Pink Suits Are Trending Online For A Important Reason

We're one day away from the election and chances are you've noticed a flood of social media posts featuring celebrities wearing the same hot pink pantsuit. These fierce fuchsia clad women aren't just dressing up to feature the latest fall trend, either. They are letting the world know that women's voices in this country, and especially in politics, not only matter, but they are powerful (via Page Six).

A-listers including Kerry Washington, Amy Schumer, Mandy Moore and Zoe Saldana, as well as Brooklyn Decker and Sophia Bush, have all teamed up with the fashion house, Argent, to support the Supermajority organization, which not only advocates for women in politics, but also provides resources for women who want to get involved in activism but don't know how to start (via Entertainment Tonight).

Ten percent of the sales from the collection which includes a blazer priced at $250, the matching suit pants at $150, a pin pack for $15, and a t-shirt for $25, benefit the organization that boasts a mission of empowering women to, "unapologetically give a voice to the issues that matter most to them and step into their collective power." Sali Christeson, the founder and CEO of Argent, explained to Refinery29, "Argent and Supermajority share a mission of advancing gender equity and building a women-led future. In this high-stakes moment for women, we wanted to lean into our collective femininity and celebrate our ambition — owning pink as our gender identifier, but leveraging a bold shade that communicates both playfulness and power."

Women are adopting the color pink as a symbol of activism

Mandy Moore poignantly captioned her pink clad Instagram selfie, "To all the people who say our ambition is a bad look: Face it. Women are the most powerful force in America. We are the majority of people and voters in this country and we will determine the outcome of this election." And while she joins ranks with other celebs including, Ashley Graham, America Ferrera and Busy Philipps wearing the Argent suit, it's the color, and its message, not the designer that matters (via Pure Wow).

Andrew Burnstine, associate professor at Lynn University told The Guardian, "To the millions of people who are demanding change in our political system, and to American democracy, the colour pink is the new battle-cry."

The movement is about women supporting women, embracing the power they share together, and encouraging one another to stand up and get involved. Whether you choose to wear your favorite pink sweater while standing in line to vote, or you rock your pink Converse, Kamala Harris style, in your next selfie, add the #ambitionsuitsyou, and #supermajority hashtags to your posts to get the word out and take your pink power back!