Ethan Plath Makes A Stunning Confession About Periods

The Plath family is back for another season and, this time around, they're bringing the drama. Their debut showcased an ultra conservative group devoted to their religion above all else, living a heavenly existence on an isolated farm in Georgia. The only threat to the Plaths' harmony came from eldest son Ethan's wife, Olivia, whose more relaxed approach to her faith threatened to lead his brothers and sisters astray. Now, the family has splintered off, while Ethan and Olivia aren't even speaking to his parents anymore.

Teens Micah and Moriah wasted no time calling their folks out for neglecting to prepare them for the real world, with the season two premiere culminating in an awkward sit-down during which home truths were spilled about, among other things, the kids' lack of education when it came to school and, more broadly, relationships (via YouTube). During the second episode, Ethan made a shocking revelation that further highlighted how ill-prepared the Plath kids are for the real world.

The Welcome to Plathville star assumed periods were just like nosebleeds

While Olivia was working on a website for her photography business, Ethan made an attempt at cooking breakfast. However, things soon went awry as poor Ethan struggled to make pancakes, while annoying Olivia with his incessant questions, leading her to start crying. The Welcome to Plathville star subsequently admitted to producers that he has trouble confronting and discussing his feelings because of the kind of house he grew up in. However, Olivia also admitted that her emotions were getting the better of her because her period had just arrived.

Ethan then made a startling announcement, telling producers that, although he grew up with six (!!!) sisters, he "never knew that there was such a thing as a period until I was dating Olivia" (via YouTube). The reality star explained the women in his family didn't discuss such things, so, "I thought maybe they had, like, a nosebleed or something." Thankfully, it appears Olivia is much more open about her period. And, more importantly, Ethan is there to support her during it (even if his pancakes ended up resembling mushrooms).