Kamala Harris' Simple One-Liner That The Internet Loved

Regardless of party lines, Senator Kamala Harris has won over much of America by her down-to-earth approach to politics and people. More comfortable campaigning in Converse sneakers and jeans, it's a stark reminder that women were not permitted to wear pants on the Senate floor until 1993 (via Mental Floss). That was just 27 years ago. Now, we have a vice presidential candidate who is not only a woman, but the first Black and South Asian woman on a major party ticket in the history of the United States. And the best part, she's doing it wearing flats and a pantsuit.

Not surprisingly, Twitter is blowing up after Susan Page accidentally addressed Senator Harris as Kamala, then quickly apologized only to be interrupted by Harris insisting, "That's alright, I'm Kamala." Unpretentious, humble, smart, and quick witted, there's no denying that Twitter's response to Harris' simple statement is in direct response to the more aggressive political climate of the current administration.

Senator Kamala Harris made Susan Page and everyone in America feel like she's their friend

It was obvious that after moderator Susan Page mistakenly called Senator Harris by her first name, she was embarrassed by her gaffe, but Harris' response took her anxiety away and put everyone at the debate, and everyone watching the debate, immediately at ease. That ability to connect and offer comfort and trust so easily and simply is what the American people are looking for in the midst of all the chaos of the past year. As Twitter user @mandjstephenson pointed out, "She made the moderator feel as if they're friends." Actress Yvette Nicole Brown simply tweeted, "She's a real one! A HUMBLE real one!!" Yascha Mounk, editor of The Atlantic tweeted, "This is one of Harris's real strength: she's genuinely unpretentious."

Susan Page summed up the incident for everyone perfectly, "You're Senator Harris to me." If the response on Twitter is any indication of how the general public feels, Kamala Harris is Kamala, Mamala, Senator Harris, and possibly Vice President Harris for the American people.