Why Fans Are Furious At Kourtney Kardashian Over Her Presidential Endorsement

Oh, those wacky Kardashians, always up to something. While the actual Kardashians themselves haven't tended to go in heavily for politics, some of their nearest and dearest have been known to succumb to the lure of what we laughingly refer to as "public service" (though it's hard to think of it as much of a service when we're being flooded with campaign spam 24/7 this deep into an election year). The most prominent Kardashian associate to throw his MAGA hat into the ring has been Kim's husband, Kanye, who went from being a #1 Trump fan to would-be challenger for the highest office in the land.

Kim, who seems to have reconciled with her always-volatile husband after a somewhat rocky summer, is keeping fairly mum on the subject of his campaign. Big sis Kourtney, however, gave him a shout-out recently on her Instagram Stories, according to TMZ. While she didn't actually give him a verbal endorsement, she did post a photo of herself wearing a "Vote for Kanye" hat.

Why would Kourtney Kardashian endorse Kanye for president?

TMZ quoted one unhappy Instagram user calling out Kourtney for her Kanye endorsement by saying, "A vote 4 him is a vote 4 Trump," and adding, "I thought U may b the only Kar-Jenner that had some intelligence. I was wrong! ... U r a multimillionaire w/out a conscience!" Kardashian fans on Twitter weren't thrilled either, with comments such as "Kourtney wearing a "Vote Kanye" hat ahead of the most important election of our lifetime........ WHAT a letdown," and "Kourtney, Tell Kanye to respect the President seat and throw that hat in the garbage!"

Was Kourtney just showing her B-I-L some love, or is she serious about wanting to support his candidacy? She Knows puts forth a theory that Kourtney's story had little to do with politics. So what, then, was her real purpose in posting the pic? She Knows says to follow the money, of course. (It's how multimillionaires with or without consciences attain and retain that status, after all.) They point out that she actually posted this image twice, once in a story linking to Kanye's website, where his merch could be purchased, and another time linking to her own lifestyle brand, Poosh, which also sells Kanye merch. Even if it was an advertising stunt, though, it was a pretty poor one, especially if her Instagram account has anywhere near the influence that little sister Kylie's does. Surely she doesn't need the money that badly, even if KWUTK is nearing its end.