Kanye Just Made A Huge Announcement About His Presidential Run

As of Wednesday, November 4, Kanye West had accrued nearly 60,000 votes in the 2020 presidential election, according to CosmopolitanWhile the road to victory for either Biden or Trump remains unclear, per The New York Times, West's 60,000 vote turnout means that his campaign is definitively over. Just past midnight on the east coast, the rapping sensation conceded via Twitter. 


Variety took a screenshot of his first tweet, "WELP KANYE 2024," displaying a picture of West in front of an electoral map. Minutes later, he deleted the "WELP" and retweeted the same picture, this time with the words "KANYE 2024." West's presumptive 2024 presidential run has thus far been met with a groundswell of approval. Among his supporters is the rapper, Consequence, who tweeted a group shot of Kanye's election watching party along with a promise for the upcoming 2024 elections. "The Start of something Epic," Consequence predicted, "Rewriting the way History is Made ... Proud of you bro #KANYE2024." Noticeably absent from the photograph was Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian West

This is where Kanye West got the most votes

As Cosmopolitan notes, Kanye West did not manage to pick up more than 0.4 percent of the vote in any state. Deadline, which looked at Associated Press data, reports that his Kanye's most fervent voter base is in Tennessee (where 10,195 people voted for him), followed by Oklahoma (where Kanye got 5,590 votes), and Minnesota (which registered 7,654 votes for Kanye's presidential ballot). West, himself, voted (for his own ticket ,of course) in his home state of Wyoming, where he was obliged to write in his name. 


Ironically, according to Market Watch, West's vote for himself won't count unless one of two things happens. For his vote to be counted in his home state, West must either win the election in the state, or West must fill out paperwork and pay a fee to state election officials. As of Tuesday, Monique Meese, spokeswoman for Wyoming's secretary of state, told the news outlet that no such paperwork had been filed for any write-in candidate.