The Most Expensive Outfits Melania Trump Has Ever Worn

What are the most expensive outfits Melania Trump has ever worn? The Trump name has been synonymous with lavish lifestyles, expensive taste, and designer labels well before Donald Trump became president of the United States. From the family's ownership of glittering casinos and international golf courses to their elite life in the posh Manhattan social scene, Donald and Melania Trump certainly have enjoyed luxurious housing, gourmet food, and, of course, designer clothing.

Since entering the White House in 2017, Melania has often been seen wearing some of the fashion world's most expensive pieces — from the $51,500 Dolce & Gabbana jacket she wore in 2017 to her priceless inaugural gown, the First Lady has been bold in her expensive and timeless looks. Even her daily fashion choices could break the bank of most fashionistas. The same could be said about the most expensive outfits Ivanka Trump has ever worn, too — clearly a taste for fine couture runs in the family.

Have you ever wondered what designers Melania prefers to wear? How much do her elegant gowns and designer evening wear cost? Wonder no more: here are the most expensive outfits Melania Trump has ever worn.

Melania Trump's expensive pussy-bow blouse caused quite a stir

We love a Gucci moment, no questions about it, but Melania Trump made a fashion choice back in 2016 had the internet buzzing — and not just because of the price. For the second presidential debate between her husband and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Melania chose to wear one of Gucci's signature blouses, the pussy-bow shirt. The blouse, made of a fuchsia pink silk crepe de chine, set Melania back $1,100, and was described as the perfect blouse to "elevate office or weekend looks," on Net-a-Porter

But the color and price of the Gucci blouse was not the sole reason the media was on fire; just days before the debate, Donald Trump had landed himself in an aggressively awkward situation, as the Access Hollywood footage — which featured the then-Republican nominee saying he could "grab" women inappropriately because he was a "star" — had just been released, as noted by Business Insider. The internet rapidly speculated as to a potential hidden message behind Melania's outfit choice, given the name of the distinct Gucci bow.

Melania Trump dropped a big sum of money on this expensive gown

While on a trip to the United Kingdom, Melania Trump — who's undergone a stunning transformation — stunned while attending a black-tie dinner. Wearing a pale yellow chiffon dress by J. Mendel, the First Lady looked beautiful in the Grecian-inspired gown. The dress featured a fitted bodice with an off-the-shoulder neckline and an A-line skirt that featured subtle pleating details. The star of the dress was the shoulder detailing that flowed into a cape-design. Melania finished the look with a pair of color-coordinated Manolo Blahnik silk high heels, as noted by USA Today

Melania topped off the outfit with her very large engagement ring and studded earrings. The outfit also went perfectly with the setting of the rich gala: former Prime Minister Winston Churchill's family palace and estate.

So how much was the outfit? Well the dress alone was $6,990. But if it's the engagement ring you're wondering about, prepare yourself. As noted by The New York Times at the time of her engagement to Donald Trump in 2005, Melania's engagement ring cost $1.5 million.

Melania Trump stunned in this expensive designer dress in 2017

Donald Trump assumed the presidency in January 2017, but it took until June of the same year for Melania Trump and her son Barron Trump to join him in the White House. Shortly after she made the White House her home, Melania stepped out in a Monique Lhuillier dress for one of her first outings in the Washington, D.C. social scene, and the look did not disappoint. While attending the annual gala at the Ford Theatre in early June, Melania opted for a gold silk dress by the designer, that featured a delicate pleat and drape-detailed back. 

The dress fit the First Lady beautifully, and she topped off the stunning look with a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels that complemented the color of the dress to a tee. The summers on the east coast can be especially hot, and the look was both appropriate for the gala and a seasonal look. As noted by the Observer, the designer dress set the First Lady back $2,595, and since Manolo Blahnik pumps start at around $660, we can safely assume that this outfit is out of our price range.

Melania looked elegant in this expensive outfit

It was the hat seen around the world. While hosting French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron, Melania Trump dazzled in a white suit and hat, and had the internet buzzing about the outfit shortly after. The white hat was designed by Hervé Pierre — the designer behind her inauguration ball gown — and the look also featured a blazer and skirt suit from the Michael Kors Collection. The classy look cost the following (prepare yourselves): the suit alone was $2,195. Melania paired the crisp look with a pair of 4.7 inch heels from the iconic shoe mogul Christian Louboutin that cost $745, as noted by The New York Times

The internet was quick to draw comparisons to pop culture moments that featured a prominent, bold hat. Some users on Twitter pointed out the similarities to Beyoncé's Formation music video, in which she wore a wide-brim hat. Others drew parallels to the political drama Scandal and its main character, Olivia Pope, who was known for "wearing the white hat" in Washington, D.C. All we know is that the look is as bold as it is memorable as it is expensive.

