En Vogue's Billboard Appearance Has Fans Doing A Double Take

Back in the '90s, En Vogue, noted Harper's Bazaar, "changed the history of girl groups." They were everything. En Vogue's band members were timeless divas, sophisticated but cool, hell-a-good sounding, killer lyric singing, chart-toppers. And then they were gone. 

Until ... they came back in 2018, to release Electric Cafe, their first album in 14 years. How did it go? "Still-funky divas give a stripped-back masterclass," suggested The Guardian, if that gives you an idea. And then, at the 2020 Billboard Awards, En Vogue was back again, and in a big way. The iconic band closed out the show, with a spectacularly cool rendition of their 1992 hit track, "Free Your Mind." The vintage Youtube video, which has got over 17 million views, shows a much younger En Vogue, effortlessly dancing to the upbeat track, decked out in black leather and looking like superfly, '90s versions of Marvel superheroes. And at the 2020 Billboards? 

Fans couldn't believe their eyes when they saw En Vogue's Billboard performance

"I wear tight clothing and high heel shoes, It doesn't mean that I'm a prostitute," En Vogue stormed the stage at the 2020 Billboards, "I might date another race or color, Doesn't mean I don't like my strong black brothers," they belted out. We, their audience gaped, transfixed. 

Yes, their black leather get-ups were a little bit less revealing. But other than that? It was all still there. En Vogue looked, sang, and danced almost exactly the same in 2020 as they did in 1992. "They don't age," concluded one, stunned fan.  "En Vogue still look and sound amazing," gushed another. "Damn, girls! You're still smokin' hot as ever! Great performance!" exclaimed a third.

For a brief, blissful moment, En Vogue transported us back 30 years, to simpler times. Times when mom jeans, doc martens, and fanny packs reigned supreme. Times when we were all obsessed with Cher from Clueless, and when Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were the biggest thing that late-night talk shows had to joke about. And then, as if to jerk us all violently back to the present, En Vogue did it. They took a picture with K-Pop sensation, BTS (via Twitter).