The Little Couple: The Truth About Bill And Jen's Kids

For more than a decade, Bill Klein and Jen Arnold have been broadening the minds of audiences everywhere via their hit TLC show, The Little Couple. As impressive as the proud parents are in their own right, they're unlikely and, often, reluctant reality stars — how they even ended up on TV has nothing to do with a thirst for fame. Their two adopted children, Will and Zoey, are even less fond of the limelight, with Jen admitting in 2015 that they'll push the cameras out of their faces if they feel producers are interrupting their important play-time, per Glamour.


The Klein family may not be the typical family, or even the typical reality TV family (the Kardashians arguably hold that title, as bizarre as that may sound), but through The Little Couple, this unique foursome showcases how families come in many forms, and that love is the most important element. 

Bill and Jen wanted to adopt children in need

In keeping with their remarkable life stories, when Bill and Jen decided to have children, it wasn't an easy road for them. As reported by People, years of fertility issues led to the couple adopting Will from an orphanage in China in 2013. They were then caught off guard when an opportunity to adopt Zoey from an orphanage in India came just a few months later.


The decision to adopt was a tough one, but it ultimately made sense for the couple. As Bill admitted, "When Jennifer and I first got together, my selfish attitude was I wanted a kid that was genetically mine." However, when the couple discussed how many children are out there looking for a home, they realized adoption was their best bet. "I think that I couldn't have done any better a job through surrogacy, through the old-fashioned way or anything else," Bill reasoned, admitting he fell in love with Will and Zoey upon simply seeing their photos.

Bill, Jen, and the kids are a tight-knit family

Although they had a rocky start with Zoey, with Jen admitting to People that it took a while for the little girl to get settled in the U.S., let alone in their household, her time spent at home recovering from cancer actually brought them closer together. Nowadays, they're a tight-knit family, with Jen telling People she's incredibly grateful that Will and Zoey are easygoing and adaptable. "I'm thankful that my kids are who they are and that we've had such an amazing journey so far," Bill added.


Judging by Jen's Instagram, the kids have been keeping busy during quarantine enjoying the pool in their new Florida mansion. As Bill and Jen explained to The Wrap, they always wanted two kids and although adopting Will and Zoey so close together wasn't something they planned, in the end, it made total sense. Just like everything else in the Little Couple stars' lives, they refused to take the road most traveled.