HuffPost, checking to make sure the tools are properly sanitized, keeping the jets off in the foot tub, and ensuring your pedicurist clips your toenails the correct way are all essential.

While it might be a while before you can get an appointment again, with your own set of tools you can easily do a pedi at home. Let's be real, no one can do as good of a job as your nail technician, but at least your toes will thank you for the pampering in the interim.