This TikTok Skincare Trick Might Be Riskier Than You Think

Lemon has gotten a rep as the queen of the health and beauty world. It's the holy grail ingredient in a lot of DIY remedies and beauty routines. Not only is it jampacked with vitamin C, it can also reduce your blood cholesterol levels (via Healthline). For years, your friends, co-workers, unsolicited Facebook ads or favorite bloggers have probably sang praises about the benefits of lemon water. Exhibit A: You can stay hydrated and get glowy skin at the same time? That sounds like a great deal, especially if it means you just have to run to your local grocery store or repurpose the lemon that's hiding somewhere in your fridge.

But with the good, comes the not so great. If you visit Tiktok's "For You" page, you'll see a plethora of DIY skincare tutorials dedicated to this fruit elixir.  There's one TikTok skincare trend in particular that has inspired many beauty lovers to test it out. DIY lemon face masks have been trending on TikTok. In spite of lemon's many health benefits, you should take serious precaution before applying it (or anything citrusy) anywhere near your face.

DIY lemon and lime face masks can seriously damage your skin

Celebrities and TikTok users have been promoting the use of lemon juice to lighten or remove acne scars. But just how safe is this? Bella Thorne broke down her skincare routine for Harper Bazaar's video series Go to Bed With Me and hailed a DIY face scrub made of lemon, olive oil, and sugar as a skin savior, before getting a lot of backlash for it (via Allure). Here's why. A lemon face mask may sound harmless, even tropical, but it's actually dangerous for you. While you may not feel the affects when you apply the lemon face mask at home, once you go outside, the heat from the sun can make your skin blister and become inflamed. Citrus is acidic, so it's best to be wary about the effect it can have on your skin.

A safe alternative would be a natural face mask that contains softer, less acidic ingredients that compliment your skin. Avocado and honey face masks combine the best of both worlds. The avocado acts as a natural moisturizer, while the honey kills the bacteria that causes acne.

Leave the lemon and lime for your drinking water.