The Truth About Emma Stone's Marriage

What's the truth about Emma Stone's marriage? The actor's immensely long list of leading lady roles makes her one of those Hollywood starlets that pretty much everyone recognizes. In addition to her Oscar-winning turn in La La Land, Stone has made a name for herself in a number of hugely successful films like The Help, Easy A, The Favorite, Birdman, and many more (via IMDb). 

In spite of her stardom, Stone still feels pretty grounded. Thanks to her famously relatable, easy-going, and friendly demeanor in public appearances, it's easy to feel like she's more of an old friend than an untouchable star, as Rolling Stone pointed out. But even though Stone has a decided openness about her, she also likes to keep certain aspects of her life private. In fact, one element of her life was kept so private, it led to a serious shock for fans: the actress had secretly married her boyfriend, Dave McCary (via Page Six)! 

Despite the lack of fanfare surrounding the couple's nuptials, we've done some digging into their relationship and marriage. Here is the truth about Emma Stone's marriage to Dave McCary.

Emma Stone met Dave McCary in 2016 when he directed her on Saturday Night Live

Emma Stone met her husband, Dave McCary back in 2016. While we don't know a lot about their first meeting, we do know that it took place on the job. McCary is a director and writer on the hugely popular comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live. On December 3, 2016, Stone hosted the show

It turns out, McCary and Stone actually worked together on one of the show's hilarious sketches, "Wells For Boys." Stone played the mom of a boy with his own well toy from the "Sensitive Boy line," and McCary directed the episode. Based on how brilliant the sketch was, it seems that Stone and McCary were a pretty good creative pair — it's no wonder they stayed in touch, and potentially started dating as early as December 2016.

Of course, Stone was just coming out of a pretty serious relationship with Andrew Garfield at the time, as the pair split up in October of 2015 after four years together (via US Weekly). That may have been part of the reason Stone and McCary stayed pretty quiet about their blossoming relationship for so long.

Emma Stone and Dave McCary started dating some time in 2017

The next development in Emma Stone and Dave McCary's love story came in October of 2017, when a source revealed to People that the couple had been dating for at least three months. In other words, Stone and McCary potentially started seeing each other romantically in July or August of 2017, if not sooner. Since they initially met in 2016, chances are the couple started things off as friends for at least six months before things went further. 

According to Page Six, Stone had been living in New York at the time while filming Maniac. Luckily, that's also where SNL is filmed, so she and McCary probably found it pretty easy to strike up a friendship in early 2017.

Here's another clue as to when Stone and McCary kicked off their romance. In July of 2017, Stone was reportedly spotted with McCary at the Hollywood premier of Brigsby Bear, McCary's feature directorial debut (via Roger Ebert). It's clear that Stone and McCary were already pretty close by July 2017, as she was already supporting McCary at his first premiere as a director!

Dave McCary and Emma Stone have been spotted at multiple events looking super happy

Even though Emma Stone and Dave McCary only made their first public appearance together in 2019, the couple were spotted out and about quite a few times before that. For one, in December of 2018, Stone and the band Haim co-hosted what sounds like a totally amazing roller skating themed holiday party. According to US Weekly's source, the couple were "attached at the hip" at the event. "They stood right next to the stage in their skates for all of Haim's set, dancing together and singing along." Apparently, McCary initiated some slow-dancing to an upbeat song at one point.

The next appearance came at Fox's Golden Gloves afterparty in January of 2019. According to one eyewitness, Stone and McCary shared a table with Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Apparently, both couples were happy to be affectionate at the event (via US Weekly). That same month, Stone and McCary were spotted at an L.A. Clippers game and on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Clearly, the couple was growing stronger and stronger — and finally they weren't allowed to show it!

Emma Stone began to think about marriage after dating Dave McCary

After Emma Stone — who's undergone a stunning transformation — and Dave McCary started dating back in 2016 or 2017, she remained pretty quiet about their relationship. However, in 2018, Stone spoke to Elle with fellow-actor and friend Jennifer Lawrence about her relationship — in a way. When asked about turning 30, Stone said, "My twenties were a really interesting time, and there's been a lot that has happened these past 10 years, both positive and not as positive." She continued to explain that celebrating another decade had made her question, "Now what do I actively want as an adult?"

As a teenager, Stone never wanted children. "I was like, 'I'm never getting married, I'm never having kids,'" she continued. "And then I got older and I was like, 'I really want to get married, I really want to have kids.'" Considering that she'd been in a relationship with McCary for almost two years, it's safe to say that he was the one who made her change her mind!

