Micah Plath Reveals His Biggest Frustration With His Parents

The highly-anticipated sophomore season of Welcome to Plathville landed with a bang, as viewers discovered the super-close Plath family of season 1 was no more. Eldest child Ethan and wife Olivia, who were the ostensible villains the first time around, are now totally estranged from his parents, Barry and Kim. As for Ethan's siblings, teenagers Micah and Moriah have moved out of the Plath homestead and are learning all about dating, making their own money, and plenty more besides.

The ambitious kids have been vocal in the past about how their overbearing parents kept them from experiencing life to its fullest. Micah, who's pursuing a modeling career, shared a behind the scenes photo from a shoot and, after being questioned by a fan about whether he felt his upbringing was "sheltered," the reality star replied simply, "yeah we were extremely sheltered!" Now, the teen is opening up about where exactly he feels Kim and Barry went wrong in raising them.

The Welcome to Plathville star wanted a proper education

During an exceptionally awkward discussion with his parents and Moriah about their exciting new lives outside the bosom of their family, Micah explained that the two of them are working very hard to be more independent, but Kim and Barry continue to butt in. The teenager went on to admit that his "biggest frustration with how we were raised" was his parents' approach to education. Much like Counting On stars the Duggars, the Plath children are all home-schooled, which, as Micah explained to his confused folks, puts them on the back foot when it comes to attending college.

"Education was a huge preparation that we didn't get," he advised. Although Kim argued that the kids all did very well in school even though, in Micah's case, he wasn't too interested in studying in the first place, the gym-mad teen countered that none of them have diplomas. This means each kid will have to earn their GED before progressing in the world. Likewise, moving out into a world they didn't know or understand, because they weren't prepared for it, is further complicated by that fact.