What Hilary Duff's Home Really Looks Like

There are few celebrities who conjure as much nostalgia in millennials as Hilary Duff — who's undergone a stunning transformation. The former Disney child star has remained iconic throughout her career. When Duff first burst onto the scene in 2001 in "Lizzie McGuire," she wasn't well known at all. But with the success of the show, as well as multiple hit albums, movies, and other on-screen appearances, Duff has never really faded from the spotlight.

So with all that fame, it's no wonder that Duff's home is awe-inspiring. Plus, given how much money Hilary Duff is really worth — $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth – Duff's house isn't your typical family home. Sure, it has a kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms like most normal homes, but it's also worth a lot more money and is outfitted with gorgeous interior design touches. In short, what Hilary Duff's home really looks like is a Pinterest board come to life, in the absolute best way.

Hilary Duff loves her home so much she got married there

The idea of having a wedding in your own home or a family home might not be all that appealing for people who don't live in huge, sprawling mansions. But for Hilary Duff, it was the perfect fit. When Duff tied the knot with her husband, Matthew Koma, at their home in Los Angeles, she told Vogue she wanted it to "feel like a hug." To that end, her home was the perfect wedding venue.

Of course, that didn't mean the wedding wasn't totally gorgeous — quite the contrary. Duff and Koma's wedding was a fairytale occasion, filled with stunning florals, meaningful details, and a custom, one-of-a-kind dress.

Unlike the most over-the-top weddings, Duff wanted to keep hers simple but elegant. "Our wedding isn't over-the-top 'wedding-y' — it's more understated and for me, that's more powerful," she explained. Duff's love for her home, which, according to Architectural Digest, she's lived in for over a decade, clearly means a lot to her.

The front door of Hilary Duff's home is painted a surprising color

As any homeowner knows, the right front door can make all the difference in the way your home looks. Even something as simple as the paint color of your front door can make the entire house appear lighter, darker, or more modern or rustic — or really anything you want. And for Hilary Duff, the front door of her home makes quite the statement, as she painted it a dusty pink, that's almost rose in color.

In an interview with Better Homes & Gardens, Duff revealed that she chose the pink color for a specific reason. "I've never seen myself as girlie, and I don't own much pink, even though I love it," she said, adding that the shade helped to soften the dark exterior color of the house. Indeed, with the home's black exterior paint, the pink door really stands out and makes the home pop. 

Additionally, Duff's front door is framed by stunning plants and a gorgeous overhead light, which would make any interior designer proud.

The entryway is just perfect

After you step foot into Hilary Duff's home, you might not think that anything could top the gorgeous front door and porch, but you'd be wrong. According to a post on Duff's Instagram page and an exclusive in Better Homes & Gardens, Duff's entryway is also show-stopping. There is a console table with a large, round mirror over it, plenty of plants, and high ceilings up above.

The entryway also features gorgeous detailing and paneling on the walls, giving the home a modern, yet traditional vibe — which is what Duff was going for. "Hilary wanted her home to feel feminine and modern but definitely lived-in and cozy," interior designer Shannon Wollack explained.

Obviously, the entryway isn't where you spend a lot of time in your home, but Duff's definitely makes a great impression on anyone who sees it as they step inside. Her entryway is modest yet stunning all at once, much like the actor herself.

The staircase in Hilary Duff's home is stunning

Perhaps one of the most unique and stunning aspects of Hilary Duff's home is the staircase right off the entryway. It's been featured in multiple magazines  and once you see it, you'll understand why.

Not only is the staircase perfectly curved, but the light brown wood of the stairs is a perfect contrast to the white walls all around it. Then there's the rug lining the stairs — well, actually, the three rugs covering the stairs. According to Better Homes & Gardens, Duff chose three Turkish rugs to cut and then sew together to fit the entire staircase. And as she told Architectural Digest, rugs are one of Duff's favorite things. "I lose all my money [buying them]," she revealed. "To lay out the rugs on each step, deciding where to make the cuts was ... very, very scary."

But the result couldn't have been more perfect, and the staircase makes a statement, that's for sure.