Melania Trumps inaugural ball outfit was literally priceless

For the inaugural ball in 2017, Melania Trump was dressed by designer Hervé Pierre, and her literally priceless dress did not disappoint. Modern and timeless, the silk column gown with a bold, ruffled accentuation was easily the star of the show — though Melania was so busy prior to the event that her priorities were elsewhere, as noted by CNN.

Melania donated the gown to the National Museum of American History, where it is featured along with other dresses worn as part of the First Ladies Collection. Pierre attended the donation ceremony in October 2017, and said that Melania knew what she wanted to look like on that very special day. "She didn't want a big ball gown, she wanted something sleek, ivory, vanilla," he explained in an interview with The New York Times. "It had to be really, really right because it was going to be part of history — part of this country's history but also part of what I will have achieved on earth." He added that he's designed countless dresses, but believes this one is the most memorable. 

Melania Trump's expensive 2018 Halloween outfit really broke the bank

We love a deconstructed, subtle Halloween look, and Melania Trump channeled a timeless movie with this outfit in 2018. As children stopped by the White House to trick-or-treat, Melania wore a checked wool coat from designer Bottega Veneta that was as classy as it was indicative of a truly iconic movie, Clueless, as noted by Footwear News. The yellow plaid design was unmistakably similar to Cher Horowitz's Dolce & Gabbana plaid skirt suit from the movie (that turned 25 years old in 2020, if you can believe it), as noted by Vogue

And while the First Lady chose a different designer for her look, the subtle nod to the film was not missed. Melania's single breasted coat, part of Veneta's fall 2018 collection, featured "impeccable tailoring" and a "sharply pleated back," as described by Net-a-Porter. So how much did this look cost? Hold onto your hats — the Bottega Veneta coat was $3,950. That price has us saying "Ugh, as if!"

Melania Trump's expensive Inauguration Day outfit was one for the books

What a First Lady chooses to wear during the inauguration is the talk of the town, and Melania Trump was clearly aware of that when choosing this look for the swearing in ceremony. "Ralph Lauren was definitely at the top of the list, but there were also several European designers," said Joe Zee, the editor-in-chief of Yahoo Style while appearing on Good Morning America. "I think it would have been a big mistake for her to appear for the first time at the inauguration in a non-American designer."

The custom, cashmere, powder blue suit was a hit, and Melania looked elegant and sophisticated. The outfit featured a turtleneck dress and a fitted, cropped jacket. As noted by Harper's Bazaar, the First Lady finished the look with color-coordinated gloves, high heels, and a small clutch handbag. The ensemble instantly drew parallels to Jackie Kennedy and her choice for JFK's swearing in ceremony.

While the actual price of this expensive look wasn't disclosed, dresses from Ralph Lauren can cost as much as $12,000 on the designer's website – and that's not for custom pieces either.

This expensive coat that Melania picked for an international trip has us floored

Nothing beats a well tailored coat, and Melania Trump proved that while traveling with her husband in 2018. The First Lady was spotted exiting Air Force One in Helsinki, Finland, en route to a summit with Vladimir Putin, in a wool coat from designer Isoude — and we were instantly struck with fashion envy. 

According to USA Today, the coat, a heather gray color, has leather detailing on the pockets and is lined with 100 percent silk. Melania paired the gorgeous coat with a white button down blouse, tailored brown trousers, boxy sunglasses — here's why Melania Trump almost always wears sunglasses — and surprisingly, brown flats. Known for her ever-consistent stilettos, Melania's shoe choice was shocking, but the First Lady definitely struck the balance between chic and travel-friendly with this expensive outfit. 

Since the coat was the star of the show, here's the price — and prepare yourselves, as this article of clothing will not be joining our wardrobes any time soon. The coat alone cost $3,995, and you can purchase it here (if you're willing to sell everything you own in order to afford it.)

When Melania and Barron Trump finally moved to the White House, she wore this expensive outfit

It took a minute for Melania Trump and her son Barron Trump to join her husband in the White House. After Donald Trump assumed the presidency, the First Lady stayed in Manhattan until June, citing her son's schooling as her main priority for delaying the move. But the time finally came for the Trump family to reunite, and unlike some of us who choose cut off jeans and an old t-shirt for moving day, Melania opted for a far more sophisticated and expensive outfit that definitely had our budgets beat. 

While walking toward her new home, the First lady opted for a pair of Bally trousers, a classic pair of Manolo Blahnik heels, a Dolce & Gabbana blouse, and an Hermes Birkin bag. Here's the cost breakdown, as noted by Business Insider: the trousers were $575, the heels were $595, the blouse was at least $100, and to top it all off, the bag was $13,000. We can't imagine that Melania herself was doing much of the heavy lifting, but she definitely made moving look classy.

