The Truth About The Plath Family's New Home

The Plaths are back for another season of good, clean family fun but their lives have changed dramatically since Welcome to Plathville wrapped. Fans of the TLC show were immediately struck by how disjointed the close-knit clan is this time around, with eldest son Ethan and wife Olivia not even on speaking terms with his parents, while teenagers Micah and Moriah have moved out of the family home in a bid to find some independence for themselves.


The season premiere was fit to burst with drama, culminating in a cringe-worthy sit-down between the Plath parents and their wayward teens. The mood, however, was upbeat particularly when Micah and Moriah endearingly showed the cameras around their messy rental home. Their parents, Barry and Kim, are also settling into new digs having shockingly left the 55-acre "slice of heaven" they previously lived in. With their rural farm in the rear-view, the Plaths are looking forward.

Kim and Barry have relocated to a more central location

During the wild season opener, Kim explained how the family wasn't actually looking to move. Rather, she and Barry were searching for a suitable investment property. However, upon walking into the new place, everybody loved it immediately, and their choice was clear. As Barry pointed out, the property boasts plenty of land with lots of space for their bulging family to move around. The same strict rules apply to the kids who are still living at home, however, with limited internet access, no social media, and very little sugar.


As The Cinemaholic reports, the Plaths purchased the property, which is located in Cairo, GA, back in 2017 and have allegedly been living there ever since (which calls into question the veracity of Welcome to Plathville, but that's another story). The season 2 premiere showcased how the new house is located just a few blocks from Micah and Moriah's place, and even closer to Ethan and Olivia's, which must make supermarket trips a bit awkward. There's also reportedly a Walmart, a Taco Bell, and a Pizza Hut nearby, so avoiding sugar is going to be even tougher for the younger kids now.