The kitchen makes a bold statement

If you follow Hilary Duff on Instagram, you've probably seen glimpses of her kitchen before; the actor has shared more than a few snaps of herself cooking, hanging out, or playing with her kids in the room. With white countertops, bright blue cabinets, and gold fixtures, the kitchen is gorgeous. However, when Duff installed a patterned tile backsplash in navy and white, that's what made all the difference.

But because the tile is so bold, Duff was a little nervous at first. "They are playful and vibrant but not over the top," she told Architectural Digest. "Though I will admit, I had a freakout when they were first installed." She even thought she'd made the wrong decision.

However, because the kitchen was fairly sparse, her consultants didn't share her concern. "They told me not to worry, to go back to New York where I was working," she continued. "And they were so right." She added that, in the end, everything came together just as she'd hoped, and she loved the bold look. Given that Hilary Duff has revealed a bold new look before, it's not surprising! 

Hilary Duff's dining room is a family space

With a kitchen as gorgeous as Hilary Duff's, you would also expect her home to have a lovely dining room to match. And to the surprise of absolutely no one, Duff's dining room is exactly that: lovely. In stark contrast to the bold colors of her kitchen, the dining room is a lot more subdued, but still gorgeous, and perfect for family gatherings.

In an interview with Architectural Digest, Duff revealed that she had high hopes for her dining room, replete with vintage chairs all the way from Belgium. You know, casual. "We don't eat dinner there as often as we should," she said. "But with the age difference going on here, I feel like we're not going to sit down and eat at the same time for a couple of more years." 

While motherhood and taking care of her kids is Hilary Duff's priority, the actor and her family do make sure to use the dining room on special occasions. "It's definitely our holiday table," she added.

The living room in her home is beautiful and practical

One room in which Hilary Duff's eye for design really shines in her home is the living room. While your average living room is designed for frequent use and usually features a television and a couch made for sitting and sleeping, in Duff's home, the living room is practically the centerpiece of the house. It not only features gorgeous furniture, but also a very family-friendly vibe.

Duff explained that her custom couch was one of her favorite things in the entire home, and that it really made the living room so perfect. "I love this couch because even though it seems modern it also reminds me of the '70s," she shared in a chat with Architectural Digest. "I think my next house will be like all '70s, really funky." 

Duff also added that she loves that her kids feel so comfortable in the space. "I thought this would be the one room that would be for adults, but my kids freakin' love hanging out in there," she continued. "But I don't mind; that's what makes a happy home."

Hilary Duff has the perfect playroom for her kids in her home

As a mother of three, Hilary Duff obviously has to think practically when it comes to her home. She can't exactly have sharp edges, or fabrics that are hard to clean. So when it came to her playroom, Duff had to get creative with her design choices. "I care a lot about interior design," she told Architectural Digest. "And I do like to invest in furniture — but furniture that I feel like I'm going to love and reuse in many different ways, and also that my kids can, like, climb on and beat up a little bit." It is a family home, after all!

For as practical as her kids' playroom is, it does feature one of Duff's favorite pieces: a light she's had for close to 15 years. "It's one of those pieces that I am just obsessed with and that will follow me wherever I go," she continued. "It's cool and it's really old." Clearly, Duff knows what she's doing in the playroom, and it turned out great.

Hilary Duff's closet is what dreams are made of

As a famous Hollywood actor, Hilary Duff obviously has a lot of beautiful clothes and shoes. And what better way to store all of those gorgeous belongings than in a closet fit for a European pop star? That's right, Duff's closet is what dreams are made of, and will definitely spark envy in just about everyone who sees it.

When her home was photographed for Architectural Digest, Duff revealed that the closet was necessary. "I don't ever have enough time to get ready, so it was important to have a closet with a natural organization element," she explained. "Bags here, tees here."

However, Duff also said that she has trouble maintaining it. "But my closet never looks this organized," she continued. "Normally, that chair is covered in clothes, and I can't even see how pretty it is." Still, clean or not, Duff's closet is what every fashion lover grows up dreaming about, and that's a fact.

The master bathroom in Hilary Duff's home is an oasis

In most homes, the kitchen, master suite, and bathrooms are the most important rooms. After all, no one wants an outdated kitchen or a bathroom with bad lighting. Luckily for Hilary Duff, she doesn't have to deal with any of that stuff. Her master bathroom is gorgeous, complete with high ceilings, a huge soaking tub, and tons of natural light. Oh, and she also has a couch in her bathroom, because why not?

