Why Fans Think James Duggar Is Courting

James Duggar is 19 years old and has an Instagram account, although he hasn't posted anything yet. Bear with us. We know that under normal circumstances, those two pieces of information wouldn't be fodder for relationship rumors, but when it comes to the Duggar Family, not much is normal. Many Duggars marry, says Cheat Sheet, in their late teens and early twenties (Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy, we're looking at you). And, like In Touch Weekly points out, members of 19 Kids and Counting may or may not have been directed against using social media "until they were engaged or heading toward it." And while Jason, Jedidiah, and Jeremiah, have all joined social accounts before without making lasting declarations of love, like Soap Dirt points out, without a relationship brewing "it would be strange for Michelle and Jim Bob to allow him to be on social at all."

So there you have it. James Duggar may be courting. According to the Duggar Family Instagram account, he's well on his way to getting a CDL and "has become an expert at driving all the big trucks and heavy machinery." Therefore, he'll soon be able to support a family, Duggar style. Cringe, if you want, or celebrate. We've just stated the facts. 

Who could James Duggar be seeing?

You might have heard the rumors. In August this year, The Hollywood Gossip was almost certain that James Duggar was about to get serious with Lauren Caldwell. (Lauren Caldwell is Pastor Paul Caldwell's daughter and Kendra Caldwell's (i.e. Joseph Duggar's wife's) sister, so she came, basically, pre-approved.) Besides, what was James doing out on the lake with the Caldwell family in celebration of Kendra's 22nd birthday, if not courting her? Except... he wasn't. In October, Cheat Sheet reported that Lauren had gotten engaged to someone else.

If not Lauren, then who? The hard truth is, we have no idea. But if he is, the young Duggar will presumably follow a set of key courtship rules like his sisters did. Among them, per Today, is that James will always bring a chaperone along with him on a date. All texts he sends to his suitor will also be carefully monitored, and of course, there's no kissing until marriage.