The price of this expensive outfit wasn't the only newsworthy detail from Melania Trump's RNC speech in 2016

Melania Trump's speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention was controversial, as people noticed it was eerily similar to a speech Michelle Obama made years earlier (via NBC News). However, others focused on the expensive outfit that Melania chose for the occasion instead. The First Lady looked striking in a bold white dress by designer Roksanda, and as noted by Vanity Fair, she didn't work with a designer for the occasion; she simply bought the dress off of Net-a-Porter herself. 

The "Margot" dress, which is described as "a beautiful option for the modern bride," featured a fitted bodice and bell-shaped sleeves, and was made from a blend of cotton and silk. Net-a-Porter recommended pairing the dress with gold accessories, but Melania kept the look fairly simple. She rocked her signature, middle-part hair and kept her makeup classic. Get ready for the price: the dress coast $2,190, and Melania paired it with Christian Louboutin heels. The result was another expensive look, and an evening that we all remember for the cringeworthy speech and subsequent fallout.

Melania Trump started off her marriage to Donald Trump on a pricey note with her expensive wedding dress

Melania Trump made quite the splash on the fashion scene early in her time in the spotlight, and the financial details of her engagement and wedding to Donald Trump truly make us feel faint. After announcing their engagement in 2004, The New York Times noted that Melania's engagement ring alone was worth $1.5 million. Of course, the jeweler, Gaff, gave The Donald a discount, and he only paid for half of what the ring was worth. "Only a fool would say, 'No thank you, I want to pay a million dollars more for a diamond," Trump reportedly said about the ring. 

For their big day, Melania opted for a custom made wedding gown from Dior, which featured incredibly stunning details. The satin dress, which had a 13 foot train, had 1,500 pearls and rhinestones adorning it. The bride paired the $98,000 dress with a 16 foot veil, as noted by Express. And since one expensive outfit wasn't enough, Melania had two. She changed out of the Dior gown and into a Vera Wang design for the reception, which featured a sleeveless neckline.

Melania Trump's election night outfit was as elegant as it was expensive

All eyes were on the Trumps in November of 2016, something that Melania Trump clearly understood, as she dressed to impress. On the evening of the election, the First Lady-elect chose a Ralph Lauren jumpsuit while joining her husband on stage to celebrate his victory. The outfit was as bold as it was classic, and looking back, was a clear indication of what clothes Melania would opt to wear as First Lady. 

As noted by ABC News at the time, the jumpsuit featured a dynamic silhouette and a one-shoulder neckline. The expensive outfit sold for $4,000 at the Bergdorf Goodman department store, and was worn with pride by the First Lady. Melania paired it with her classic, middle-part hairstyle, simple makeup, and a radiant smile fit for the occasion. 

Joe Zee, the editor-in-chief of Yahoo Style, told ABC News that Melania's choice to wear Ralph Lauren was an intentional one. "I think Ralph Lauren was one of the first American designers to step up and say that he would [dress Trump]," he said, as politics and fashion had made finding designers particularly difficult for Melania.

This expensive Michael Kors ensemble was a gorgeous outfit for the First Lady

While attending her husband's first joint address to Congress, Melania Trump stunned in a Michael Kors suit — garnering both positive and negative reviews on social media. As noted by Vanity Fair, the First Lady's expensive outfit featured a cinched and belted waistline, and dozens of dazzling beads. 

From the 2017 Michael Kors spring collection, the suit set the First Lady back $9,590, but the price was hardly the subject of the criticism she received. Some people took to Twitter and said that the choice was far too flashy and inappropriate for the halls of Congress, while others rushed to her defense, calling the suit bold. Either way, the price tag is what has us freaking out. 

Michael Kors discussed the outfit after the occasion, saying "Mrs. Trump has been a long time client at our New York boutique. She has a keen understanding of what works best for her and her lifestyle. My embroidered black suit reflects the streamlined glamour that she is known for." The black suit, appropriate for the occasion or not, was simply gorgeous.

Melania Trump dazzled in this expensive outfit during a White House state dinner

We saved one of Melania Trump's most expensive looks for last. While attending the White House Historical Association Dinner in 2017, Melania opted for a glimmering sequined gown by designer Monique Lhuiller, and looked just as radiant as the dress itself. Having been spotted earlier in the day wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers (finally pieces of her wardrobe we can actually relate to,) the First Lady quickly changed into the expensive outfit indicative of her elite Manhattan life before the White House. 

The floor length embellished gown was made from chiffon fabric, and featured a sheer, cape-like design, as noted by InStyle. Melania paired the look with her classic middle part and soft waves, and opted to keep her makeup clean and subtle. The look was as classy as it was expensive, so get ready for the price tag: the Monique Lhuiller gown set the First Lady back $7,995, and (at the time) was available for purchase from the Bergdorf Goodman department store.

No matter the politics, one thing is for sure: the First Lady really knows how to dress.