Here's Why Renovation Island Will See A Huge Surge After The Pandemic

HGTV's Renovation Island showcased how Canadian couple Bryan and Sarah Baeumler upped sticks to the isolated, but beautiful, Bahamanian island of Andros to make their seemingly wild dream of opening a luxury resort a reality. Battling unpredictable weather patterns, difficult suppliers, and the daily struggles of managing a family in an environment utterly different from the one they were used to, the Baeumlers were pushed to breaking point trying to prove against all odds they could do it.

Luckily, for those watching at home, they did (otherwise Renovation Island would've been a very different show). Caerula Mar Club opened in 2020 and, although business has understandably been impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the initial reviews from critics and guests alike were overwhelmingly positive. Now, it seems that fans who were glued to the Baeumlers' show from the outset can't wait to visit once it's safe to do so, meaning their resort is sure to recover just fine.

Renovation Island fans can't wait to visit Caerula Mar Club

As Meaww reports, social media is awash with fans of Renovation Island espousing how eager they are to visit Caerula Mar Club. "Watching #RenovationIsland and really interested to visit the new resort on Andros ... It looks stunning," wrote one, while another enthused, "would love to visit some day." One viewer even noted her mother was eager to visit, revealing, "My mom loves #RenovationIsland so much that it's on her bucket list to stay at the resort ... and I want to join her!!!" Elsewhere, one fan even went as far as visiting the resort's website, describing it as "very welcoming" and expressing, "Can't wait to book a stay once Covid is under control." Similarly, another fan tweeted simply, "After RONA is gone; we are coming to this resort!!"

Bryan Baeumler tweeted that the resort was aiming to reopen very shortly, posting, "Clear skies, no disturbances — it's time to come to the Bahamas! @caerulamar Grand reopening on Oct 24th." While only time will tell, it's clear the Baeumlers don't need to worry about finding guests to fill up Caerula Mar Club once its doors are open once again, which is lucky considering the eye-watering amount they spent on bringing their dream to life.