The Truth About Christina Anstead's Relationship With Tarek's Family

Flip or Flop stars and ex-spouses Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa are the epitome of a post-breakup relationship that functions, not just working together but co-parenting their kids, son Brayden James and daughter Taylor Reese, rather brilliantly. They're on such good terms, in fact, that Anstead and El Moussa publicly congratulated each other on finding love again.

The duo have kept things cordial by focusing on their children above all else. As Anstead told People, they simply ask themselves, "What's best for the kids?" admitting, "It's good we're on the same page — otherwise it would be a mess!" Even the COVID-19 pandemic brought them closer together, with the Christina on the Coast star explaining, "When there are tough times like these, all of a sudden we're totally a unified front and talk and email multiple times a day." Unsurprisingly, she remains on good terms with El Moussa's family, too. 

Christina Anstead remains close with Tarek El Moussa's family

Anstead explained to Us Weekly magazine that the more time passes, the easier it gets for the two of them to co-exist. "Tarek and I still work together, obviously," she noted, referring to their long-running HGTV show. The HGTV star also made a point of acknowledging, "I'm still really close with his family. We just always put the kids first." On what the secret is to co-parenting effectively, Anstead argued, "We never say anything bad about each other [in front of the] children, that's the worst mistake a parent can make."

A source close to the couple separately told Us, "They've gotten to a great, peaceful and friendly place in terms of coparenting and working together," while El Moussa advised that no matter how difficult things might get between the exes, they're always going to be better than they were. The Flipping 101 star even described their current situation as a "walk in the park" compared to their divorce, which played out very publicly.