Omarosa Turns Heads With Comments On Donald And Melania's Marriage

Omarosa Manigault Newman has never been one to shy away from controversy or telling us exactly what she believes. The well-known Apprentice contestant and former political aide to President Donald Trump has made quite a name for herself as a controversial media figure. In her 2018 book, Unhinged, she dished on the ins-and-outs of her experience with Trump in the White House, as well as the president's personal life. But Trump's legal team didn't care for the book — in fact, they tried to prevent its publication (via Daily Mail). In October of 2020, the Trump Administration even went so far as to suggest that Omarosa use her own money to cover the cost of an almost $1 million ad campaign as a "corrective" remedy for her criticism of the president in her book and during television interviews (via The New York Times). So, Omarosa is no stranger to spilling Trump tea.


And she's about to make the Trump administration unhappy again. In a recent October interview on the British talk show, Lorraine, she touched on something a little more personal: Trump's marriage to Melania, and the point-of-view she established during the 17 years she's known the couple. She says that some of what she observed would "make your head spin" (via Daily Mail).

Omarosa claims Melania is 'repulsed' by Trump

It doesn't take a person on the inside to deduce that the relationship between Trump and Melania has appeared to be a bit prickly. Melania has been seen on several separate occasions slapping or ripping her hand away from her husband, clearly disinterested in engaging in physical touch with him (via Elle). Omarosa's comments on their marriage echo this body language, confessing what many already suspected was true. The former aide tells Lorraine, "It's a very strange marriage, and I'm very cautious to comment on the dynamics of people's marriage — you never know the inner-workings — but I've known this couple since they were dating ... What I've observed over the last 17 years ... Sometimes they like each other and other times she's repulsed by him" (via People). We can only imagine, Melania.


Omarosa continues, commenting on the obvious tension between the two at the most recent presidential debate, "As we saw just on the debate last Thursday, he went to go and touch her hand and she smacked it away."

Omarosa was known as a villain during her time on The Apprentice

In typical reality TV fashion, there always has to be a villain. Well, Omarosa happily assumed the role while she was on Trump's show, The Apprentice. The reality show served as an emphatic introduction to the world of exactly who Omarosa is, and that she was clearly not someone to be messed with. The Washington Post notes: "Millions of viewers had come to expect theatricality from Manigault Newman, the once-nobody-turned-reality-television villain who used her infamy in Trump's boardroom to jump into the highest rungs of American pop culture." While the show is no longer airing, you can find clips of Omarosa's rise to villainy on the show. In one particular clip, one of the other contestants and teammate of Omarosa says, "Omarosa has a huge issue with power, and us not accepting her ideas. With Omarosa, it's either her way, or it's no way" (via YouTube).


They say people never change, which seems to be the case with Omarosa. She is allegedly a very difficult person to work with, and a former colleague called her "disruptive," while another "wanted to slug her" (via Business Insider).

Despite her former professional relationship with Trump, Omarosa says she supports Biden now

It can't come as too much of a surprise that Omarosa doesn't think fondly of Trump, and he has never had many nice things to say about her, either. Trump has been very publicly dismissive and rude towards Omarosa, calling her a "dog" with "zero credibility", "wacky", "deranged", and a "crazy lowlife" (via ABC News).


It appears that Omarosa used to be friends with Trump during their Apprentice days. But she believes he is no longer the same person he was back then. "Donald Trump is that friend that got a new job and became something else," she told The Hill. "The things that Donald Trump has done. The way he toys with race. The way he's trying to incite a race war. It is not funny." She added that he had become "a monster."

Finally, according to People, Omarosa has no intention of voting for Trump in the upcoming election. She said on Lorraine that she believes Biden will win, and she supports his candidacy.