Here's How The Renovation Island Kids Get Their Education

When Renovation Island stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler made the life-altering decision to move their entire family from their home in Canada to the isolated Bahamian island of South Andros, the couple knew they were taking a considerable risk. As fans of the hit HGTV show can attest, the Baeumlers not only sunk a considerable amount of time and money into making their dream of opening a luxury vacation resort come true, but their kids had to adjust to an entirely new way of living.

Island life has its perks, of course, including gorgeous weather and a much more laid-back attitude to everything, but the Baeumlers faced massive obstacles in bringing Caerula Mar Club to life. Many of those were things they couldn't control, such as sourcing supplies from the mainland, but when it came to their young children, Bryan and Sarah were adamant that they would get them settled.

The Baeumler kids had to adapt to the local school system

As House Beautiful notes, the couple's four kids, Quintyn, Lincoln, Josephine, and Charlotte, all feature prominently on the show. During the first season, fans watched the couple breaking down the resort and building it back up from scratch, while also struggling to be parents, too. During one episode, Sarah opened up about how they had approached schooling explaining that, initially, the three youngest kids were being homeschooled, which worked for a while. However, as things gradually got busier and the resort started becoming a reality, the Baeumlers had less time for lessons.

As a result, Lincoln, Josephine, and Charlotte were enrolled in a local school. Oldest son Quintyn, meanwhile, who's in his teens, was placed in a boarding school that's a 20-minute flight from South Andros, in order to give him a proper high school experience. Thankfully, they still see plenty of him. With the ongoing pandemic, however, the Baeumlers pivoted back to a version of homeschooling. Sarah posted a couple pics of the girls on Instagam, advising, "Class is in session! Another week of distance learning in the books. As we dive into the new norm of virtual learning, I am so proud of the kids resilience, hard work and positive attitudes!" She also proudly marked their first day of school.