Where Does The Waldrop Family Of Sweet Home Sextuplets Live?

The Waldrop family, the stars of TLC's Sweet Home Sextuplets, need a lot of space. More, in fact, than most other families considering parents Eric and Courtney have nine kids. The mom and dad in this hit reality show are known for making lemons out of lemonade in a major way, taking their gift from God, as they see it, in the form of six babies when they were only expecting one. And America can't stop watching and loving this giant fam.

Their show debuted in 2018, with viewers privy to Courtney's difficult pregnancy (she ended up delivering the sextuplets at just 30 weeks) as well as the mountain of diapers she and Eric went through during those initial years tackling six newborns. These days, oldest sons Saylor, Wales, and Bridge, along with their siblings Blu, Layke, Tag, Rawlings, Rayne, and Rivers are all loving life with their parents in their noise-filled, 11-strong family home.

The Waldrops renovated their sweet home in Alabama

As Distractify pointed out, the Waldrop family resides on a scenic farm in Albertville, Alabama, a close community that supported the family significantly while Courtney was expecting the sextuplets. A citywide 5K run was held in 2017 to raise funds to assuage the massive costs associated with bringing six children into the world at once. Courtney and Eric later paid it forward by donating to Albertville City Schools and the Pregnancy Crisis Center.

The couple remains in Alabama with their children, but it hasn't always been easy to do so. Eric and Courtney told Fox News in June 2020 that they temporarily moved into a 1,500-square-foot mobile home while their house was being extensively renovated which, obviously, proved difficult with nine young children. "It has been a challenge for sure," Courtney admitted. "We're going on seven months now and we've still not completed this renovation." 

The Sweet Home Sextuplets stars have plenty of space

After a long renovation, Courtney began sharing photos of the family's renovated home in late summer 2020 (via CheatSheet). The mom of nine shared a selection of shots of their stunning new kitchen on Instagram, writing excitedly, "I'm so thankful to have a kitchen that's open so I can see all my crazy kiddos running around, a big island that they can sit at and a very big farmhouse table that we can all sit at and eat together!" The kitchen area does indeed boast a huge island in which the dishwasher and sink are located. The kitchen now features plenty of storage space, stainless steel appliances, and all-white cabinetry and shiplap.

Eager fans wanted to see more so Courtney obliged, sharing some stunning photos of the rest of the modern farmhouse-style family home, which features wide-panel wood flooring throughout, along with the same shiplap on the ceiling and walls that's in the kitchen, too. Barn-style doors complete the look. With this picture proof, it's obvious the Waldrops have finally made their dream home a reality.