Inside Moriah Plath's Relationship With Max Kallschmidt

Welcome to Plathville introduced us to the super-religious, hyper-conservative Plath family, who live on an isolated farm in Georgia where everything rotates around God. To that end, the Plath children — Ethan, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy — all have to comply with the strict rules set out by their parents, Kim and Barry. Among other things, the Plath kids aren't allowed to watch TV or movies or even drink soda.


Their show focuses on how difficult life can be as a result, particularly when they butt heads over how best to practice their faith. The Plath parents weren't pleased when interloper Olivia, who's married to eldest son Ethan, began allegedly leading the kids astray with her relaxed attitude about soda, among other things. Olivia became especially close with Moriah, whose flouting of her folks' rules endeared the teenager to fans of their show. Now, she's embarking on her first public relationship, too.

Moriah Plath made her relationship with Max Kallschmidt Instagram official

According to In Touch Weekly, the so-called most rebellious Plath has gone Instagram official with her new man, Max Kallschmidt. In a since-deleted post, Moriah Plath wrote, "My Peter Pan came for me," alongside a shot of the two looking suitably loved up. She added, "I thought I could keep you a secret a little longer, but I can't ... I love you, [Max]." Kallschmidt shared a shot of Plath previously too, joking, "Found this koala bear in the jungle, and now she won't let go. ... Am I complaining? Of course not." These posts seem to suggest that the couple has actually been going out for a while.


Kallschmidt also shared, "Go check out [Moriah] on Welcome to Plathville on TLC!" in an Instagram Story in December 2020. Kallschmidt replied to his lady's announcement post, writing, "Dancing with you in a random intersection >>> anything in the world. Plath responded, "That's one of my favorite things to do with you," with a heart emoji (via In Touch Weekly).

Max Kallschmidt is an athlete and a (nearly) straight-A student

According to his school stats, Moriah Plath's boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, played both football and soccer at his Florida high school. These days, he's studying building construction management at Tallahassee Community College, proudly sharing a photo of his (almost) straight A grades. Kallschmidt is a total outdoorsy sort, with his Instagram full of shots of him fishing, waterskiing, and plenty more besides.


In Touch Weekly suggested that he met Plath through her brother Micah's modeling agent, Marsha, who's also featured on Welcome to Plathville. It's unknown if Kallschmidt models, but, well, we could see it. Either way, plenty of the series' fans are dying to know what Plath's strict parents make of her new boyfriend, with one commenting on her initial announcement post, "Ooo laalaa. Bet your mother would flip her s**t seeing this, LOL." We'll just have to wait to find out.