As is the dream of just about every woman on the planet, Duff is happy to have her own bathroom, where she sometimes hides from her family. "My husband thinks it's sad that we don't share a bathroom," she told Architectural Digest. "He's like, 'We miss so much good hanging out time. I want to get ready with you.'"

Though the two don't share bathroom time together, Matthew Koma does come visit her bathroom from time to time. "When I am putting on my makeup, he will sit on that couch," she added. "It's sweet." Duff truly is living her best life, with her own bathroom that she doesn't have to share with anyone.

The outdoor space of Hilary Duff's home is perfect for family time

When you live in a warm place like Los Angeles, a pool is kind of a necessity. And while not everyone is fortunate enough to own their own pool, Hilary Duff sure is. In fact, the outdoor space at her home is perfect for cooling down during a heat wave.

In addition to the pool, Duff's backyard has plenty of grassy areas. As if that wasn't fun enough, the pool also has a custom waterslide — though Duff admits to Architectural Digest that it doesn't get much use. "My son is more interested in jumping off the side, which gives me a heart attack," Duff explained. "But the kids go crazy for it." 

Duff also added a chicken coup to her sprawling backyard in 2020. "I had been wanting to get chickens for a while, and on Mother's Day I received a bag of chicken feed and a stuffed animal," she continued. "A month later the coop was built, and we went to a farm and picked out chickens."

Banks Koma's room in Hilary Duff's home was perfection

Hilary Duff got pregnant with her second child in June of 2018. That October, she gave birth to her daughter, Banks Koma, with her husband Matthew Koma (via E! News). It was obviously a huge life change for Duff, who gave birth to her first child, son Luca Comrie, in 2012.

Naturally, a new baby meant that Duff needed a new nursery. However, in an interview with Architectural Digest, Duff explained that the room initially threw her for a loop. "When I first found out I was having a girl, I thought I was going to be a lot cooler than I was," she confessed. "But then, all of a sudden, it turned into a pink explosion in there." 

That gave Duff pause, as she didn't want to go overboard. "I have tried my best to keep it cool in there because I don't really know who she's going to grow up to be," she continued. And in the end, the nursery is more than just an all-pink explosion; it features soft textures, a cool wall mural, and an adorable rocking stuffed bunny. Honestly, what kid wouldn't love that room?

It's unclear if Banks still sleeps in that room these days or if she took over another room in the house after Duff's third child, baby Mae, was born.

Luca Comrie's room in Hilary Duff's home looks like so much fun

To say that Hilary Duff has strong love for her children would be a massive understatement. The wife, actor, and mother of three is a very involved parent, which is why Hilary Duff is trying to change this one law

But motherhood hasn't always been easy for Duff, especially when it came to telling her son, Luca Comrie, that she was pregnant with Banks Koma. "The guilt that I felt for bringing her into the world was so big," Duff admitted to PureWow. "It was just he and I for so long that he was like, 'Why? Why, Mom? Why would you do this?'"

So, when it came time to give Comrie a new room, Duff went all out and gave him a cool loft space with more than one bed, replete with a climbing net. "As a family, we have really been into 'American Ninja Warrior,' and Luca loves for me to give him these fun, timed challenges," she told Architectural Digest. "Climb up the ladder, climb down the ladder." She added that fortunately, that helps Comrie burn lots of energy.

One bedroom is so unique in Hilary Duff's home

Interior design is great in that it allows you to express your style in new and different ways. And for Hilary Duff, that means experimenting with different textures, colors, and patterns. And while many people might find wallpaper to be outdated or old-fashioned, Duff doesn't agree. In fact, she chose to use a vintage-looking wallpaper in at least one bedroom, and it totally works.

More than that, it really brings all the colors and tones in the bedroom together perfectly, so if Duff used wallpaper anywhere else in her home, it probably looks just as amazing. "I grew up with wallpaper," she told Better Homes & Garden. "My mom was fanatical about it, so it makes me feel nostalgic." 

To that end, Duff shared a throwback photo on her Instagram, which shows Duff and her sister taking a bath together in a bright red bathtub with patterned blue wallpaper behind them. It's clear wallpaper has sentimental value for Duff!