Why You Should Add Ferulic Acid To Your Skincare Routine

Your skincare dictionary is about to gain a new vocabulary word thanks to a new buzzy ingredient on the block. While this component will be much loved by anyone, those focused on anti-aging and particularly fans of vitamin C's glow-boosting properties will want to introduce this similarly special ingredient into their lineups. Meet ferulic acid, the newest ingredient to gain acclaim from dermatologists and skincare fanatics alike.

Found in the cell walls of things like rice and apple seeds, this antioxidant helps preserve the plant, which is nearly how it translates on human skin, too (via Vogue UK). It can commonly be found inside of vitamin C and E serums, though it's now gaining traction as a sole product to add to your collection of ampoules and serums. Because it's an antioxidant, you can count on it to provide much needed protection to your skin and prevent some of the most common culprits that cause signs of aging from getting to your complexion.

What ferulic acid does for your skin

So what does ferulic acid do exactly? "It protects against oxidative stress, a disturbance that occurs in the skin, by neutralizing free radicals," Dr. Parisha Acharya told Refinery29. That means it combat free radicals from outside factors like pollution or the sun's rays, which are huge contributors to premature aging. Acharya also says that it can also give your skin more radiance and protect from things like wrinkles and sagging.

If this sounds like a component you'd like to include inĀ your routine ASAP, there are a variety of brands you can get it from. Ferulic acid most commonly comes in the form of serum, though you'll occasionally be able to find it as a cream. Either way, regardless of the formula you use, it's important to ensure that your bottle comes in opaque plastic or dark amber glass and that you store it in a cool dry place like a cabinet to prevent it from losing its potency and effectiveness (via Byrdie).