The Real Reason The Little Couple Family Moved To Florida

What's the real reason The Little Couple moved to Florida? For over a decade, fans have watched The Little Couple stars Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein — and their adorable children, Will and Zoey Klein – take on the world, proving once and for all that size doesn't matter. As the series' official description explains, Bill and Jen are "just like your average couple — except for the fact that they're both under 4 feet tall!" It goes on to reveal that Bill is 4'0" tall, and has an uncommon version of "a skeletal dysplasia called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia (or SED)." Additionally, Jen is only 3'2", and she has a similar and uncommon form of dwarfism. 

Jen and Bill's hit show has documented plenty of triumphs and hardships during its successful run on TLC — though interestingly enough, at one point, the family took a break to sort out some underlying issues in their lives. But when The Little Couple returned for season 13, fans noticed they'd moved out of their home in Texas, and into a new one in St. Petersburg, Florida. So without further ado, here's the real reason The Little Couple moved to Florida.

Jen from The Little Couple was offered an exciting new job in Florida

In 2017, The Little Couple had to contend with Hurricane Harvey. Distractify obtained a statement they issued at the time, which said, "As long-time residents of Houston, we wanted to stand with the city we called home for so many years and do anything we could to help with relief efforts. It was a remarkable and humbling experience for Bill and his brothers to spend time on the ground with fellow Houstonians affected by the hurricane." 

However, the reality stars didn't move out of the area because of the natural disaster. Rather, the real reason The Little Couple moved to Florida was because Jen got a major career opportunity at a hospital there; the neonatologist was offered a job at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. 

The Little Couple's move and extensive home renovations were covered on the show, as fans saw. But even though the family was very excited about their new stomping grounds, Bill admitted they were sad to leave Texas. However, he also noted, "There are so many big benefits to moving to Florida."

The move to Florida was complicated for The Little Couple stars

According to the Tampa Bay Times, by the time season 13 of The Little Couple premiered, Jen, Bill, and their kids were settling into their new home in St. Petersburg. As TLC shared in a statement to the paper, the reality stars were "fully immersing themselves in everything the city has to offer: 11 beaches, boats and becoming closer to their extended family who live nearby." 

The Times also revealed Jen's new job: she's the medical director of Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital — quite the impressive position! "The opportunity at Johns Hopkins All Children's is a perfect fit personally for me, my husband and two kids, and professionally with the growing education and research resources at the hospital," Jen revealed in another statement obtained by the Tampa Bay Times

Radar Online confirmed the couple's Houston home ultimately sold for $326,000, less than the original asking price, after spending months on the market. And although the move was a difficult one, The Little Couple's beloved nanny, Kate, accompanied them to Florida, as per post Jen made on Facebook.