The Truth About Johnny Damon's Below Deck Med Charter

Below Deck Mediterranean, the addictive reality show on Bravo that follows the guests and crew aboard a super yacht, is riddled with drama this season. A love affair between Rob Westergaard and Jess More is threatening the dynamics on the boat; and chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier was suddenly let go for having unregistered drugs on board. Oh, and soon after season five began airing, deckhand Pete Hunziker was fired by Bravo for posting racially insensitive content on his social media. In other words, there's lots of heavy stuff happening below deck.

So, when former Major League Baseball player Johnny Damon, his wife Michelle, and their friends boarded mega-yacht The Wellington for episodes 14 and 15 of the show, we were all ready for a little levity — and they did not disappoint. The Damons and their friends still brought plenty of drama, but let's put it this way: The most controversial moments during their charter involved cold food and a fight about Spanx. This is the kind of lovable nonsense we are here for.

Johnny Damon was particular about his food on Below Deck Med

Fans will recall Damon and his wife are veterans of Below Deck Med; they appeared on season four of the show, where Damon famously sent back chef Anastasia's food and claimed the experience was less than "five stars" (via Bravo). Meanwhile, Johnny's wife Michelle got into a yelling match with the owner of a neighboring yacht in the Saint Tropez marina (via Decider). According to Sport Illustrated, Johnny Damon, who has also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, Tanked, MTV Cribs, and Dancing with the Stars, first found out about Below Deck from Michelle's business partner and decided it would be fun to participate in a charter. Despite Johnny's mild disappointment in the food and in the experience overall, the Damons reportedly still had a great time and were ready to return for round two.

This season, the boat picked the Damons and their friends up in Ibiza and Johnny was mostly pleased with Chef Tom's food throughout their stay, according to Vulture. He did send scallops back at dinner for not being hot enough and requested to have his filet cooked more thoroughly (via Vulture), but these minor hiccups did not interfere with the $18,000 tip Damon left for the crew. Still, things did get heated one evening and an argument ensued that was both amazing and cringeworthy, even for reality TV.

Johnny Damon's wife showed some skin on Below Deck Med

Following one meal aboard The Wellington, charter guest Shanna made an accusation about friend Michelle Damon that probably shouldn't have been said while cameras were rolling. According to Bravo, the guests were in the middle of post-dinner fun when Shanna professed, "Michelle has Spanx on." Upon hearing this, Michelle promptly lifted up her dress, showed off her rear end, and delivered a profanity-laced rant insisting she was not wearing Spanx. Shaking her bare booty, Michelle added, "Clearly, clearly I don't need a Spanx. Duh!" Thankfully, Michelle was wearing thong underwear, but viewers and her fellow guests still got an eyeful.

Later, after her husband talked to Shanna in their cabin and explained that it's not a compliment to say someone is wearing Spanx, she apologized to Michelle and they made up. Throughout this whole scene, Johnny walked happily around the boat with a can of beer in each hand, seeming interested yet completely unbothered. The show's executive producer, Nadine Rajabi, said, "What I love about [The Damons], they're very gracious people, but they're also very unapologetic, and they are who they are." Before disembarking, Johnny Damon was kind enough to indulge the crew by hitting a few biodegradable baseballs into the sea (via Bravo). The former member of the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox actually only managed to connect with one out of three pitches, but who's counting? We're just here for the entertainment.