Emma Stone and Dave McCary announced their engagement on Instagram

By the sound of things, everything just kept getting better and better for Emma Stone and Dave McCary. After Stone confessed that she was thinking more seriously about marriage in a chat with Elle in 2018, she and McCary made things official; they announced their engagement in a subtle Instagram post. In the photo, which McCary posted on December 5, 2019, Emma Stone is wearing a sparkling engagement ring, and both she and McCary are sporting happy smiles. The only caption was an adorable heart emoji — nevertheless, it's pretty clear what the post meant!

According to People, Stone and McCary had already been living together when they got engaged. They "got a home together in Malibu over the summer [of 2019]," a source told the magazine. "They are a great match." It's so nice to see that Stone settled happily down with McCary, and managed to keep things pretty private while doing so!

According to insiders, Emma Stone and Dave McCary are a match made in heaven

According to an industry source who spoke to People, Emma Stone and Dave McCary are a couple that have staying power, thanks to their mutual respect and support of the other. "She is professional in every way, very talented and focused on her work, and Dave respects that," the source said. ""He totally supports her, and is unselfish in his desire for her success."

By the sounds of things, the feeling is mutual: "She is impressed by his talent and respects him immensely," the source continued. This couple seems to know how to give each other enough space, while always supporting the other's achievements.

While respecting each other professionally has done a lot to help them thrive, Stone and McCary also share a lot of personality traits. "Dave is a super down-to-earth guy," another source revealed. "Most of his best friends are people he's known since he was a kid and he's not affected by Hollywood." The added that Stone and McCary "share the same sense of adventure." Sounds like this couple is a match made in heaven!

Emma Stone and Dave McCary reportedly postponed their wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic

After getting engaged in December of 2019, Emma Stone and Dave McCary naturally started planning their nuptials. However, the couple unexpectedly had to put their romantic wedding plans on hold. According to Page Six, Stone and McCary had intended to marry in Los Angeles in March of 2020. Their wedding plans were veiled in secrecy, with no details being shared about the location or exact date.

However, when the coronavirus pandemic hit, most weddings and social gatherings had to be cancelled. And according to another article in Page Six, Stone and McCary were no exception — due to COVID-19, they were forced to do the same. At the time, they didn't share any information about when their new wedding date would be, or where the celebrations would take place. Most fans assumed that the big day would have to wait until after the pandemic had subsided. However, they were in for a big surprise! 

Emma Stone and Dave McCary secretly got married in 2020

After postponing their wedding in early 2020, fans of Emma Stone and Dave McCary began to notice some suspicious signs that perhaps the couple had actually already tied the knot. In May, Stone had a chat with a mental health specialist, Dr. Harold Koplewicz, on Reese Witherspoon's YouTube channel; in the video you can see a gold band on her ring finger. 

If that wasn't enough, during their discussion, Koplewicz explained that it can be dangerous for two people with anxiety to fall in love and marry, to which Stone laughed and said, "Thankfully I didn't do that," as she's not a celeb with an anxiety disorder. The use of past tense got fans talking. Later, on September 11, Stone and McCary were seen strolling around Los Angeles, both sporting matching gold wedding bands, and the rumors continued to circulate (via People).

Finally, on September 26, a source revealed to Page Six that the rumors were true: Stone and McCary had secretly gotten hitched! We can't wait to hear more details about their lockdown wedding. However, not surprisingly, Stone and McCary have remained quiet about the details as of October 2020.

Emma Stone and Dave McCary have always been super private

From their early days as a couple in 2017 to their secret wedding in 2020, Emma Stone and her husband Dave McCary have managed to keep things incredibly private.

In a 2019 interview with Vogue, Stone was asked whether she was single — after all, neither Stone nor McCary had ever officially confirmed their relationship. Stone's response was, "I just, like, won't go there. I'm sorry." Additionally, McCary seems to be following suit. As of October 2020, McCary's only Instagram post to feature Stone was the adorable picture of her flashing her engagement ring.

We can't say that we're too surprised that Stone and McCary are keeping things as private as possible, as Stone has always been a pretty closed book. As she explained to Stylist, losing privacy was one of the hardest parts of becoming an international star. That's why she's fought so hard to "retain some semblance of a private life." With that in mind, we think it's actually super cute that she and McCary managed to get away with a super secret wedding in 2020.